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QR Code Payment: Enhance in-store payment experience. If you are a bank or an online payment system (like PayPal), then you understand the importance of the growth of mobile payments.

QR Code Payment: Enhance in-store payment experience

According to the World Payment Report 2014 by Capgemini and RBS, global mobile payment transactions are expected to grow by 60.8% annually till 2015. To capitalize on this growing trend, you must look beyond credit cards, net banking, and e-payments. Mobile payments is not to be confused with m-commerce which is essentially e-commerce on mobile. Most banks and payment systems have that covered through payment gateways. Mobile payments is the need of hour to enhance the in-store payment experience for your customers. Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design. The most frequently asked question I get since posting my responsive navigation patterns article is: How do I handle complex navigation for responsive designs?”

Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design

Great question, but before we get down to brass tacks, I urge you: use mobile as an excuse to revisit your navigation. Look at your analytics. What are your experience’s key sections? Where are people spending most of their time? Do you really need your privacy policy in your primary navigation? Another thing: if you have a zillion sections and pages, prioritize search. OK, now that all that’s out of the way, time for some real talk. Best Tools to Build Your App Prototype in a Day. I have been writing about why you should start in mobile business, how to craft a beautiful and usable mobile app and a top hit – an inspiring story of Matt Loszak of JamCam.

Best Tools to Build Your App Prototype in a Day

There are numerous of problems to solve or apps to improve and opportunities are endless. You might feel like getting into the mobile industry but you lack skills, knowledge and experience. To create a prototype is easier than you think. Many people keep asking me where to start designing mobile apps. I’d say start on paper, make it clear what are you creating and then jump onto one of the tools online to make an interactive prototype, then test it with potential users, see if it works, if not, iterate or kill it. Creating a working prototype with the tools listed here will take you no more than 1 hour or 1 day depending on how much of details and graphics you want to include. No designing or coding knowledge required to use these tools and finally put your idea into a tangible and testable product. Flinto InVision. - 1260x722 [1260x608] For best result, the size (dimension) of cell phone wallpaper must match the size of cell phone screen.

- 1260x722 [1260x608]

Whenever the wallpaper dimension is too large for the screen, it will be automatically resized by your cell phone. This automatic resizing usually results in a poor image display quality. On the other hand, if the wallpaper dimension is too small for the screen, the picture will not cover all of your screen. Why would you display small picture if your mobile phone can display a larger one? Bigger picture means clearer picture, right? Below is a list of cell phone screen resolution, sorted by brand and model.Use this list as a guide on choosing the right size of cartoon photo wallpaper for your cell phone. - 1260x722 [1260x608] What is the best way to detect a handheld device in jQuery? - 1338x809 [1338x695] 60 essential tools every web designer and developer needs: Going mobile.

The best modern smartphones enable you to access the majority of online services via a browser, and sites often provide a mobile-optimised layout for doing so.

60 essential tools every web designer and developer needs: Going mobile

However, some apps provide an opportunity for you to do a little more work while you're on the movie, especially if you own an iPhone or a device running Android. For Android, AndFTP provides the means for managing FTP servers on the go. You can download and upload, create folders, open documents and amend permissions. The same developer, Lysesoft, has also released S3Anywhere, an Amazon S3 file manager. On the iPhone, web designers and developers are well catered for. The standout app for web designers, though, is FTP On The Go. In effect, it's Notepad and a Safari instance welded to a workmanlike FTP client – but it hints at the future of mobile apps for web designers. Designer top fives: Which apps can't they live without? James Whittaker - UI/UX architect, TweetDeck Brendan Dawes - Creative director, magneticNorth. Can you Pass the Enterprise Mobile Test? 3 Things to Know Before Going Mobile. By: Josh Galde, Mobile Evangelist at Keynote ( Developing a coherent enterprise mobile strategy has become critically important to any organization looking to stay relevant and harness the power of mobility.

Can you Pass the Enterprise Mobile Test? 3 Things to Know Before Going Mobile

ABI Research predicts 56 billion smartphone apps will be downloaded in 2013. Likewise, a recent study from Pew Research found that two-thirds of cellphone owning Americans currently use their phones to surf the Web and check e-mail, double the amount reported in Pew’s 2009 survey, when only 31 percent said they used their phones to go online. More and more these days people are using their mobile devices to buy goods from online retailers, check their bank balances or deposit checks, and in the workplace to increase their productivity through specially designed efficiency and collaboration apps.

Gone are the days when enterprise mobility was a novelty or a mere trend. 1. Device diversity is important to factor in when going mobile. 2. Native vs.