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Sam Roberts - Environment Artist EzMeow EzMeow 3D Artist Portfolio Galeries Station Balnéaire futuriste - 2012.(Maya - 3D Studio Max - Zbrush - Photoshop - Cry ENGINE 3) Retour en Haut © Phong-Thai LEO / Ez Gallery Gallery / Resume / Links eat 3d contest wip Back to top © Michael Vicente / Orb Scott Homer – 3d Environment Artist Portfolio Baolong zhang Bobby Rice [UDK] Forgotten Keep - Hand painted Dungeon Wonderful texture work and modelling skills there @Sayanora! My one critique, as @Gannon mentioned, is that the flooring is really detracting from the solid composition of the scene. As there is a lot of noise and clutter, it is hard to distinguish where the player should be walking. I can see that you were going for a destroyed, worn effect with the flooring, but the gaps in the brickwork just create dark black patches that make it hard to know what's what. As well as this, your brickwork is wonderfully worn and weathered enough as it is, without removing chunks of geometry. I've done a quick and dirty paintover to better illustrate what I'm getting at - I hope you don't mind! As you can see, I've tried to keep the overall shape of the floor more consistent and less sporadic This (should) help to move the eye from the path and more towards the central doorway with its nice blue tones.