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How to make Luna Sandals from a Do-It-Yourself Kit. Recommended Tools and Materials Marker or pen Two sheets of paper (for foot tracing)Scissors3/16 inch leather hole punch (buy on amazon), OR 3/16 inch drill bit and drill (1/4 inch also ok) Hammer (any normal hammer will work)Utility knife or razor blade with new and sharp blade Step 1: Glue the leather footbed if you ordered it.

How to make Luna Sandals from a Do-It-Yourself Kit

For ‘naked top’ kits skip this step. Follow these instructions for gluing the footbed: How to glue your footbed You will need to let the glue dry for approximately 24 hours. Step 2: Trace your feet Stand on a sheet of paper with your weight distributed evenly throughout your foot. Luna Sandals.

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DIY Electronica. SS DIY Energy. SS CraftYs. SS DIYOs. Self Sufficient Home. Hope for The Best (: Tool Shed. Self Reliance Skills Set. SS On the Farm. Self Sufficiency. Live Long and Prosper. How to distill water or a liquid. Water purification. Kicking the bottle: How to avoid using bottled water abroad. Natural Remedies for Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings. Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings If a stinger is left embedded in the body, then remove it as soon as possible.

Natural Remedies for Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings

This should be the first step. HOMEMADE OUTDOOR GEAR. How To Make Lock Picks. How to reuse water bottles. We all know the three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

How to reuse water bottles

Reducing can be accomplished by purchasing an eco-friendly bottle, and keeping it with you to refill from the tap or water cooler. As for recycling, almost every municipality has some type of either curbside recycling, or a local place you can take your used plastics. The fun comes when we come to the third “R,” reuse. Statistics say that only about 20 percent of plastic water bottles are actually recycled, which leaves 80 percent to end up in landfills, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Quick and easy homestead uses for Plastic Bottles (PET) In the not too distant past, you would buy milk, sodas, etc. in glass bottles which you would return to the store to be sterilized and used again.

Quick and easy homestead uses for Plastic Bottles (PET)

Now, with our disposable culture, plastic bottles have replaced this system and have consequently become one of the many banes of the landfills. We need to rectify this wasteful and eco-nomically expensive practice. The current popular solution to the problem is recycling. However, recycling requires additional energy to process the material into something usable, not to mention the fact that the process itself can have harmful side effects. So a better solution, if you can't avoid the disposable containers altogether, is to reuse them. Airtight reseal with bottle closure. BioBot 20 countertop diesel processor converts waste cooking oil into biodiesel. One difficult aspect of a greener lifestyle involves disposal of used cooking fats.

BioBot 20 countertop diesel processor converts waste cooking oil into biodiesel

Chef! How to Build a Food Dehydrator. When I first took up self-­reliant coun­try living in the 1960s, I tried drying foods in a sandwich of old window screens laid at a sun-facing angle across a pair of sawhorses, but found that Mother Nature dries slowly in our changeable New England weather.

How to Build a Food Dehydrator

I also tried an antique sheet-metal wet-heat corn dry­er designed for wood-stove-top use, but its single, rusty-hard­ware cloth tray left barbecue­-marks on the apple slices. Plus, it was too small to keep up with our kids' hearty appetite for dried delicacies. In the 1970s I gave in to progress and got one of the MacManniman's big yard-­square electric food dryers. DIY: Learn How To Build a Root Cellar From Recycled Materials. Once upon a time, just about every household had a root cellar either beneath the house or built into the land nearby, where summer produce would be stored for use throughout the winter.

DIY: Learn How To Build a Root Cellar From Recycled Materials

The Great Northern Prepper. This post was done by a Forum member Alaska Rose, who is a wealth of knowledge of wilderness and homesteading skills.

The Great Northern Prepper

Learn more from her and others on our FORUM This picture shows the most common way to cut the hide for skinning a game animal. The dotted lines around the legs and neck are the usual cuts for removing the head and lower legs. Cheese Making for Beginners. Cheese and Yoghurt Making. Making Cheese. *Making Cheese*By: Dragoona5-1-03 Making cheese is a great way to preserve your excess milk and it is fairly easy to do.

Making Cheese

Do you remember the children's poem about "Little Miss Muffet? " She was eating her curds and whey, these are two parts of making cheese. Curds are the solids that form the different cheeses and whey is the liquid left over from that process. Milking, Making cheese and butter. Il l'a fait ! - Réalisation d'un four à pain. Introduction Ce document n'est pas un manuel de construction de four à pain, je n'ai pas les compétences ni suffisamment d'expérience pour pouvoir en réaliser un.

Il l'a fait ! - Réalisation d'un four à pain

How to Build an Outdoor Mud Oven. As part of a recent giveaway, one of the questions I asked was “What DIY project would you like to see featured on Backdoor Survival?” There were some amazing responses and over time, I hope to work through the list. Interestingly enough, two readers requested a similar topic and when more than one reader makes a request, I sit up and pay attention. The DIY projects were: How to Build an Outdoor Mud Oven for Use Now and When the SHTF. Rocket stoves and outdoor grills are great for cooking in a pot or skillet when the power is down or non-existent following a disaster or a worst case SHTF situation where fuel is either flat-out unavailable or intolerably expensive.

There are some things, though, that cook best in an oven. One solution, of course, is to use a cast iron Dutch oven or camp stove. These are great options, sure, but what about something made from the ground we stand on? I am referring to what is commonly called a “Mud Oven”. Until my recent visit to the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington, I did not know such a thing existed.

Wood Working. Build Furniture Without a Shop. It doesn’t take much.When you get started in woodworking there are many paths to follow, forks in the road, dead-ends and shortcuts. It’s a journey that our forebears would make with the help of a living, breathing guide: a master, a grandfather, a shop teacher. Inexpensive home-center tools and materials can be used to build pieces that are surprisingly sophisticated.

All it takes is a little ingenuity and some decent designs. Homemade Play Kitchen. How to Apply Glaze Finishes. Apply a glaze finish to achieve the perfect wood tone. The other common method of adding color to wood after it has been sealed is with glaze. While you can add fairly uniform color with it, you can also use glaze to highlight carvings or flutes, create sunbursts and cameos, turn a painted surface into antique white, add age to wood, or even create patterns like fake wood grain and marble. Unlike toner, which is applied just like clear finish, glazing involves both special materials and fairly unique handling techniques. It goes without saying that you should practice all new finishing techniques on scrap wood first, but that goes double for using glaze. How to Make a Solar Food Dehydrater From… Beer Cans! Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit. Solar Cooking - hints and tips.

5 solar cooking devices DIY. Capturing HEAT. How To Make An Amazing DIY Portable Stove. Please Share This Page: Hammock in 5 minutes. The Humanure Handbook - Build your own humanure toilet! DIY Projects You Can Start Now To Survive Later. 50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making. As a society, we have become over-reliant on “ready made” products. We have lost the ability to make things from scratch. Rather than blend up some peanuts to make delicious, tasty and fresh peanut butter, we’ll spend many dollars on a jar from the store that contains artificial preservatives, unnecessary packaging and that simply lines the pockets of huge, unethical multinational corporations.

Aside from foods, you can also make your own personal care products, beauty and make up products, cleaning products and home accessories that taste, work or look better than store bought, without the harmful chemicals and toxins and free from excessive, earth damaging packaging. Foods Homemade Ketchup – This ketchup won’t brake the bank, tastes better than the real deal and contains no added sugar – so it’s nutritionally good for the whole family. Peanut Butter – It is so simple to make this pantry staple it would be silly to buy it. Cowgirl's Country Life.

Crafters Advisers - Variety Of Stuff To Craft. Greenhouse Walipini. Making soap: 5 tips for homemade soap. Easy homemade soap. DIY hand-milled soap. With the holiday season growing ever closer, your party-planning mom will love a handmade gift that doubles as a special treat for guests.

Free Candle Making Instructions Directory. Bicycle Touring Around the World: cycle tourings best bike tour and travel travelogue story. Fibre processing tools and machines that the whole world can use and help improve. M40 Project - Dollar Survival Knife. Practicum. Home Worx. ORGANIZATION. Geekiness.