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La red es el aprendizaje. Using Real Life Scenarios In eLearning: 5 Advantages. Real life scenarios can add much needed flavor to otherwise vanilla eLearning.

Using Real Life Scenarios In eLearning: 5 Advantages

Out are the old school text based scenarios; in are graphic novels and comic strip panels using real employee and workplace photography. In this article I will share with you 5 advantages of using very real life scenarios in eLearning. “Less content, more context” is becoming the mantra of designers who are creating situations learners can instantly relate to. When it comes to making eLearning engaging, relatable, and memorable, the secret of success is to keep it real!

At PulseLearning we know the value of immersive scenarios. Some Excellent Websites for Finding Educational Android Apps. July 27, 2015 If you are using Android-operated devices in your instruction you probably are facing the challenge of finding reliable websites that curate Android educational apps.

Some Excellent Websites for Finding Educational Android Apps

Another challenge is the fact that many popular educational apps are only available for iOS devices creating thus a huge deficit in the education section in Google Play app store. To help you have a quick access to trending educational apps for Android, here is a list featuring some of the best websites that provide curated content specifically tailored for Android educational community. The Mobile Challenge: Giving The Modern Learners What They Want. According to our In-Focus report, Mobile Learning in the Workplace, mobile learning is definitely on the rise, big time.

The Mobile Challenge: Giving The Modern Learners What They Want

Our research shows that it really took off in 2013; this was the year that mobile learning became the norm, rather than the exception. And it’s still growing. Modern learners are pushing the mobile learning agenda, but many employers have taken up the challenge as well, recognizing that the future is mobile and implementing new learning practices.

Researchers Make a “Spectacular Discovery” About Memory Formation and Learning. Jennifer Aniston, Clint Eastwood and Halle Berry images used in ‘mind game’ to establish for the first time how new memories are formed.

Researchers Make a “Spectacular Discovery” About Memory Formation and Learning

Brain scientists in the UK and US have collaborated to make ‘a spectacular discovery’ – for the first time in human studies – of how memories are formed and new learning takes place. A collaboration between Dr Matias Ison and Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga at the University of Leicester and Dr Itzhak Fried at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center revealed how a neuron in the brain instantly fired differently when a new memory was formed. The research group at Leicester and UCLA had previously announced the ‘Jennifer Aniston neuron’ -the firing of a single neuron for a single image to form a concept. The team has now proved their hypothesis to be true- and has gone further to demonstrate how new memories are formed.

The scientists showed patients images of a person in a context e.g. “Moreover, we observed these changes after just a single presentation. Here’s What Scientists Aren’t Telling Us About #Learning #edchat. Salmon_Five_Stage_Model_of_ELearning.pdf Gilly ... Tech Tip: Engage students in deeper learning. Useful for middle and high school teachers! The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence In eLearning. Can emotional intelligence impact eLearning?

The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence In eLearning

In this article I will delve into the topic of emotional intelligence and how it affects eLearning. Emotional connectivity as a key aspect of effective eLearning design and development is not a new idea. Human brain is not just a cognitive information processing mechanism, but a complicated system where affective and cognitive functions are inseparably integrated. In other words, addressing your learners’ emotions can be particularly valuable since an emotionally safe eLearning environment boosts self-confidence and motivation, encourages taking risks, and enhances creative expression, all being critical factors of an effective eLearning experience. Taking a step forward, it has been proven that learning effectiveness can be influenced not only by generally addressing learners’ emotions, but also by focusing on improving the components of learners’ emotional intelligence.

6 Tips To Improve Learner Retention In eLearning Courses And Avoid Drop-Outs. Five studies find online courses are not working well at community colleges. Here’s an unusual case where scholarly research is producing a clear conclusion: online instruction at community colleges isn’t working.

Five studies find online courses are not working well at community colleges

Yet policymakers are continuing to fund programs to expand online courses at these schools, which primarily serve low-income minority students, and community college administrators are planning to offer more and more of them. The latest salvo comes from researchers at the University of California-Davis, who found that community college students throughout California were 11 percent less likely to finish and pass a course if they opted to take the online version instead of the traditional face-to-face version of the same class.

The still-unpublished paper, entitled “Online Course-taking and Student Outcomes in California Community Colleges,” was presented on April 18, 2015, at the American Educational Research Association’s annual conference in Chicago. 10 reasonable questions every parent should ask about mobile learning schemes. An increasing number of schools in the UK are considering embarking on large-scale mobile learning projects, in pursuit of improved educational experiences and outcomes.

10 reasonable questions every parent should ask about mobile learning schemes

For parents, this often results in requests for financial contributions to help fund a ‘one device per child’ strategy. Some schools are doing this extremely well. They are envisioning, planning, training, implementing and managing the associated change effectively and are seeing the benefits they had originally hypothesised become a reality. In my experience, these schools are exceptional. The modal outcome is still that schools carry out such projects quite poorly, because they are extraordinarily hard to get right.

If you, as a parent, are being asked to part-fund a 1-to-1 strategy, what follows is a list of the top 10 questions to which it is reasonable to expect a coherent answer. 1. A) We’re being more cautious than some staff and many students would want. Pinterest. Pin by Monica Vallin on Google tools. Pin by Monica Vallin on Digital Identity and literacy. Pin by Monica Vallin on Digital Identity and literacy. Pin by Monica Vallin on iPad in class. Teachers Will Embrace Students’ Smartphone Addiction In 2015. Editor’s note: Joe Mathewson cofounded learning platform Firefly when he was 14.

Teachers Will Embrace Students’ Smartphone Addiction In 2015

These are heady days for education technology. In fact, with big investments in outfits like Everspring and Udemy, I’d say 2014 was the biggest year yet in edtech. However, if you thought that was impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. Memory Tip: Show Your Brain What's Important - Business Insider. GettyAlbert Einstein.

Memory Tip: Show Your Brain What's Important - Business Insider

Cognitive science has come to a few conclusions about the mechanics of learning. For example, if you're trying to remember what you read, highlighting doesn't help. On the other hand, flash cards do. The difference lies in what psychologists call desirable difficulty. Essentially, when learning feels difficult, learning is actually happening.

Top 10 of 2014, No. 10: Mobile devices and mobile learning. By eSchool News Each year, the eSchool News editors compile 10 of the most influential ed-tech developments and examine how those topics dominated K-12 ed-tech conversations.

Top 10 of 2014, No. 10: Mobile devices and mobile learning

No. 10 on our list for 2014 is mobile learning. How To Prepare For An Online learning Program Infographic. Distance Education Infographics How To Prepare For An Online learning Program Infographic How To Prepare For An Online learning Program This infographic describes the concepts of online learning programs. Elearning is the online learning methodology utilizing the digital technologies. The Infographic also deals with the perspectives to be considered for the online learning programs, top highlights of the online programs and a lot more. The world of technology continues to grow and the reality of online learning has become more relevant today than ever before. The trend of Online Learning is expanding rapidly, both in scope and level of general acceptance.

50 Resources For Teaching With iPads. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014. A Handy Visual Featuring The 7 Learning Styles. September 10, 2014 During the first month of the new school year, teachers get to know their students in terms of their learning levels, where they are at with their learning, their strengths and weaknesses, and, most importantly, their learning styles. Pin by Monica Vallin on iPad in class. Top 5 eLearning Articles. How the Smartphone Ushered In a Golden Age of Journalism.

Oliver munday When I first arrived in New York, some time back in the last century, I gazed in awe and fascination at subway riders reading The New York Times. Thanks to a precise and universally adopted method of folding the paper (had it been taught in schools?) , they could read it and even turn its pages without thrusting them in anyone else's face. The trick? Folding those big, inky broadsheets into neat little rectangles—roughly the same size, in fact, as an iPad. Journalism, however, is holding its own. How Learning Analytics Will Forever Change Educ... Accredited Online Colleges - Compare 2014's Best Schools. The Struggles and Realities of Student-Driven Learning and BYOD. Jane Mount/MindShift If the promise of mobile technology in classrooms has been to equalize opportunities for all students through access to the internet, that potential has yet to be realized. National surveys consistently show that students in low-income schools are getting short-changed when it comes to using technology in school.

A 2013 Pew study revealed that only 35 percent of teachers at the lowest income schools allow their students to look up information on their mobile devices, as compared to 52 percent of teachers at wealthier schools. And while 70 percent of teachers working in high income areas say their schools do a good job providing resources and support to effectively integrate technology into the classroom, only 50 percent of teachers in low-income areas agree. RIED-Blog: RETROALIMENTACIÓN EN EDUCACI&... PixiClip- A Great Tool for Creating Screencasts...

Pin by Monica Vallin on iPad in class. Effective Feedback Strategies for the Online Classroom. Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from the whitepaper Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom. Feedback is more than post-assignment commentary. When employed correctly, feedback can impact students on a variety of levels. It helps direct what they should do with their time, how they should feel about their efforts, whether their motivation level is appropriate, whether they are meeting expectations, and more. Because feedback serves so many purposes in the online classroom, it is important for instructors to consider how feedback is provided, when it is offered, how it is focused or targeted, and what is considered in the feedback. Best practices consider feedback holistically and address three key elements: timing, target, and nature. First, feedback must be timely if it is to be effective. Finally, instructors need to consider the nature of their feedback.

The Challenge of Online Teaching Instructional Strategies. Great Resources to Help Teachers Craft Beautifu... Pin by Monica Vallin on iPad in class. Sco. MOOCs Don't Cannabalize Traditional Education -... Pin by Monica Vallin on iPad in class. El aprendizaje en los MOOC. Recetario de #eLearning para tutores: #Carrillada de segundo plato. El segundo plato de una comida, suele representar el plato principal por su relevancia, y es el más contundente, elaborado y sabroso.

Nuestro segundo plato estará compuesto de carne y verdura. Asimismo, el desarrollo de un curso elearning es complejo y tiene que aportar sustancias que permitan aprender las competencias del menú de formación. El nuevo docente en la educación a dista. Using Brain Research to Design Better eLearning. Los mejores sitios para encontrar #MOOCs en esp. Reflection. “Activando las tecnologías m&oacut. Why Defining Distance Education Is an Important. 50 Of The Best Resources For iPads In Education. Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a. Los 10 grandes problemas del mLearning. En realidad, tampoco es la peor parte, salvo porque la crisis ha mermado las concesiones, subvenciones y los descuentos; aun así, dependiendo del dispositivo y la marca, una tablet puede ser mucho más barata que un netbook. Estos precios, ahora elevados, se irán rebajando con el paso de los años - en poco tiempo - en cuanto su uso se haga general y se observe lo que supone el mLearning dentro del contexto educativo institucional Siempre se pregona lo estupendas que son las iPad para estudiantes N.E.E. o niñas/os con T.E.A; sí, es cierto... en algunos casos.

Si el profesorado no está familiarizado con los estándares de accesibilidad de las Tablets Android o del iPad pueden perjudicar o aislar a los estudiantes: especialmente, a aquellos con problemas de índole motórico. Formación Online - Monográficos 2. - Educación, formación y trabajo. Directrices de la UNESCO para las políti. Web Engineering II: Developing Mobile HTML5 Apps. About this course Become familiar with the challenges that come with the planning, development, testing, and maintenance of HTML5 apps. Web Engineering takes you through the concepts, methods, techniques, and tools needed for systematically developing websites and web applications.

Some Must Have Resources on Project Based Learn. Open Courses — Education. Online. Free. El uso de dispositivos móviles para el aprendizaje. Esta es una presentación que hice para la UPTC (Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia) en la sede de Duitama el 3 de octubre de 2013. MOOC sobre Storytelling. E-learning, conocimiento en red: Cómo ut. El uso del móvil para el aprendizaje. Cómo son las mejores aplicaciones iPhone. Guía para iniciarse en el uso de disposi... Amazing Uses of Mobile Devices for Learning. Sitios donde podemos encontrar cursos online gr... Aprendizaje móvil para docentes. 700 iPad Lessons Pinned HERE!!! You can stop worrying about MOOCs now. 7 things you can always do in my class with your device. Dear Students,If you have finished the required work for my class, you may always use your smartphone, tablet, netbook or laptop to:Read a book, magazine or blog post of personal (and school appropriate) interest.Work on an assignment for another class.Play a pre-approved game that builds skills related to the class.

212. Academic Video Lectures. Blog eraser. KAOSPilot.