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DIY Doll Purses & Bags

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How to Make Doll Gift Bags and Handbags. 3 Pretty Purses From A Scrap Of Ribbon. Make A Miniature Purse. SuppliesSet of Laser Cut purse handles ( has them)Small print or solid for purse bodySilk thread for “piping”ScissorsGlue Directions1.

Make A Miniature Purse

Center the pattern design you like on the purse pattern and mark it. (In your mind or with a pin)2. Turn the fabric to the wrong side and spread glue along the back of the cotton fabric. Allow to completely dry. Make A Doll Fashionista Purse With Duck Tape. Tutorial - The Quickie UltraSuede Purse. Printable version The Quickie UltraSuede Purse Instructions are for Dollhouse size purse.

Tutorial - The Quickie UltraSuede Purse

Step 1 Cut a piece of Ultrasuede light approx 1-1/8 x 5/8", a small piece of chain around 1" and a finding of your choice. Step 2 Using a pliers fold the finding in half but do not squeeze it all the way tight on its self. Step 3 Fold the piece of Ultrasuede, gluing right sides together. Step 4 Stuff a tiny bit of stuffing in the opening so it looks like there is something in the purse. Step 5 I usually tuck the side glued edge in a bit so the purse has more shape. Step 6 Glue the chain to the inside top edge on the finding. Step 7 Gently squeeze the finding over the open end of the purse. Ways to Make Doll Bookbags. Quick & Easy Backpack For Dolls. How To Crochet A Purse For Fashion Dolls & Barbies. Today I would like to share with all of you how I make little fashion doll purses for my grand daughter to use with her Barbie dolls.

How To Crochet A Purse For Fashion Dolls & Barbies

You only need a little bit of scrap yarn, a pair of scissors and a size F crochet hook. (or smaller crochet hook). We used 4-play acrylic yarn to make the one shown above. You will simply chain 10-12 stitches to obtain the width guage that you want your purse to be. You will then single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across. Knitting: Barbie Valentine Heart Bag. FREE Crochet Fashion Doll Barbie Shoulder Bag. Here is pattern #2 of the new series of Barbie aka 11 1/2" fashion doll patterns that I am working on for my grand daughter.

FREE Crochet Fashion Doll Barbie Shoulder Bag

This pattern will make a cute little shoulder bag purse and only takes about 30 minutes to make. It is super easy because its done entirely in a single crochet SC stitch. Supplies: Size 2 Crochet Hook Bedspread Weight Cotton Thread Scissors 1/4" satin ribbon rosette Chain 11 stitches, SC in the second chain from your hook and in each chain across for a total of 10 SC. When you reach the end of row #20, do NOT turn. Crochet Barbie Heart Shaped Bag Or Pillow. This great pattern whips up in less than 10 minutes and I thought turning it into a little Heart Shaped Bag or Pillow for Barbie would be cute for Valentine's Day.

Crochet Barbie Heart Shaped Bag Or Pillow

The magic circle closes up nicely and makes a solid heart. Barbie's thrilled with her new bag, and it's soooo much less fattening than chocolate:@) You might want to make the strap long enough to go across her body, this does have a tendency to want to slip off her shoulder. I used regular worsted weight yarn and an H hook, my hearts are a tad less than 3". Carpet Bag Pattern & Tutorial. A reader, after seeing our last blog post offered a pattern for you to make your own carpet bag.

Carpet Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Her name is Shirley, she specialize in half dolls but my first love is antique french and next is the Parians. See some of her dolls here: Shirley!! Enlarge or reduce pattern to suit size of doll Cut 2 end pieces, 1 body piece, 1 cardboard inner Glue piece of cardboard into base. Fold along dotted lines and glue end pieces into place. Using bias strip, folded in half lengthwise, glue or sew along top edge of opening, both sides.

Handle can be one continuous length around and underneath and back up. Depending on size, attach one center strip or two strips and add small buckles. Thin leather is good for this also. Suitcase/Purse From Altoid Tin. It's hip to recycle, right - therefore, it's hip to craft.

Suitcase/Purse From Altoid Tin

Let me explain: Before there were craft stores where we can buy all the supplies we need to make something, we used to "make things" from supplies we had around the house. I remember creating a whole ensemble of chorus line dolls made from wooden beads, scraps of lace, ribbon and pipe cleaners. Since it's no longer hip to smoke a pipe, these are now known as chenille stems. Cardboard tubes, fabric from old clothes, yarn and more was all fair game for making something and making something from nothing is the fun part of the game. Let me show you what I mean. You should definitely not throw these away because look what you can make: Cover tins with scraps of paper, ribbon and embellishments for a fun gift tin. So, don't throw those tins away! Yours truly, Julie :) BTW: Don't forget we'll be announcing the next giveaway on 0404!!!