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Biosil Blog. Can colloidal silver help with stubborn topical fungal infections such as athlete’s foot?

Biosil Blog

Well, according to these colloidal silver users, it sure can! Hi, Steve Barwick here, for… Topical fungal infections can be quite nasty and very frustrating. Prescription anti-fungal drugs don’t always work. And because of the potentially harmful side effects – such as liver damage — not everybody with a fungal infection wants to use the prescription drugs. Is there a safe, natural alternative? Colloidal silver has been demonstrated in clinical studies to literally decimate fungal pathogens, including those that cause athlete’s foot. In fact, in the recent study described in the article at the link above, colloidal silver even proved to be more effective than some of the most powerful prescription antifungal drugs! Cooking Matters. MyPlate on a Budget. Think it’s not possible to eat healthy on a limited budget?

MyPlate on a Budget

Cooking Matters. Mastering Food Preservation: Winter Storage Techniques. An important part of eating locally year-round in Maine is learning to store food for the winter.

Mastering Food Preservation: Winter Storage Techniques

To further knowledge about this, the Master Food Preserver Program includes a section on Winter Storage Techniques. Kathy Hopkins, the Somerset County Extension Educator, was the evening’s guest and spoke about creating a root cellar of our own. Coco.nuts. Unboil an egg. New Health Concerns. Food Safety. Self Sufficiency. Homesteading: Food. Everyday Tools. Chef! Gustatory. An Ingredient based Recipe Search Engine - Recipe Puppy. Science of Cooking: Food Science, Recipes & Projects. Ways to use cauliflower. Top 10 Ways to Prepare Kale. My body has been deprived of leafy greens this summer.

Top 10 Ways to Prepare Kale

It has been so hot here in Nashville, that no greens stood a chance to grow in the blazing heat. Last week, I saw a familiar friend at the Market – KALE! I couldn’t believe it. Passion4plants — re-use of salad/lettuce hearts :) first cut it... What to Eat When You’re Broke. The lower your income is, the more difficult it is to be particular about what you feed your family.

What to Eat When You’re Broke

This probably isn't an earth-shattering revelation to anyone, but if you feel like experimenting, try to buy a week’s worth of healthy food for a family on a budget of, say, $50-75. Food manufacturers that target lower income shoppers with more affordable products tend to include more GMOs and toxic ingredients in their offerings. It just isn’t possible to stick to my usual food restrictions. Generally speaking I avoid: It is a matter, then, of weighing the pros and cons, and figuring out what things, for you, are the most important, while also deciding which standards can be sacrificed. What is Silicone and is it Toxic? Silicone has quickly become a household name in the fall-out of toxic plastics.

What is Silicone and is it Toxic?

Its starring role begins right away as we introduce it to our babies from the day they’re born. The Cheater's Guide to Real Food. Smokers, Meat Smokers, BBQ Smokers, Electric Smokers. Homemade Dehydrator. Cast Iron Skillet. How to Season and Care for Your Cast Iron Skillet... Best. Coffee Packaging. Ever. We don’t just love coffee, we need coffee.

Best. Coffee Packaging. Ever.

That’s a whole lot bigger than love. Could we survive without it? Frankly, we just don’t know, and we’re not about to find out. While we’ve consumed cup after cup, we’ve noticed some pretty awesome packaging along the way. The secret to making great coffee revealed. Photo by Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo for Slate.

The secret to making great coffee revealed

The first cup of coffee that 2012 U.S. Barista champion Katie Carguilo served tasted rich and flavorful to me, but it wasn’t up to Carguilo’s high standards. “This coffee is really chocolatey, really nutty, but it tastes a little bit too bitter in the finish,” she explained. “The grounds were too fine, so the water couldn’t get through, and it overextracted the coffee.” June Thomas is a Slate culture critic and editor of Outward, Slate’s LGBTQ section. Follow. 10 Best Espresso Machines & Buying Guide. With a new year comes new options.

10 Best Espresso Machines & Buying Guide

We’ve updated our list of the best espresso machines with several new options and updated prices on older offerings that are now an even better deal than before. spresso is so the new moonshine. For the first time ever, astronauts will be able to drink “good, hot and steaming” coffee in space. Last year Italian astronaut, Luca Partmitano, took questions from Astronaut Abby about his stint on the International Space Station.

For the first time ever, astronauts will be able to drink “good, hot and steaming” coffee in space

When asked what food he wished were available on the ISS, Partmitano responded: “The only thing I really miss, if we talk about food, is a real Italian espresso.” In November, the treat of hot espresso will be available for astronauts on the International Space Station. World’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine by Bonaverde Coffee Changers.

Our idea Our roast-grind-brew coffee machine enables you to roast green beans on their own and therefore enables farmers to directly sell their green, raw coffee beans to you. Farmers become faces and you become a coffee changer. Answers to Your Questions about Making Homemade Yogurt. Notice the Greek yogurt is thick enough to hold a spoon in an upright position. I am surprised my post about making Healthy Homemade Greek Yogurt is targeted by Google searches more than any other on this blog. It gets more comments too. And I love ‘em. More Than Six Ways To Incubate Yogurt Without a Yogurt Maker. It's easy to incubate and "hatch" yogurt at home. It was a nervous moment just before the sonographer put the probe on my daughter-in-law’s still-flat belly.

Our imaginations were pulsing with prayers, hopes and dreams. Marinated Yogurt Cheese. Step 1 *For Yogurt Cheese: Using a yogurt cheese maker or layered cheese cloth, strain the whey from 8 cups of yogurt for 3-6 hours in the refrigerator. This should yield 2 cups of yogurt cheese. Step 2 Take a head of garlic and break it apart and place the unpeeled cloves in a hot skillet. Step 3 Start pan roasting until skin becomes dark and soft to the touch. Step 4 Remove all skin and finely chop the roasted garlic. Uses for Raw Whey. 17 Uses For Whey : Posted on | September 21, 2012 | 6 Comments And not to use in your ferments Whey is the by-product of straining cultured dairy products like yoghurt, kefir & cultured cream.

18 Ways to Use Whey– a By-Product of Greek Yogurt. Uses for Whey in Skin and Hair Care. Learn the incredible, simple uses for whey for creating healthy skin and soft, shiny hair. Benefits of Lacto-Fermentation. DIY: Cheesemaking Equipment: Free PDF. Fruit Facts. California Rare Fruit Growers. POMEGRANATE Fruit Facts. TAMARIND Fruit Facts. Tamarind. Bonsai Training Guide for Tamarindus indica by Ma-Ke Bonsai. How to Prepare Tamarind Pulp (น้ำมะขามเปียก) for Thai Cooking. One major ingredient in the Thai cuisine is the pulp of dried mature tamarinds. Tamarind Paste - Buying, Making, and Cooking with Tamarind Paste. What is Tamarind? Dosing, Side Effects & More. Pistachio. PISTACHIO Fruit Facts. The Perfect Recipe For Making Raw Living Sprouted Almond Milk in 5 Easy Steps.

Food and Recipes. TheAbysmal Recipes. Retro Recipe Attempts. Spinach and cheese strata. Farmer's Strata Recipe. Caramelized Onion, Spinach and Gruyere Cheese Strata with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes. Strata Recipe - Gale Gand's Brunch. Monte Cristo Strata Recipe - Grace Parisi. Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World's Best (and Cheapest) Sous-Vide Hack. Build Your Own Electronically-Controlled Sous-Vide Cooker. Sous-Vide 101: Prime Steak Primer. Sous Vide Immersion Cooker.

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