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Mom’s Belief has been started to improve the lives of those affected by neurodevelopmental disorders. Its home program empowers parents with teaching tools and training so that they provide therapy their child at home. Their schools and centres have physiologists and tools to help children with special needs or with autism, ADHD disorder.

6 Things to Do Before Starting an Event Planning Business. Starting a business is a dream come true for many and it has become a more doable option these days!

6 Things to Do Before Starting an Event Planning Business

So if you are day-dreaming about starting off with your own event management company then, it is high-time that you go forth with it. If you are working in the event management industry for a very long time, then there should nothing keeping you from fulfilling this dream of yours of owning an event management company yourself. It can happen that you are in this industry for a long time (as said earlier) and have garnered good amount of experience.

It can also happen that you have been organising events for a long time to come and now want to pursue this professionally. No matter what the case, now is the time to follow your passion. Research about Business and Create a Plan – There are a plethora of founders who have failed as they did not research well prior to going ahead with their ventures. Vitamin D Deficiency & Autism: What's the Connection? - (January, 2020) Vitamin D is considered to be an important element with regard to prenatal fetal development.

Vitamin D Deficiency & Autism: What's the Connection? - (January, 2020)

Medical professionals often suggest expecting mothers to spend time under sunlight each day because the developing child’s needs are fulfilled by the nutrient stores of the mother. Many kinds of research have proven a strong link between healthy fetal development & maternal vitamin D exposure. Bone metabolism & absorption – Bioactive Vitamin D or Calcitriol is a hormone that plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s levels of calcium, and also in mineralization of bone. Vitamin D Deficiency & Autism: What's the Connection? - (January, 2020) 6 Ways Speech Therapy Helps Children with Autism – Health Blog Centre Info. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a kind of developmental disability that can start showing up at an early age of just 3 years.

6 Ways Speech Therapy Helps Children with Autism – Health Blog Centre Info

Children who are diagnosed with this condition often face difficulty in communicating or interacting socially as they have limited speech and cognitive skills. Common Speech Issues Associated with Autism Uttering cries, grunts, harsh and throaty soundsNo talkingTalking or humming in a musical wayUsing robotic speech or foreign sounding wordsBabbling with the word like soundsRepeating or parroting what another person saysUsing the right phrases but with inexpressive tone Common Communication Issues Associated with Autism Having trouble with conversational skillsFacing problems in understanding the meaning of words Memorizing things heard without knowing the meaning of the same Having trouble with the conversational skillsLacking Language Creativity It is because of the challenges that an autistic child needs to learn more than just how to speak or communicate.

How Speech and Language Therapist Helps Those with Autism? - Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may face numerous issues ranging from difficulty in social interaction, underdeveloped speech and language, poor cognitive skills, sensory issues, etc.

How Speech and Language Therapist Helps Those with Autism? -

With the help of child counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, special education, and other such intervention therapies and strategies, it is possible to encourage holistic development in the child. A speech and language therapist have a major role to play in pushing ahead the child’s development. There are several areas he/she works on and helps the child’s inclusion in mainstream society.

How Special Education can Help Those with Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed neurotypical and behavioural disorders in India and around the world.

How Special Education can Help Those with Autism?

Those who have ASD process information differently because their brain development is not the same as others. Due to this, individuals diagnosed with ASD, face behavioural, social and communication challenges, depending upon the varying severity. Common signs of Autism include difficulties in social interaction, playing with peers, less or no eye contact, performing repetitive movements like tapping, spinning, hand flapping, developmental milestone delay, difficulty in learning at school, playing with their toys in an oddly repetitive manner, clumsiness, poor muscle tone, etc. How to be an Effective Advocate for Your Child with Autism. Parenting a child is not an easy task.

How to be an Effective Advocate for Your Child with Autism

With a child diagnosed with Autism, it becomes even more difficult, tedious and exhausting for a parent to constantly help and push the child to do their best. However, by staying patient, keeping yourself up to date with the strategies that can be used for the child’s better progress, and being a strong advocate for your child, they can live a much happier, successful and fulfilling life.

This article will give you the best ways, tips and strategies that can help you become an effective advocate for your loved one diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Stay informed and do your research In the initial days of the diagnosis, you might find yourself clueless regarding Autism and your child’s behavioral symptoms. Traits of a Good Psychologist. _single-article.html /home/deploy/mytrendingstories/project/apps/front/templates/_single-article.html _article_like_button.html /home/deploy/mytrendingstories/project/apps/likes/templates/_article_like_button.html native_comments.html.

Traits of a Good Psychologist

How to Deal With an Angry Child. Dealing with an angry child is never easy whether you’re a strict or soft-hearted parent...

How to Deal With an Angry Child

Being a parent is never easy. Among other things, you also have to deal with an angry child. You just can’t escape that no matter what. Often, most parents are found totally unprepared for the bouts of anger by their kids, so they flounder big time. A lot of parents even don’t know what to do in situation where angry outburst happens. Since anger is a natural expression among every age groups, it’s not a big deal if your child flies off the handle once in a while. There is so sure-short formula that can work on every child showing anger but yes, being a parent, you should try to take the safe route of dousing the flame rather than pouring petrol on fire. 1. When a child shows anger outbursts, most parents resort to yelling back at them in the hope that the temper would come down. 2. When your child is angry, logic is the last thing that can have some effect on them. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Best child therapist & Child behaviour specialist.