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Environment artists

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Paul Svoboda - Environment Artist. Portfolio of Damian Lazarski. Tor Frick - 3D artist. Gallery. 3D Environment Artist. Environment Artist. Orb - game environment stuff. Thanks for the comments!

Orb - game environment stuff

Sickness: Do you mind if I ask ow you created the samless tileable geometry/textures? I did the tilable geometry, using 3dsmax, importing my mesh decimated, and duplicating it on max on both sides, that way i can see where my texture tile and crop my texture after the baking. (you can see this process on the wall for ex)Sebcesoir: pourriez vous expliquer comment vous avez procédé pour les dunes de sables?

For the sand, i used multiple sand textures composed in photoshop to make them tile, then i used crazybump, to generate me a displace map from that texture. This technique only gives me a tilable base for my sculpt. P O R T F O L I O - Art of Marc-Antoine Hamelin, Environment Artist. Baolong zhang. Wireframeworlds. Mikeogden.carbonmade. Alan Van Ryzin - Freelance Game Artist - Weapons.

FAFArt. - 3D Environmental Artist. Portfolio of Stephen Jameson. David Schultz – Environment Artist. Sam Roberts - Environment Artist. Michelle Laumann. Daniel Thiger - Senior Environment Artist. Scott Homer – 3d Environment Artist Portfolio. The portfolio of Eric Kozlowsky.

Bram Eulaers - portfolio. Meshcrafter- Portfolio of Nathanial Castronovo. Gallery. Portfolio of Simon Fuchs. Gallery. Wireframeworlds. Portfolio of William J Kowach - Environment Artist.

The Portfolio of Toren Lehrmann, 3D Artist. (Richard Gardner, Environment Artist) Mike Fudge. Portfolio of Martin Teichmann. Stefan Morrell // DIGITAL ART & DESIGN. Bobby Rice. The art of Kevin Johnstone. 3DRebar - Gallery. Evan Yovanovich's Environment Art Portfolio.