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Top 10 Apps for Scheduling a Meeting Online - ReadWriteEnterpris. Meetings suck.

Top 10 Apps for Scheduling a Meeting Online - ReadWriteEnterpris

But if there's one thing worse than meetings, it's playing email tag to schedule them. Is your company still sending out mass emails to ask for preferred meeting times? It's the pits, isn't it? Yes, Outlook has a hack whereby you can solicit responses for scheduling, but it's not much of an improvement. There's a better way, and it's a ridiculously simple concept. Just as wikis solved the distributed document collaboration problem (that we used to use email for), this class of online tools solves our scheduling problem. Tungle The first thing you'll notice about good apps is that many of them have ridiculous names. Doodle Doodle doesn't have the social Web love that Tungle does, but it's dead simple. TimeBridge TimeBridge is another app that syncs well with the standard set of both cloud-based and desktop calendars. Setster. Fuze Meeting: Free Web Conferencing & Online Meeting Softwar.

PeopleMaps - Home. ClockingIT. Open Source Collaborative Networking for Intranets and Extranets. USTREAM, You're On. Free LIVE VIDEO Streaming, Online Broad. Create screencasts and screen recordings the easy way.

Dyyno - Instant Sharing. Assessing the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace in 2009: Robust and cro. Social software platforms, including services such as Facebook and Twitter, have become one of the primary channels for communication amongst consumers this year, even eclipsing e-mail in some parts of the developed world.

Assessing the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace in 2009: Robust and cro

It was companies that either open sourced eventually or took open source and then made it enterprise class that often scored the best.The same however, can't quite be said yet for the workplace. While the adoption numbers for social applications are still impressive in business (about half of all large organizations), actual adoption and use is lagging significantly behind the non-business world as organizations take the time to assess a range of issues with enterprise social computing, including appropriateness, security, control, management methods, and roll-out strategies. However, given the widespread interest and popularity in social tools these days, it's becoming a pretty safe bet that you'll be seeing them in some form on a workplace intranet near you. Tinychat - Free Chat Rooms & audio video conference.

The Four Essential Apps for Distributed Teams - ReadWriteEnterpr. Distributed teams.

The Four Essential Apps for Distributed Teams - ReadWriteEnterpr

Virtual work. Placeless offices. Whatever you want to call them, groups who work from geographically separate locations are more common than ever. Despite how widespread this mode of coordinating work has become, there are those still wondering just what tools are absolutely crucial to making a distributed team work. Here's a list of the four types of applications you'll need, and some examples of the popular places to get them. Of course, the following list is missing something: email.

One: IM & Chat Instant messaging and chat are one item, practically speaking, but they tend to serve different, equally-important social functions in the enterprise. One-to-one IM is the best way to ping your virtual coworkers, and is really the only app that comes close to the easy access you'd get from collocation. Group chat is slightly less common a need than IM, and is less useful for informal access in your daily workflows. Two: Wiki Three: Task Tracking Four: Web Conferencing. Shareflow: Focused conversations with people that matter.

Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacemen. Feature Requests. 27 Free Must-have Online Collaboration Tools : Crazeegeekchick.c.