Computer Programming

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Since 2008, Academic Earth has worked diligently to compile an ever-growing collection of online college courses, made available free of charge, from some of the most respected universities. We proudly build on the precedent set forth by MIT OpenCourseware, believing that everyone deserves access to a world-class education. To facilitate this goal, we have curated links to over 750 online courses and 8,500 individual online lectures, giving students of all ages unparalleled access to college courses they may otherwise never experience. Whether supplementing existing coursework, or learning for the sake of learning, anyone with an internet connection has the freedom to learn at their own pace from world-renowned experts, without the burden of rising tuition costs. Machine Learning | Stanford Video Course

Machine Learning | Stanford Video Course

Programming Optimization: Techniques, examples and discussion Programming Optimization: Techniques, examples and discussion In the old days, it was pretty easy to understand that writing your programs in assembly would tend to yield higher performing results than writing in higher level languages. Compilers had solved the problem of "optimization" in too general and simplistic a way, and had no hope of competing with the sly human assembly coder. These days the story is slightly different.
At its best, computer science is an exciting blend of programming, mathematics, and problem solving. This course will introduce an interesting variety of subjects in programming, algorithms, and discrete mathematics though puzzles and problems which have appeared in the International ACM Programming Contest and similar venues. These audio lectures are derived from my course Programming Challenges taught at Stony Brook and based on the book Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual by Steven S. Skiena and Miguel A. Programming Challenges Audio Programming Challenges Audio