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Susan Sontag on Beauty vs. Interestingness. By Maria Popova Defying consumerism and the banality of the beautiful, or why our capacity for astonishment endures.

Susan Sontag on Beauty vs. Interestingness

“Attitudes toward beauty are entwined with our deepest conflicts surrounding flesh and spirit,” Harvard’s Nancy Etcoff wrote in her fantastic meditation on the psychology of beauty. Indeed, beauty is a complex beast surrounded by our equally complex attitudes, and who better to tease those complexities apart than the greatest public intellectual of the twentieth century?

Months before her death, Susan Sontag — who had a lifetime of strong opinions on art and who coined the notion of “aesthetic consumerism” — wrote a spectacular essay titled “An Argument Against Beauty,” found in the 2007 posthumous anthology At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches (public library), the superb volume that gave us Sontag on courage and resistance and literature and freedom. The Beauty Of Tantric Sex. Tantra is one of the modern sexual buzzwords that many people are talking about.

The Beauty Of Tantric Sex

It’s the topic of many books, some are very simple and others show complex positions and breathing techniques, in fact almost every book written about sex today has a chapter on Tantra or refers to Tantra in some way. However, there is not much clarity on what Tantra or Tantric sex is all about. The word ‘Tantra’ is Sanskrit in origin and has a few different meanings. One of these is ‘weaving the web’.

Everyday Mindfulness – Mindfulness courses in London. *Relieve stress * Beat depression * Manage anxiety * Improve concentration * Learn self control * Let go of destructive behaviours * Tackle addictions * Improve your mental and physical health *Quieten your mind * Discover inner peace * Find fulfilment *Get the most from everyday life At the Hale Clinic near to Regents Park Wednesday or Thursday evening 7pm – 8.30pm only 2 minutes from Gt Portland St and Regents Park tube.

Everyday Mindfulness – Mindfulness courses in London

This course of six 1½ hour evening classes in Central London will give you all the tools that you need to bring Mindful self-awareness into the stresses and strains of everyday living. 11 Secrets to Ending Fights in Your Relationships. Whether you like someone or not there are going to be times when you have disagreements with your friends, family, partners, spouse, co-workers, or neighbors.

11 Secrets to Ending Fights in Your Relationships

Here are some powerful tricks to make sure your relationships are healthy and balanced! 1. Bring Up Problems ASAP Many people will try to walk on eggshells or avoid bringing up how they feel but this will actually cause a lot of extra stress and issues in your relationship. When you don’t tell someone how their behavior made you feel it is actually a form of manipulation.

Paul Loeser & Co AB - Resv skor fr n fr mst RIMOWA till mycket bra priser. Thelifecentre. Unlimited Beings elemental yoga + shamanic dance with Keef Miles + live music from ‘aLive’.


Unlimited Beings is a monthly Friday evening adventure for the body, heart and spirit. It is an evening of yoga, dance, voice and wild live acoustic tribal music. We will explore the elemental flow of pranamotion yoga to warm up the body, awaken the spine and open the breath, before stepping of our mats to awaken the dancing dreamer inside. ‘Dancing with life, love creative community’ is our vision. Pranamotion yoga. BBC Radio 4 - The Reith Lectures, Grayson Perry: Playing to the Gallery: 2013, I Found Myself in the Art World. A New We - Ecovillages in Europe. Open Culture. Stock Photography, Royalty-Free Photos, Videos & Music. Outlook - monika.vecerskyte. Projects. Cinemacity The European Media Artists in Residence Exchange programme continues in 2013 with Gabriela Monroy &a… Read on > FACT Arcade FACT Arcade turns the LED screen in our front window into a giant version of the classic 'tennis' ga… Read on > FACT Connects FACT Connects is not just a name for the space in the foyer, but also a wider ranging programme whic… Read on >


SAFEWALLS - Art Project Curated by Cirque du Soleil. Circus posters are all about mindboggling acrobatics, raw entertainment and the suspension of disbelief.

SAFEWALLS - Art Project Curated by Cirque du Soleil

And like street art, they elicit the reactions of onlookers, drawing them into alternative worlds and stretching their imagination. SAFEWALLS celebrates the roots of Cirque du Soleil—the street—as well as the creative freedom and raw energy associated with street arts by pairing up with artists all over the world to create art posters inspired by its shows. These art posters will be exhibited around the world on a 12-month tour. Safewalls will also develop limited edition and open edition prints of the works, available for sale via its networks. The Leading Craigs Site on the Net. The Big Picture photography competition: round 220. Privacy and cookiesSubscribeRegisterLog in Accessibility links Advertisement

The Big Picture photography competition: round 220

Grievances - Acas. Key points Employees should let the employer know the nature of the grievance and issues promptly.

Grievances - Acas

Try to resolve any grievance informally in the first instance to try to nip it in the bud. Employers should arrange any formal meeting without unreasonable delay and should carry out any necessary investigations to establish the facts of the case. Dalston - What's On in London- Whats On » Bedroom Bar. Art & About Home Page. DubPort - Culture Promotions : Past Events. Fri, 22 May 2009 Brighton Fri, 08 May 2009.

DubPort - Culture Promotions : Past Events

Home. Rivington Place - London's global art space. CRACK MAGAZINE: A nationwide print magazine and website focusing on everything forward-thinking in art and music. Music PARDON MY FRENCH PRESENT: FORTY-FOUR 4 x 4 FLOORFILLERS // crackcast 057 – jozif music | Feature With help from Four Tet, Omar Souleyman's relentlessly positive voice is drifting towards Western ears>> Student flyer distribution, student flyers london - Uber. Hackney Picturehouse. Kids' Club is exclusively for children and their parents/guardians. Unaccompanied adults are not admitted. Parents may leave children over eight alone in screenings but should be aware that the cinema is not providing any official childcare. If you leave your children in the cinema please be there on time to collect them at the end of the film.

Bomb Shop. Visual Arts. Somerset House Trust presents a site-wide programme of visual arts, bringing the building and public spaces alive with exhibitions, installations, performances and events. As well as developing and commissioning our own strand of artistic and cultural output, we also collaborate with world-class institutions to bring important work to London. We aim to inspire and delight with distinctive, bold and imaginative work from around the world. As well as playing host to The Courtauld Gallery and its acclaimed collections, a major new strand of our activities is our own programme of temporary exhibitions in the Embankment Galleries which focus on contemporary fashion, architecture, photography and design. Local making meets the web. Home. Late Shift - Home.

The Albany (Deptford, South London, UK) - performing arts venue and creative centre. Upstairs at the Ritzy. Upstairs at the Ritzy is the lovely bar and exciting venue above the Ritzy Cinema. We're open 7 nights a week and we pride ourselves on being a well-known & well-loved cultural hub for Brixton. Our stage show-cases a consistently high standard of live music, from Reggae, Afro-beat & vintage-swing, to World-Jazz, Folk, Blues, Balkan & beyond!

Plus we bring a monthly comedy feast, open mic, performance, dance workshops (Swing Patrol!) A Blogger Blogs. Southbank Centre. Home - Sunday Sweat:A 5 Rhythms Dance Class with Kate Iwi.