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Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D. - Presentations. Where book love and primary classroom hilarity are shared. Children's Book Authors: "How to Teach Kids to Love Books" Emily Jenkins Author of Toys Go Out “A key to growing readers is: never shame their choices.

Children's Book Authors: "How to Teach Kids to Love Books"

At the library, I let my kids get anything they want. Then we get 48 other library books, too (those are my choices); come home; and pile them on the table. I put no pressure on them to read my favorites. I read aloud whatever they choose, without any judgment.” R.J. Author of Wonder and 365 Days of Wonder “When my older son was learning to read, I actually made some Star Wars early chapter books to help get him interested.

Lauren Tarshis Author of the I Survived series “My kids and I used to throw ‘reading parties,’ where we would take a stack of books, a few stuffed animals, and a basket of snacks to a shady spot on our lawn. Mo Willems Author of Knuffle Bunny and The Pigeon Needs a Bath “For younger kids, ‘reading’ to them really means listening to the kid’s interaction with the story. Jeff Kinney. Character Flaw Index. To make characters realistic and relatable they are given flaws, because if there is anything a writer can be sure of it is that no one in their audience will be perfect.

Character Flaw Index

Flaws are character traits that have a negative impact in the narrative, unless they are simply informed. They can also be exploited. See Good Flaws, Bad Flaws for a scale of flaw acceptability. Compare Seven Deadly Sins, Ego Tropes. Abusive Parents: Habitually violent and cruel to their own children, often because that's how they themselves were raised. Growing Book by Book. Creating Conferring ToolKits. All About Balanced Literacy. Shared Reading is a link in helping students become independent readers.

All About Balanced Literacy

It allows the teacher to model and support students using prediction and confirming skills. It allows less confident students the chance to share stories/articles/poetry in a non­threatening situation. Independent Reading: 101. What is Independent Reading, Really?

Independent Reading: 101

Independent reading is any time carved out of your day in which your students are reading self-selected books that are a "good fit" for them. There are different kinds of reading that may be going on in your room during this time and it will look different from classroom to classroom.The focus of this time is to support, encourage and validate your students as they grow as readers, through all of their ages and stages. The main components of independent reading are outlined below. When do I find the Time? Independent Reading is an indispensable part of the day in a literacy rich classroom. More Formal/ Larger Chunks of Independent Reading Time Informal (yet super powerful) Reading Times Getting Started: The Nuts & Bolts On Keeping Reading Logs For what purpose?

Using Guided Reading to Develop Student Reading Independence. Our lesson plans are written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices and are aligned to state and national standards.

Using Guided Reading to Develop Student Reading Independence

Choose from hundreds of topics and strategies. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals. More Teacher Resources by Grade Home › Professional Development › Strategy Guides Strategy Guide Research Basis Strategy in Practice Related Resources. Best Children's Books of 2014. Writer's Workshop Resources and Ideas. The majority of time of Writing Workshop is devoted to independent writing.

Writer's Workshop Resources and Ideas

During this time, students are prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their pieces. Depending on the age and abilities of your students, independent writing can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 45-60 minutes. It helps to build stamina with your class, beginning with a short amount of time and building that time until they can work for up 30 minutes or more. According to Katie Wood Ray (The Writing Workshop, 2001), students can also do other activities during their writing time, such as writing in their schema notebooks journal writing writing exercises to experiment with language and style conducting peer-conferences reading to support writing. Literacy-in-Content-Areas - Non-Fiction. BiblioNasium - Kids Share Book Recommendations. Use Online Reading Logs, Find Books At Their Reading Level. BookFlix. TumbleBooks - eBooks for eKids!

Epic! - Books for Kids. – Blog. Happy Halloween from the misunderstood animals in my book ANIMALS NOBODY LOVES! – Blog

Seymour Simon and Dennis Kendrick have teamed up again for a new "Silly Jokes and Riddles" book, and this one is perfect for Halloween! If you are a StarWalk Kids Media subscriber, the narrated eBook is already in your collection. If not, it is available on both Amazon and There was a disturbing story in the news last week, when a satellite survey discovered that 35,000 walruses had hauled themselves up on a beach in Alaska.

In this aerial photo taken on Sept. 27, 2014, provided by NOAA, some 35,000 walruses gather on the shore near Point Lay, Alaska. Chadwick Jay, a research ecologist and leader of the U.S. Since today is Writing Wednesday, we’ve decided to re-run a previous story about the effect of global warming on another Arctic animal, the polar bear. From GLOBAL WARMING, by Seymour Simon: Home - KidLit.TV. Reading Rockets. Scholastic. Lori Oczkus literacy coach, author, and popular speaker.