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Undoing Changes. ‹ Back to Ry’s Git Tutorial In the last module, we learned how to record versions of a project into a Git repository.

Undoing Changes

The whole point of maintaining these “safe” copies is peace of mind: should our project suddenly break, we’ll know that we have easy access to a functional version, and we’ll be able to pinpoint precisely where the problem was introduced. To this end, storing “safe” versions isn’t much help without the ability to restore them. Our next task is to learn how to view the previous states of a project, revert back to them, and reset uncommitted changes.

If you’ve been following along from the previous module, you already have everything you need. Display Commit Checksums As a quick review, let’s display our repository’s history. The output for this should look similar to the following, but contain different commit checksums. 1c310d2 Add navigation links 54650a3 Create blue and orange pages b650e4b Create index page View an Old Revision View an Older Revision Tag a Release <! How to Report Bugs Effectively. There are a number of ways in which non-programmers can contribute to software projects; documentation and testing are among the most frequently-requested services, but testing that results in useless bug reports accomplishes nothing but frustrating the programmer.

How to Report Bugs Effectively

Today, Simon Tatham shares what it's like to be on the receiving end of bug reports, and offers suggestions for how you can help resolve problems as quickly as possible. Introduction Anybody who has written software for public use will probably have received at least one bad bug report. Reports that say nothing ("It doesn't work! "); reports that make no sense; reports that don't give enough information; reports that give wrong information. There's a reason why technical support is seen as a horrible job to be in, and that reason is bad bug reports. In this essay I'll try to state clearly what makes a good bug report. In a nutshell, the aim of a bug report is to enable the programmer to see the program failing in front of him. SWIG: Wrapper and Interface Generator. Getting to grips with LaTeX.

Here are some tutorials I have written for getting up to speed with this excellent document processing system.

Getting to grips with LaTeX

Funnily enough I wouldn't consider myself an expert, per se, but I'm learning all the time. I recall finding it quite taxing when I started to learn LaTeX, which is why I have started these tutorials. However, I hope that my experience plays to your advantage because I cover sort of questions and problems I had when I first learning LaTeX which are probably typical for most beginners. Benefits LaTeX pre-dates modern graphical word processors, if not modern graphical operating systems!

For a more detailed account, see my article regarding the numerous advantages. Tutorials. Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration. SyntaxHighlighter. Demo News I’m working on bringing SyntaxHighlighter code base up to date, you can see development branch on GitHub March 4, 2014 I work at Good Eggs and we are hiring engineers ;) Man, I don’t post very often… November 1, 2013 I work at SAY: Media and we are hiring engineers!


Oh, and the ad on the right is just one of the many awesome things we do! October 5, 2011 We aren’t dead! Moved source to GitHub to increase participation. Knotsbag. ZeroBUGS - Debugger.

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