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Lalki, misie i inne zabawki

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Free Bunny Doll Pattern. Sooo…. some of you may know, that this is a BIG YEAR for me.. a BIG YEAR in which I hit a BIG NUMBER.

Free Bunny Doll Pattern

No, I am not talking about pageviews on the blog, or growing subscriptions on my YouTube channel (but whilst I have your attention, to pop over and subscribe ) I am talking about hitting the big FOUR-O. Yes, I am turning 40!!!! To celebrate, some friends and I are heading to sunny Barcelona for a long weekend of pampering and relaxing and going out.

Though I am very much looking forward to it, the KIDS ARE NOT. Don’t Forget the Classics – Pizho and Penda. After all the new ideas we come up with at KROKOTAK, we must not forget the eternal classics Pizho and Penda.

Don’t Forget the Classics – Pizho and Penda

If you have forgotten how to make them or there’s nobody to show you, Krassi’s step-by-step instructions ( will be very useful… read the whole article. Arte que Faz - Photos de la publication de Arte que Faz. Liczby zabawki. CREATE STUDIO: Sock Dog Tutorial. CREATE STUDIO: How to Make An Elephant Doorstop (that's too cute for the floor!) Can I show you how to make an elephant doorstop that's bursting with so much cuteness you won't want to put it on the floor?

CREATE STUDIO: How to Make An Elephant Doorstop (that's too cute for the floor!)

The plan for this sweet thing was to have her hold my little girl Laney's door open, but the thought of kicking it out of the way every time I wanted to close the door made me change my mind... Miss. Elephant is now safely perched on top of Shel Silverstein on the bookshelf and far away from our feet. Miś z filcu - Prace Plastyczne. Z brązowego filcu wycinamy 2 razy postać misia, z pomarańczowego - mordkę oraz wnętrze uszu, a z czarnego noc i oczy.

Miś z filcu - Prace Plastyczne

Na jedną brązową część naszywamy kolejno tak jak wycinaliśmy: mordkę, wnętrze uszu, nos, i oczy. W trakcie przyszywania nosa doszywamy kontury mordki i uśmiech, a przy oczach dodatkowo rzęsy. Czarną muliną wyszywamy po 2 kreski na końcach łapek – palce. Scrap Ribbon Pinecone Turkeys - Fireflies and Mud Pies. Seeing as how I trudged through 4 different stores today searching for candy pumpkins—with no luck—it’s probably a good time to transition into Thanksgiving crafts.

Scrap Ribbon Pinecone Turkeys - Fireflies and Mud Pies

Soon, the pinecone bats will be packed away and these adorable Scrap Ribbon Pinecone Turkeys will take their place. My children love crafting with natural materials, and I always try to use what we have on hand (otherwise, crafts become too expensive). This craft uses short bits of scrap ribbon left over from other crafts, as do our popular Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments and Scrap Ribbon Pumpkin Suncatchers. Scrap Ribbon Pinecone Turkeys Children of all ages will enjoy this simple and easy nature craft, perfect for Thanksgiving. Materials: Pipe cleaner and pom pom dolls. Homemade PUPPETS. Cat puppet We made a mouse, a cat, a pig and a rabbit….

Homemade PUPPETS

Pink pig puppet Rabbit and mouse The technique is a little different from the classic papier-mache; it’s easier and quicker. We used kitchen foil to shape the head, the ears and the muzzle. You will need the ‘neck’ of a plastic bottle, some aluminium kitchen foil, some diluted PVA glue and tissue paper. Tear large pieces of kitchen foil and start shaping the head. Use foil-covered pieces of cardboard for the ears. Press well with your fingers to minimize bumps. To make the pig’s snout, we coiled some foil and glued onto the head with sticky tape.

When you’re ready with the foil head, tear little pieces of tissue paper in the desired color. We used one sheet of tissue paper for each head (there are 24 sheets in each package). Leave the heads out to dry – about 1-2 days. Now for the fun part, decorating the heads. This is the pattern for the body (without extra space). Sock Sheep - Free Sew Pattern. How To Sew Sock SheepDifficulty: IntermediateFinished size: Upright – 5″ (W) x 12″ (H), Stay down – 12″ (L) x 6″ (H)Materials: Make: 1 1.

Sock Sheep - Free Sew Pattern

Sock (crew length), microfiber fuzzy, adult size, solid color, single 2. Sock (crew length), cotton or wool, adult size, solid color, single 3. Button eye 8mm dome-shaped, black, 2; or equivalent button 4. Crochet lace thread or Embroidery floss, pink 5. Poly-fill stuffing material 6. Upright Sock Sheep Get ready all necessary materials and tools as listed above. Pom Pom Fairies (Decorations & Ornaments) Pom Pom Dolly Peg Fairies. Many regular readers of my bog will know that we love both Pom Poms and Clothe pins dolls.. so it really it was only a matter of time before i had a go at combing the two.

Pom Pom Dolly Peg Fairies

Pom Pom Fairies seem to be everywhere at the moment. Charlaanne: { doll tutorial } Hello friends:) Here is a tutorial I put together for these little dolls.

charlaanne: { doll tutorial }

Diy dolls, bears, softies, .... on Pinterest. Laleczki z materiału i papieru. Dolly Peg Worry Dolls. Worry Dolls are small, traditional dolls originally made in Guatemala.

Dolly Peg Worry Dolls

The idea behind them is simple. If at night you find yourself worrying about things (and worries have a habit of bothering you when you are trying to sleep), you tell your worries to these little dolls and place them under your pillow.