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Transferts d'entreprises. De par sa taille (environ 70 employés) et son important volume d'activité, Groupe Crevier avait les moyens de ses ambitions pour passer le flambeau à la troisième génération.

Transferts d'entreprises

Comptant parmi les plus importants acteurs indépendants dans la vente de produits pétroliers au Québec, la PME a investi à ce jour plus de 100 000$ pour préparer sa relève dans le cadre d'un processus de transfert de quatre ans qui prendra fin l'été prochain. «On s'est questionnés sur ce qu'on allait faire avec l'entreprise, explique Pierre Crevier, président sortant de Groupe Crevier. À partir du moment où mes deux soeurs et moi avons choisi de vendre à nos enfants, on s'est associés à un important cabinet de comptables qui offre un service d'accompagnement.»

Rencontre entre actionnaires. Définition d'un plan. «Ça peut sembler long et cher comme processus, mais nous sommes trois actionnaires à vendre à trois autres actionnaires, explique Pierre Crevier. Aide gouvernementale Cela est tout à son honneur. La%20rel%C3%A8ve%20est-elle%20au%20rendez-vous%20au%20Qu%C3%A9bec. Le_transfert_des_entreprises_a_la_releve.pdf. Mint®: Money, Budgeting, Finance & Investing. Uses Big Data To Track Consumer Spending. Buying complex retail investment products.

21 December 2012, Brussels In the butcher’s shop you see two options: one says 90% lean beef, the other says beef with 10% fat.

Buying complex retail investment products

Which do you prefer? Most people would say the “lean” beef, even though the two cuts are identical. Psychologists call this “framing” and this particular sales technique is as common in retail investment as anywhere else. According to a recent EC study, people’s financial behaviour tends to rely on “intrinsic psychological attributes rather than information or skills” and is heavily biased by cognitive and emotional factors. At a time when retail investments are getting more complex, this is a worrying finding. This is why the EU is looking at legislation to simplify and reduce the technical jargon that accompanies such products and has made some good (but modest) proposals in the area. Even those who understand the products may have difficulty assessing the risks attached, especially for complex products. A final aspect of PRIPs is their impact on society.

Will Mortgages Become New 'Anchor Product' in Retail Banking? Perspective 2020 : quelle place pour la distribution traditionnelle d… Published.

Perspective 2020 : quelle place pour la distribution traditionnelle d…

Banks’ New Competitors: Starbucks, Google, and Alibaba. It took computer company Apple only five years to become America’s largest music retailer, and just seven to become the world’s largest.

Banks’ New Competitors: Starbucks, Google, and Alibaba

In 18 short months, search engine Google erased 85 percent of the market cap of the top GPS companies after launching its mobile maps app. Alibaba, China’s equivalent to Amazon, became a $16 billion lender in less than three years, and China’s largest seller of money market funds in only seven months. Companies are venturing into other industries for growth with increasing regularity. In an Accenture survey released at Davos this year, 60 percent of executives said their company intends to make these types of moves over the next five years based on alliances, joint ventures and acquisitions.

This represents a major challenge to the banking sector where, in developed markets, growth and profitability are still at about half of pre-crisis levels. Payments, a source of up to one-quarter of traditional bank revenues, is one of the most contested areas. Banking-2020-POV. 2014-10-retail-banking-2020-evolution-or-revolution.pdf. Retail Banking 2020: Where Will We Be in Six Years? - Financial Institutions Featured Article. A complex web of interdependent trends is threatening U.S. retail banks but also creating new opportunities.

Retail Banking 2020: Where Will We Be in Six Years? - Financial Institutions Featured Article

Now is the time to carve out a path forward—informed by four likely scenarios. As U.S. retail banks stabilize their balance sheets and navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment, it is hardly time to sit back and take a breather. The uncertain global macroeconomic and geopolitical environments—coupled with the rapid pace of technology evolution and changing customer preferences—are challenging traditional business models. Factor in customers who expect an experience that is more like doing business with Google and Amazon, and pretty soon the business environment is one that retail banks have not faced for decades . 2012_ey_retail_banking_2020_f.pdf. Etude-Les_banques_en_2020-_mode_d_emploi_pour_les_defis_a_venir.pdf. La banque de 2020 - Innovation.

Nous sommes au tout-numérique.

La banque de 2020 - Innovation

Face aux tendances émergentes extérieures au secteur bancaire traditionnel, les banques doivent revoir leurs modèles opérationnels, explique Alexander Kettenbach, de la société Accenture. Retail Business Models for the Future: The Convergence of Physical and Digital Channels. Uy_Consumer%202020. Are you ready for marketing in 2020?

The explosion of channels we all use to gather, consume and share information is having a dramatic impact on the methods of modern marketers.

Are you ready for marketing in 2020?

We largely don't answer cold calls, respond to unwanted emails, click on banner ads or appreciate disruptive marketing techniques. Evolving consumer habits and the pressures on marketers to help grow the business are re-defining marketing. Like a parent who doesn't notice the daily growth of their children, the changes will be dramatic as we look ahead to 2020. Today, the mad men are truly mad Today, agencies are absorbing the impact of programmatic buying, the increasing backlash against interruptive techniques from consumers, the decreasing number of ways to "game" search engine optimisation and the decline of insertions with traditional media channels.

Their response is to get back to what they do best: creativity and design. Agencies are tapping into their core and becoming storytelling masters. GLOBAL KEY TRENDS 2020. “We look at the present through a rearview mirror.


We march backwards into the future.” Marshall McLuhan To observe trends, it is crucial to understand that they are interlinked and connect to socioeconomic and cultural drivers influencing tomorrow’s government and business success stories. ‘What’s Next’ in technology often focuses on the obvious: speed, size and cost – but we seem to forget that people are integral to shaping the future and the sociology of technology. At Kjaer Global, we have investigated 4 key clusters of digital technology: Smart – Social – Organic – Wellness. FREE POSTER: Global Key Trends >> The Global BrainThe Internet of Things is already here and, by 2020, over 30 billion devices will be connected.

RETAIL VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE 2020+ Success in tomorrow’s world will depend on how well you adapt and take advantage of change.


As big data increases, understanding consumers’ needs and dreams will become a key challenge. Meaningful Brand PerformanceThe Meaningful Brand Index found that currently only 20% of brands have a notable positive impact on our wellbeing and quality of life and most people wouldn’t care if 70% of brands disappeared – so it’s clearly time to rethink business models and business values.

To deliver Meaningful Brand Performance – true value in all areas of life – we must connect and engage with our consumers. For far too long we have banked on left-brain thinking only. Everything is interconnectedIt’s time to offer Left & Right brain values to shape a positive future vision. Technology EnablersTOTAL TRANSPARENCY becomes essential in a reputation economy, where companies have to work harder to be noticed and trusted.

L’éco-responsabilité — par-delà le «green-washing» «Si rien ne change, on fonce droit dans le mur», lance le directeur de l’Observatoire de la consommation responsable (OCR) de l’Université de Sherbrooke, Fabien Durif.

L’éco-responsabilité — par-delà le «green-washing»

Son avis est aussi partagé par les autres spécialistes qui se sont réunis mardi, à la Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal, pour un séminaire consacré aux «Enjeux et défis de la consommation responsable»: la surconsommation — et la consommation «irresponsable» — hypothèquerait grandement l’avenir de notre planète et, par là même, notre propre avenir. Etudes_dynamiques_et_des_tendances.pdf. Etude_BDC_tendances_consommation.pdf.