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Print Friendly & PDF. Pearltrees Search. Internote: Stick Notes To Web Pages. If you love sticky notes for Windows 7 then you might need a more useful version of sticky notes that lives right in your browser.

Internote: Stick Notes To Web Pages

Internote is a Firefox addon that allows you to stick notes to web pages. You can save notes on websites so you can see them again once you return. Internote works just like a desktop app that integrates with Firefox. iZito (5 search angine at once) What Is Cooliris. Discover More. Opera. Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux. Chrome. Firefox.

Firefox Add-On Collusion Shows Who's Tracking You Online. If you're concerned about advertisers tracking you across the Web, Mozilla can now help you see exactly who's following you online with a new experimental Firefox add-on called Collusion.

Firefox Add-On Collusion Shows Who's Tracking You Online

The browser extension creates a real-time graph of all the tracking cookies being deposited on your browser as you move around the Web. The add-on can differentiate between behavioral tracking (cookies that record links you click on, what content you view, searches you make on a site, etc.) and other potential tracking cookies.