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Unit 301: priciples of Social Media within a Business

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Six important factors to consider for a social media strategy. Just about everyone these days is on social media.

Six important factors to consider for a social media strategy

But being busy tweeting or getting likes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s adding value to your business just ask any marketing agency. And just because everyone else is doing it is not enough of an argument in itself for you to do so too – you have to have a social media plan before you can have a strategy. 1. Think about what you want to achieve – is it to become known as an expert in your field? Is it to generate quick win sales? 2. 3. 4. 5.

Aspire Achieve Advance - Aspire Achieve Advance. Top 20 social media monitoring vendors for business. TweetTweet A screen grab from Sysomos.

Top 20 social media monitoring vendors for business

A comparison of the major monitoring & engagement services: Radian6, Lithium, Attensity360 & 17 more Target audience: Brands, corporations, mid-size to large businesses. 25 SMART Social Media Objectives. I’ve been working on a peer learning project with arts organizations called “Leveraging Social Media” based on the social media lab.

25 SMART Social Media Objectives

There are two cohort groups, one working on strategic use of a single channel and a more advanced group working on an integrated strategy. With both, the process begins with setting SMART objectives and Kami Huyse points out why this is important. Using SMART objectives for nonprofit communications strategies is not new idea. The Key To Developing A Social Media Strategy. InShare36 Social media is starting to take hold with brands, companies and organizations everywhere.

The Key To Developing A Social Media Strategy

While there are still stragglers, and it is probably incorrect to say most companies are getting with the program, a good number of them are. What we’re seeing in these organizations is a maturation process. Brands are done testing the waters, playing with the tools and saying, “We Gotta Facebook Page!” The 39 Social Media Tools I'll Use Today. Subscribe to our new Definitive newsletter: High grade digital marketing guidance, topically sorted, and curated to the max.

The 39 Social Media Tools I'll Use Today

You pick the categories, we deliver the content. The best content from around the web, on topics you care about and need to be an expert in. Amazingly, it seems like there’s more social media tools than Jonas brothers, with the gap growing every day. I don’t feel the need to experiment with every new piece of software that emerges from its chrysalis, but I do feel a responsibility to you and my clients to have some idea of what’s out there and what’s worthwhile. Also, at my social media speaking engagements hither and yon I’m often asked what tools I use. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google + (combined) Brand management influences consumer buying decisions. "What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest" by Denise Lee Yohn (Jossey-Bass, $27.99).

Brand management influences consumer buying decisions

Brands are unique. They are product differentiators. They influence buying decisions. What makes a brand successful? Employee Engagement - Advice and Guidance. Happy and productive people equals growth Key Points:

Employee Engagement - Advice and Guidance

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps. 7 Steps to Simplify Social Media Strategy for Your Business. List & Explanation of the Five Kinds of Audiences in Business Communication. Business communication includes written and oral presentations to stakeholders, such as employees, customers and investors.

List & Explanation of the Five Kinds of Audiences in Business Communication

Successful communication involves tailoring the message so that it meets the interests, objectives and requirements of the audience. The five kinds of audiences in business communication are the initial audience members, gatekeepers, primary and secondary audience members, and watchdogs. Initial. Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement.

Topic: Measurement of Employee Engagement Author(s), Title and Publication Saks, A.

Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement

M. (2006). Impact International. In these times of economic uncertainty, many organisations are facing the realities of managing and leading their business through the toughest situation they have experienced.

Impact International

One of the most important assets any organisation needs to see it through is authentic leadership supported by an engaged workforce. The business case for employee engagement is clear – leaders and managers who inspire and engage their employees are more likely to realise the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximising business performance. Research shows that disengaged employees cost UK businesses alone, £40 billion per year.

The costs of replacing key employees are also well documented. What is Social Amplification for Digital Marketing? Over the past few months, we have been exploring the various components of a digital content marketing strategy through multiple blog series. Big Social Media Plans + Small Budget = No Problem. Three simple steps to help marketers get the biggest bang for their social media buck. When it comes to marketing budgets, big isn’t always better in social media. In fact, smaller budgets sometimes net the best results. Mission, Aims & Objectives. Top 20 Small Business Tools for Online Entrepreneurs. I love finding the best online tools for entrepreneurs. That's why I interviewed over 500 entrepreneurs to ask them about their favorite tools. In this post I share the small business tools they recommend. Many of the tools were new to me, including: TextExpander for Chrome -- a tool that lets you create custom keyboard shortcutsAwesomeScreenshot -- a free Chrome extension that lets you take & edit screenshotsScheduleOnce -- a free scheduling app that hooks you up with a personalized calendar URL.

Core values and brand values - Creating an ultimate travel experience - Great North Eastern Railway. For GNER, consideration of these questions has led to a number of important concepts. The core values define the company’s strengths, show how it wants to treat people and how it needs to behave to deliver its mission statement and achieve its vision. As can be seen in the diagram, GNER considers its core values to be safety, reliability, team-working, valuing people, consistency, aspiration, innovation, distinctiveness and customer focus.

The brand values are what the customers see and feel during their contact with the company - what GNER calls ‘the customer service experience’. What Are the Different Types of Business?