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Mushrooms - Safe and Poisonous Garden Plants. Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified. Mycology Wiki. Return of the Fungi. Photo: Andy Isaacson IN THE OLD-GROWTH forests of the Pacific Northwest grows a bulbous, prehistoric-looking mushroom called agarikon.

Return of the Fungi

It prefers to colonize century-old Douglas fir trees, growing out of their trunks like an ugly mole on a finger. When I first met Paul Stamets, a mycologist who has spent more than three decades hunting, studying, and tripping on mushrooms, he had found only two of these unusual fungi, each time by accident—or, as he might put it, divine intervention.

Stamets believes that unlocking agar­i­kon's secrets may be as important to the future of human health as Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillium mold's antibiotic properties more than 80 years ago. And so on a sunny July day, Stamets is setting off on a voyage along the coastal islands of southern British Columbia in hopes of bagging more of the endangered fungus before deforestation or climate change irreparably alters the ecosystems where it makes its home. MSA site » Mycologia. MSA site. Edible. Industrious Plants. Trees. Neo Botanica. Botany. Plant Guides.

Ethnobotany. Healing Herbal. Poisons. New Health Concerns. Entheogenic Review. Entheogenic Plants. MuShroomAgre. Mush Room. Mushroom Info. The British Mycological Society. Outdoor activity 2:What is a mushroom. This activity follows on from the mushroom parachute quiz game.

Outdoor activity 2:What is a mushroom

Sit in a circle around the parachute. You will need: A mushroom with cap and stalk (if possible), an apple (cut in half), other fruit such as pears. Start the activity by holding up a mushroom with cap and stalk. photograph © ama Ask the children to put their hands up if they think that the mushroom is a plant – ask the children to then put their hands up if they think that the mushroom is an animal – finally ask them to put their hands up if they think that the mushroom is something else. Explain that a mushroom is part of a fungus and fungi have their very own Kingdom. Mushrooms and toadstools are the fruit bodies of a certain group of fungi. The fruit body: The fruit body of the fungus can be likened to an apple or a pear which are the fruits of the apple and pear tree, respectively. The main body of the fungus: Mycelium growing. National Mushroom Associations. Fungi The Fifth Kingdom. The Fifth Kingdom.

David Fischer's Mushroom Photo Gallery - David Fischer's Mushroom Photo GalleryIndexes of Scientific NamesClick here to access the Index of Common Names 1,046 incredible photos of mushrooms and other fungi!

David Fischer's Mushroom Photo Gallery -

Special thanks to Paula DeSanto, whose contributions add a lot to this resource! IMPORTANT NOTEPlease note that this resource is posted without warranty as to absolute taxonomic determination. In other words, it is possible that I have mislabelled a mushroom here! I am always grateful for corrections (contact me at NOT use these photos as a tool for safe identification of edible wild mushrooms—use resources that are designed for that purpose:Edible Wild Mushrooms of North AmericaAmerica's Best, Safest Edible Wild Mushrooms Click on any of the below groups of mushrooms to access the indexes, which include thumbnail photos.

BASIDIOMYCETES (Mushrooms)This group includes the bulk of the conspicuous mushrooms. Agarics (Gilled Mushrooms) Chanterelles and Similar Mushrooms Boletes Polypores Stinkhorns. Tom Volk's Fungi, including mushrooms, mushroom, mycology, molds, morels, fungus of the month, and much more. Updated August 9, 2010.

Tom Volk's Fungi, including mushrooms, mushroom, mycology, molds, morels, fungus of the month, and much more.

Welcome to Tom Volk's Fungi ! My web page went online November 25, 1995, although I had several hundred images online on a "gopher" server starting July 1994. The first month I had 158 hits, mostly from my reloading the page to see if it was still online. By contrast, last month there were more than 17,000 hits on this page. In the past 14 years I have had more than 990,000 hits on this main page (173,000+ in the past year), with untold millions on all my pages and images.

A couple years ago, I was featured in "La Crosse Magazine," published by Severson Design. I am very grateful to Mike Clayton of the UW-Madison Botany Department for getting me started and for hosting my pages all these years. Please read some of the 350 or so webpages made by my students in Organismal Biology, a class I have now taught three times. Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology.