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Urban Dictionary, February 12: Some-sex marriage. Exercises for Fiction Writers - Page 2. English 50 – Intro to Creative Writing: Exercises for Story Writers More Exercises: Write the first 250 words of a short story, but write them in ONE SENTENCE.

Exercises for Fiction Writers - Page 2

Make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct and punctuated correctly. This exercise is intended to increase your powers in sentence writing. Write a dramatic scene between two people in which each has a secret and neither of them reveals the secret to the other OR TO THE READER. Go back to the previous page? Slack 'n' Hash- Elf Name Generator. After much deliberation… goodbye. Sort of. For now. I've neglected this site for a good couple of years, and let's face it, the months leading up to that point weren't exactly stellar either. It started out as a desperate attempt to hang onto the whole d20 System malarkey, and later on it collapsed into utter irrelevance. I missed pretty much every deadline I set myself for the RPG I was working on, never got round to fixing that elven name generator, and ultimately I just lost interest in the whole venture. So, time to own up, lower the curtain on this enterprise and consider my next step. 201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity.

Arouse your creativity Electric flesh-arrows … traversing the body.

201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity

A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears. It is the gong of the orgasm. ~ Anais Nin Creativity is like sex. I know, I know. The people I speak of are writers. Below, I’ve exposed some of their secret tips, methods, and techniques. Aizen. The Editors' Choice List: Our Selection of the Best PC Freeware. Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News. UnitZeroOne. Particle Reactor HD - UnitZeroOne. Let me google that for you.

Toogle Image Search. Share easily. Google by the Numbers: Just How Massive is Google, anyway? Google Trick for Free Music. Online Speed Reading tools and software. Simply start by clicking on the Play button on the left.

Online Speed Reading tools and software

Reading is that one activity that we do every day but we don't really practice. Most people learn the basics of reading in kindergarten and never graduate to the next levels. You are probably using the same basic rudimental tools and techniques that you learned when you were 6. The average American person reads at an average speed of 180 to 240 words per minute and has done so since he was 16 years old. Does it make sense that we hit our best performance at age 16 and that we don't improve much after that?

Keep in mind less than 10% read at 400 words per minute and less than 1% faster than 600. Have you ever wished you could take one of those costly speed reading courses? The problem with those courses is that you have to keep practicing those techniques until they become second nature. That's the goal of this site. TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL. Whos.amung.us. ReCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read Books. 無ンドメュキト題. Создайте визитку с QR-кодом! Бесплатный генератор визиток meCard, vCard.

Create your own font from your handwriting. This is a cool little 10-15 minute activity that will keep on giving back to you for years to come.

create your own font from your handwriting

That’s right add that final customizing touch to your Windows, Linux or Mac machine – Your handwriting as a font! With some free time a visit to a website called YourFonts.com, a scanner and a printer you can create a font for use in any application on your computer. To me this sounded way too cool to pass up. I went and downloaded the printable template from here and carefully followed the steps. The template looks like this: You print it out and add your letters to each corresponding box. So if you just wanted to have a font contain numbers, letters or characters just fill in those.

I was pretty excited, I grabbed a sharpie and went to work on my page. Now I messed around with the scanning properties and decided to use the grey scale you see above at 200dpi. Most scanning programs can save as for you. I filled in the fields uploaded and then waited about a minute to be show this: Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive. Torrent Search Engine. PNG Icons & Icon Packs Download.

Captain Obvious to the rescue! – monceber

Text To Speech, TTS: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, PilotHandwriting.com. The Idea Swap. MyMiniCity.