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Council of Europe - ETS No. 185 - Convention on Cybercrime. Computer Misuse Act 1990. Email Law. Introduction Electronic mail (e-mail) is a way of sending text, graphics, and computer files from one computer to another computer.

Email Law

Privacy. Facebook's new face recognition knows you from the side - Apr. 4, 2014. New technology developed by Facebook researchers uses 3-D modeling to identify the subject of an image.

Facebook's new face recognition knows you from the side - Apr. 4, 2014

Big Data and data mining. NeWeb Privacy. Biometrics. FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project - tech - 07 September 2012. The FBI thinks you should never have privacy. Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act. EFF sued the Department of Justice (DOJ) on the 10th anniversary of the signing of the USA PATRIOT Act in October 2011 for answers about “secret interpretations” of a controversial section of the law.

Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act

In June 2013, a leaked FISA court order publicly revealed that “secret interpretation”: the government was using Section 215 of the Patriot Act to collect the phone records of virtually every person in the United States. Prior to the revelations, several senators warned that the DOJ was using Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act to support what government attorneys called a “sensitive collection program,” targeting large numbers of Americans. Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You. June 13, 2014: This story has been updated.

Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You

It was originally published on March 7, 2013. We've spent a lot of time this past year trying to understand how the National Security Agency gathers and stores information about ordinary people. But there's also a thriving public marketfor data on individual Americans—especially data about the things we buy and might want to buy. Consumer data companies are scooping up huge amountsof consumer information about people around the world and selling it, providing marketers details about whether you're pregnant or divorced or trying to lose weight, about how rich you are and what kinds of cars you drive. But many people still don't know data brokers exist.

The Federal Trade Commission is pushing the companies to give consumers more information and control over what happens to their data. NSA Playset. NSA pays tech companies millions to engineer backdoors into encryption protocols. (NaturalNews) There is a saying that says, when it comes to government, they've got you coming and going.

NSA pays tech companies millions to engineer backdoors into encryption protocols

No truer words are spoken when the subject comes to serial invasions of your privacy. Not only is the National Security Agency monitoring your every electronic communication, but the agency is paying your tech company and Internet service provider to hack you as well. According to Britain's The Guardian newspaper, which broke the story of massive NSA spying earlier this year: U.S. and British intelligence agencies have successfully cracked much of the online encryption relied upon by hundreds of millions of people to protect the privacy of their personal data, online transactions and emails, according to top-secret documents revealed by former contractor Edward Snowden. How the NSA is tracking people right now.

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'. A top secret National Security Agency program allows analysts to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals, according to documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

The NSA boasts in training materials that the program, called XKeyscore, is its "widest-reaching" system for developing intelligence from the internet. The latest revelations will add to the intense public and congressional debate around the extent of NSA surveillance programs. They come as senior intelligence officials testify to the Senate judiciary committee on Wednesday, releasing classified documents in response to the Guardian's earlier stories on bulk collection of phone records and Fisa surveillance court oversight. The files shed light on one of Snowden's most controversial statements, made in his first video interview published by the Guardian on June 10. US officials vehemently denied this specific claim. Government Releases NSA Surveillance Docs and Previously Secret FISA Court Opinions In Response to EFF Lawsuit. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) just today released hundreds of pages of documents related to the government's secret interpretation of Patriot Act Section 215 and the NSA's (mis)use of its massive database of every American's phone records.

Government Releases NSA Surveillance Docs and Previously Secret FISA Court Opinions In Response to EFF Lawsuit

The documents were released as a result of EFF's ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. We've posted links to each document below. While the government also posted many of the documents here, our copies are completely searchable. Our legal team is currently poring over them and will have much more analysis soon, but intelligence officials held a call with reporters about the content of the documents this morning, and made several revealing comments.

Everything you need to know about the NSA and Tor in one FAQ. Documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that the National Security Agency has powerful capabilities to identify and spy on users of the Tor network, three of my colleagues report.

Everything you need to know about the NSA and Tor in one FAQ

But what's Tor? Does the NSA Tap That? What We Still Don’t Know About the Agency’s Internet Surveillance. The telecom consulting firm TeleGeography's 2013 map of 244 active and planned submarine cable systems (TeleGeography/ But like other aspects [4] of NSA surveillance, virtually everything about this kind of NSA surveillance is highly secret and we’re left with far from a full picture.

Does the NSA Tap That? What We Still Don’t Know About the Agency’s Internet Surveillance

Who has more access to your data than the Government? Imagine that there was a corporation that had access to your internet activity, your phone records, even down to what snail mail post you receive and from what areas.

Who has more access to your data than the Government?

Providing information for the likes of JP Morgan, administering Medicaid and insurance and information for the banking sector in general. Providing data mining information for the military industrial complex; BAE systems, Northrop Grumman, DuPont, EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.), NASA, the U.S.

The Top 50 Companies That Mine and Sell Your Data (and How to Opt Out) Safety on the Line: Exposing the myth of mobile communication security. This report evaluates the risks and vulnerabilities of mobile phone services and apps in 12 specified countries: the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, the People’s Republic of China, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Libya, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Tunisian Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Rather than focus on a single innovation, this study analyzes multiple mobile technologies – including operating systems, applications and mobile protocols – to determine their capacity to protect security and privacy and to combat censorship and surveillance. Throughout this study the protection of mobile phone users was of paramount importance. Download the full report. Malte Spitz: Your phone company is watching. When GPS Tracking Violates Privacy Rights.

PRIVATE Wifi Mobile. Q: “I heard from a friend recently that the U.S. government is demanding back-door access to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and others. PRIVATE Wifi Mobile. Q: “I recently read that Google is providing a lot of user data to the government. Is this even legal? Don’t we have any protection over our personal information?” What Price Privacy, Wonders Google. Big Data is our generation’s civil rights issue, and we don’t know it. As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit. Linkedin challenges US government over data requests. USA to Google, Facebook, Microsoft: No, you can’t tell users we’re spying on them. European Parliament reportedly wants Google to be broken up. « La vie privée, une anomalie » : Google de plus en plus flippant. « Le vie privée pourrait en réalité être une anomalie. » Non, cette phrase n’a pas été lâchée par James Clapper ni un autre responsable de la NSA.

On la doit à Vint Cerf qui n’est autre que le « chef évangéliste de l’Internet » de Google. Cet homme, considéré comme l’un des pères fondateurs d’Internet, avance que vivre sans aucune intimité n’a non seulement rien de neuf, mais rien de bien inquiétant. Il explique ainsi qu’il a lui-même grandi dans une petite ville de 3 000 habitants, sans ligne téléphonique, où le postier savait de qui venait toutes les correspondances. L’idée d’anonymat serait selon lui apparue avec l’urbanisation et la révolution industrielle et n’est plus nécessairement compatible avec notre société contemporaine.

Google must defend privacy policies to 6 European agencies. Six European data protection authorities will conduct formal investigations of Google's privacy policy after the company repeatedly rejected their requests that it reverse changes it made to the policy last March. Data protection authorities in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K. have resolved to conduct investigations or inspections of Google's privacy policy, following an initial investigation by the French data protection authority.

Hidden IP Address. How to Protect Your Privacy from Facebook's Graph Search. Facebook has launched a new feature—Graph Search—that has raised some privacy concerns with us. Graph Search allows users to make structured searches to filter through friends, friends of friends, and strangers. A Parents' Guide to Facebook. Why Europe Is Freaking Out About Facebook Photo Recognition. Facebook Privacy Chart for Teens. ‘Friends’ can share your Facebook profile with the government, court rules. Utilizing RxNorm to support practical computing applications: Capturing medication history in live electronic health records. 81% of Tor users can be de-anonymised by analysing router information, research indicates.

GeoIP2 City. Russian webcam hackers spy on UK homes & offices. Russia Hacked Webcam Scandal. How a Russian Web site peers into your home, and your baby’s room, by hacking webcams.