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MedIT. Calculate Your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator. Laboratory (lab) value ranges & interpretation basics for nursing. Hope for The Best (: Water Research. Water Solutions. Meditation Crescent Cushion (Zafu) Innovative three-piece crescent Zafu developed over many years of experimentation and practice to give optimal support in Burmese and ~ quarter, half and full lotus ~ meditation postures Moonleap cushions are intelligently designed to support a forward pelvic tilt and remove pressure from the Sciatic nerve and more sensitive areas of the buttocks that can be compressed by the pelvic bones.

Meditation Crescent Cushion (Zafu)

Tips for Adjusting your Moonleap Meditation Cushion Reduces numb legs during or after sitting Pressure where the leg meets the buttocks can cause compression of the Sciatic nerve which often results in numb legs during or after sitting. The soft foam central cushion combined with the contoured outer cushions eliminate this problem to a significant extent. Vibrant Healthy Energy. Testy. How do you know if you have PD? Kegel Magic: Pelvic Floor Shape-Up For Better Sex  January is "shape-up" month, with every lifestyle magazine and website proclaiming a new exercise program.

Kegel Magic: Pelvic Floor Shape-Up For Better Sex 

I've got a shape-up program for you, too, and though it's a muscle workout, you won't see the results in the mirror or show them off to your friends -- except for intimate friends -- and then the results will be felt, not seen. This workout strengthens the muscles of your pelvic floor -- the "PC" (pubococcygeus) muscles that run along the pelvic floor and surround the entire vagina.

These are the muscles that contract during orgasm. Regular pelvic floor workouts, AKA Kegel exercises, lead to more enjoyable sex: easier arousal, stronger orgasms, more pleasure. If that's not enough, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles also protects against urinary incontinence. Just a moment... Just a moment... Contraindications to fasting. Details Category: Fasting For Beginners Hits: 7907 (Curtesy of the American Dietetic Association, 1990)

Contraindications to fasting

YOGA - Traditional Buddhist Breath Meditation for Anti-Aging. YOGA 1: The Root Chakra - Muladhara - The Coiled Serpent Center Goddess of Nature - Part 5. Kegel Exercise.

YOGA 1: The Root Chakra - Muladhara - The Coiled Serpent Center Goddess of Nature - Part 5

Cordless phones: the unspoken DECT hazard at home and at work from the national research-based TETRA Airwave safety campaign. Why talk about DECT phones on a TETRA website?

Cordless phones: the unspoken DECT hazard at home and at work from the national research-based TETRA Airwave safety campaign

One main reason is to help determine causes of symptoms that might be attributed falsely to TETRA. We have heard and found many reports of similar adverse symptoms that are more likely to be caused by DECT (Digital Electronic Cordless Telephones), and indeed that have been eliminated by stopping using these phones. You will be unaware of what they do, but if you have one, read the following carefully. Many people will be equally unaware of neighbours using DECT, whose pulses penetrate right through their walls. Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning. Translations: – Norsk 汉语 - tiếng Việt – Español – Italiano - Français – Magyar - Português – română – Deutsch – Suomi – Svenska - Čeština – Русско -Íslenska – Nederlands – Audio Version The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water.

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the couple swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach. “I think he thinks you’re drowning,” the husband said to his wife. Look ma ... no hands !

Barbosa Barreto de Brito, L., et al., “Ability to sit and rise from the floor as a predictor of all-cause mortality,” European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention, published online December 13, 2012. Discovered a simple 1-10 scale sitting test to determine years of life remaining for a patient. This simple exercise also serves as a means to strengthen a person's strength and balance and can therefore help to create better health in a longer life. 1/2 points are deducted for lack of grace or fluidity at any stage. Whole points are deducted for any physical assist. Study was performed on people over 50 years of age and accuracy in predicting longevity is presumed more accurate for that age group. – mojojuju

Simple Sitting Test Predicts How Long You'll Live. Sit.

Simple Sitting Test Predicts How Long You'll Live

Stand. Repeat. This little trick — a deceptively simple measure of flexibility and strength — can predict who will live longer and whose lives will be cut short, according to a study by Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo. He uses the test with athletes, but he also uses it to lay out the stakes with patients: To live longer, they must get moving and maintain muscle and balance. Herbal Tinctures and Supplements. Oil Pulling, Wonderful Therapy - Home. Oil Pulling For A Brighter Smile and Better Health by Bruce Fife. Oil Pulling for a Brighter Smile and Better Health by Bruce Fife.

Oil Pulling For A Brighter Smile and Better Health by Bruce Fife

Tooth brushing, oil pulling and tissue regeneration: A review of holistic approaches to oral health Singh A, Purohit B - J Ayurveda Integr Med. Effect of oil pulling on plaque induced gingivitis: A randomized, controlled, triple-blind study Asokan S, Emmadi P, Chamundeswari R - Indian J Dent Res. Oil Pulling: Miracle Treatment or Woo Mouthwash?

The phrase “oil pulling” probably makes you think of a Texas wildcatter putting up derricks and extracting black gold from the barren earth.

Oil Pulling: Miracle Treatment or Woo Mouthwash?

But to some alternative medicine advocates, it means something else entirely: an ancient method of improving oral health and treating diseases of the mouth that will whiten your teeth, strengthen your gums, cut through plaque and most importantly, detoxify the body, relieve pain and even play a role in curing deadly illnesses like heart disease and cancer. The Oil Cleansing Method - A simple, cleansing facial massage for clear skin! National Weight Control Registry Research Findings. Klem ML, Wing RR, McGuire MT, Seagle HM & Hill JO (1997).

National Weight Control Registry Research Findings

A descriptive study of individuals successful at long-term maintenance of substantial weight loss.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 66, 239-246. Read the abstractShick SM, Wing RR, Klem ML, McGuire MT, Hill JO & Seagle HM (1998). Persons successful at long-term weight loss and maintenance continue to consume a low calorie, low fat diet. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 98, 408-413. Health Checks: How Often Should You Check Your...? Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Thinkstock Today’s warp-speed doctors’ office visits rarely address all of your Qs, which is why it’s more critical than ever to be in tune with your body—it can help yield some important insight. Print WH Lists. If you test positive for HPV, what does it mean? If you have HPV and an abnormal Pap test result, your doctor or nurse will explain what other tests you might need. If you have HPV and a normal Pap test result, it means that you have the HPV virus, but no cell changes were seen on your Pap test.

There are 2 options: You’ll most likely be tested with an HPV test and a Pap test again in 12 months. In many cases, retesting in 12 months shows that the virus has gone away. In 9 out of 10 women, HPV either goes away or cannot be found within 1 to 2 years.If the virus does go away (both tests are negative) you can go back to normal screening. Mechanism and Therapeutic Efficiency of Respiratory Gymnastics by Alexandra Strelnikova. Mechanism and Therapeutic Efficiency of Respiratory Gymnastics by Alexandra Strelnikova Forced inhalation and involvement of the most power respiratory muscle - diaphragm - in breathing are characteristic features and advantages of respiratory gymnastics by Alexandra Strelnikova. The respiratory gymnastics is about training of a short sniff with approximate frequency 3 inhalations in 2 seconds followed by absolutely passive exhalation through the nose or the mouth (it's prohibited to think about exhalation in Strelnikova's breathing technique, the organism throws out the unnecessary and keep the required by itself!).

Constraining the chest exercises are performed simultaneously with an inhalation. The main requirements of the gymnastics are as follows:· Think about inhalations only! · Exercise inhalations only! Short sniffs are performed simultaneously with exercises pressing the chest. Pure Inside Out - Easy and Painless Body and Mind Detox. Cell Phones. Under the law, FDA does not review the safety of radiation-emitting consumer products such as cell phones and similar wireless devices before they can be sold, as it does with new drugs or medical devices. However, FDA does have the authority to take action if cell phones are shown to emit radiofrequency energy (RF) at a level that is hazardous to the user. In such a case, FDA could require cell phone manufacturers to notify users of the health hazard and to repair, replace or recall the phones so that the hazard no longer exists.

Interagency Working Group FDA belongs to the Radiofrequency Interagency Work Group. The federal agencies in this group have responsibility for different aspects of RF safety and work to ensure coordinated efforts at the federal level. PlastiPure. Praxis. Quotidiana. Victuals. Mudras.