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Reaching Travelers Online. Most Americans are still making their travel plans offline, according to the “Travel and Vacation Services—Summer 2009” report from Ad-ology Research.

Reaching Travelers Online

The survey revealed that only some 47% of US adult Internet users had used the Web recently to research travel. The most common travel-related topics to check out on the Internet included airfare, researched by 34% of respondents, hotel/motel rates and availability (30.8%) and car rentals (14.3%). However, 39% of recent travelers said online media influenced their choice of travel services. The vast majority of Ad-ology respondents said social media did not influence their travel or vacation decisions, but there is evidence that travel companies can do well among the 23% who said they were influenced by social media. According to analysis on the Compete blog, visitors to airline sites in July 2009 were six times more likely to visit Twitter than the previous year.

Keep up on the latest digital trends. HOW TO: Use Social Media for Travel Research. Whether you're traveling to another city, state, or continent, putting in a few hours to do your homework can mean the difference between a great vacation and a week full of headaches.

HOW TO: Use Social Media for Travel Research

Finding great local restaurants, comfortable sleeping accomodations, and hidden gems should be on the top of your travel list, no matter if it's a one day business trip or a permanent move to Thailand. In the past, this type of information was exclusive to travel agents and generic travel books. However, with the rise of social media and stronger interconnectivity, you can get the real story, avoid the tourist traps, and meet real locals. This guide provides an overview of tips and tools for using social media as a travel research tool. Step 1. A wealth of information and tips are available in blogs, user comments, and wiki articles. Step 2. Picking out the best restaurants is tough, so let others do the work for you. Blog » Blog Archive » Examples of online communities in the trav.

For the next in our series of Online Community Examples we are looking at examples of online communities in the travel industry Online communities in the travel industry The travel industry is one well suited to online communities focused on engagement.

Blog » Blog Archive » Examples of online communities in the trav

Whether you’re an airline, holiday company or hotel chain, your guests typically only experience the brand on a limited number of occasions annually. They may be leisure travellers who might only stay at your hotel once per year or even business travellers who use your airline each time they fly to New York. In all cases the experiences these consumers have with your brand are limited and for a fixed period of time only. Online communities offer you a way to extend this brand experience between visits or experiences, they allow you to engage and interact with your consumers even when they are not staying at your hotel or flying your airline. Best Western’s On the Go with Amy Marmara’s Marmarafit The community site has two basic parts: SETTravel Boutique. Online travel itinerary and trip planner. RWW Live: Online Travel - ReadWriteWeb. The latest episode of RWW Live, today at 3.30pm PST, will be focused on online travel applications.

RWW Live: Online Travel - ReadWriteWeb

We have executives from 4 great travel startups on the call: TripIt, Yapta, Dopplr and PlanetEye. In the show we'll be discussing how the Web is changing the way people travel for work and fun. It promises to be a fascinating discussion, so we hope you tune in to the show LIVE at 3.30pm PST Monday (6.30pm EST) on Calliflower or Facebook. You can also ask questions during the podcast, using the chat function. As usual, RWW Live will be hosted by Sean Ammirati, with ReadWriteWeb's Richard MacManus, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Bernard Lunn on the podcast. Gregg Brockway, President & Co-Founder, TripItMarko Ahtisaari, CEO & Co-Founder, DopplrHugh Birch, VP of Product Development, YaptaJonah Sigel, VP Business Development, PlanetEye. Travel 2.0: Social networking takes a useful turn. If you visit, you will see something completely different from other major hotel websites.

Travel 2.0: Social networking takes a useful turn

Instead of the usual advertisements for exotic locations and special offers crowding the home page, you are immediately struck by the phrase "Welcome to the neighborhood" in the center of your screen, and a U.S. map covered with pop-up photographs and the words "Your story. In your words. " The photographs are all amateur, taken by Sheraton customers with no more travel logging experience than the average person. There are no actors or models masquerading as guests in these snapshots and they are not the views most hoteliers would choose to display.

50 Best Web 2.0 Travel Tools. Kid activities, family friendly hotels, travel reviews-Trekaroo. Online Travel Companies Choose Their Targets. Suppliers seem to have won the battle for online leisure and unmanaged business travel market share in the US, according to December 2008 PhoCusWright data.

Online Travel Companies Choose Their Targets

Fully 61% of online travel sales are now made directly at supplier sites, compared with 39% for online travel agencies (OTAs) in 2008. This balance is projected to hold steady through 2010. Online travelers have learned to book their reservations on travel suppliers’ Websites to avoid intermediaries’ service fees and collect loyalty points. Suppliers save money from direct bookings and thus encourage this behavior with aggressive, lowest-price guarantees. Sympvertising and secrets for business travellers: Airport Haven. Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs.

Sympvertising and secrets for business travellers: Airport Haven

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