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Scrapbook Freebies

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Poladroid - Free Polaroid Image Maker. 500+ Free Exquisite Vintage Textures and Backgrounds. The scariest thing about time is how fast it goes. It’s so fast that most of us doesn’t even know what we’ve missed, and before we know it, they’re all gone in a blink and all that is left are vintage images of the past which will just oftentimes, bring nostalgic feelings of the good ol’days.

Sorry, I just can’t help feeling nostalgic this new year prompting me to gather some good ol’stuff like this round-up of 500+ free exquisite vintage textures and backgrounds that you can download and use right away without the hassles of going to antique shops or searching in your granma’s attic. These are all free, but please make sure your read each of their terms before using.

Blast your way to the past, download and enjoy. 8 Old Books Textures by Flowersong This old book texture pack contains eight huge hi-res textures, each about 3000px on its longer side, on transparent backgrounds. 5 Vintage Sheet Music Pack by Neonescence. Free Digital Scrapbooking Pages. Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper.

It's easy to spend a great deal of money on scrapbook and craft supplies.

Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook paper is sold by the sheet or in packs. Either way, the costs quickly add up if you use a lot of paper in your art or crafts. Next time you are tempted to spend money on scrapbook supplies, you may want to consider if there are any free or low-cost alternatives. I have found that sometimes when I look for an alternative to buying scrapbooking supplies, I find something that ends up looking just as good if not better than the mass-produced, over-priced scrapbook supplies sold at craft stores. When you make your own scrapbook paper, you can feel confident that you are making good use of what you have available and making something that is uniquely your creation rather than spending money on supplies.

Aged paper can be useful for many scrapbooking and craft projects. Free Collages, Printable Templates, Invitations, More. Scrapbook Printables - The Graphic Scrapper. Free Printable Papercraft & Scrapbook Page Designs. Digital Scrapbook Freebies - Webster's Pages. Free Digital Scrapbooks. Everyone loves seeing photo arrangements in a printed scrapbook.

Free Digital Scrapbooks

Seeing all your pictures in succession adds a storybook-like narrative, and fond memories flood back as you view each photo. Smilebox wants to help take this to another level by offering beautiful scrapbook layouts that can be printed at home, at a store, or printed professionally and delivered to your door. Smilebox features hundreds of different scrapbook layouts, each intended to give your creations the most fitting background, while adding new context and feeling to your favorite photos. Free Digital Scrapbooking Download. Free Scrapbook Printables - Canon. Free Scrapbook Printables - Scrapbooks Etc. Home > Scrapbook Printables Customize scrapbook pages and cards with paper piecings, downloadable patterns, and inspirational page sketches.

Free Scrapbook Printables - Scrapbooks Etc.

The best part? They're all free! Page Sketches Need inspiration for your next layout or project? Download now. Scrapbooking How To's, Free Page Elements, Layout Resources. Arts & Crafts : Scrapbooking See also: Free Scrapbook Template Layouts Scrapbooking is a creative way to mount and preserve pictures, letters, clippings, and other precious mementos to create memory books.

Scrapbooking How To's, Free Page Elements, Layout Resources

Free Damask Printable Papers. Today I have completed a series of Damask papers for you.

Free Damask Printable Papers

The layouts are not very advanced, but the key to this cuteness is combining the colors and different sizes of the pattern. First the seamless tile: The tile is PNG (transparent background) and can be layered on top of anything, and colored in any color you like. I’m thinking maybe to do a grungy version with it next, but here is my red, pink and teal “plain” set of 12 damask papers for you:

Damask Fabric Digital Paper. 70+ Beautiful Damask Patterns. Damask is a weaving style or technique that originated in the early Middle Ages near Damascus, Syria.

70+ Beautiful Damask Patterns

This particular style typically produced very ornate and decorative patterns in the fabric. These types of patterns are wonderful to use in a design that needs to have a vintage or ornate look. In this post there are over 70 beautiful damask patterns and textures that you can use in your designs. All of these are free, but make sure to read the terms on the download pages before using. Floral Vector Pattern. Printable Paper - Romantic, Vintage. I am not going to invent a new way to wrap gifts, but I am going to run a reminder of gift wrap printables I have designed in 2013 :-D First the Seasonal tags: Colorful Victorian Label Sheet Fisher Girls Christmas Tags A Visit From St.

Printable Paper - Romantic, Vintage

Nicholas – Tag Sheet I A Visit From St. Cherub Christmas Tags Compliments of the Season Sheet Christmas Robins Gift Tags Merry Pigs Gift Tags And then some tags for those of you that sew, embroider, knit or crochet: J. & P. Free Vintage Flower Art Scrapbook Paper. Choose a thumbnail version of any of the vintage flower scrapbook papers.

Free Vintage Flower Art Scrapbook Paper

When you click on one, it will appear larger. Once you've chosen an image and see it larger, double-click on the larger image, which will make the best version of the art appear. Then, if you use a Mac, control-click the image until you get a pop-up menu with an option to save the file. Free Clip Art, Scrapbooking, Web, Etc.: MyCuteGraphics. Printable Paper: 1,135 Papers To Print For Free. ePaper / Printable Digital Paper Downloads.