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What evidence exists for the resurrection of Jesus. The main evidence we have for the resurrection of Jesus is seen through the New Testament documents which are themselves direct evidence of a mid-first-century, Mediterranean-wide social movement comprised of thousands of contemporaries of Jesus who believed he had been raised from the dead.

What evidence exists for the resurrection of Jesus

This movement was led by Jews, many of whom either knew Jesus personally, or knew people who knew him personally, during the time before he was tried, convicted, and crucified. Some of them, over 500 by one count, actually claimed to have seen Jesus after his resurrection. His appearances were many, varied, and occurred over a period of forty days. While Jews at this time had a significant presence in the Roman province of Judea, their ancestral homeland, they also were a highly-dispersed ethnic group with synagogues, large and small, throughout the Roman Empire. These gatherings were the usual launching point for spreading the word about Jesus in a new locale.

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