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49 Valentines Gift in a Jar Ideas. Do it yourself - Tolle Anleitungen und Ideen auf DaWanda. Felt Rose Tutorial. This post has LOTS of pictures, but they are pretty!!

Felt Rose Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make and dye felt roses to be used for whatever you want! Felt Craft. DIY Jewlry. Savon II. Savon III. Savon - matériel - info produits -diy molds ... Savon. SOAP, BATH AND BODY, CANDLES. Fournisseurs matériel savonnerie. Chunk Candles : Candle & Soap Making Techniques.

Step by step instructions on making chunk candles.

Chunk Candles : Candle & Soap Making Techniques

In addition to the normal items required for standard pillar candles, You will need: Instructions: Step 1: Melt Wax and add dye or fragrance oil as desired. Using a double boiler and a thermometer, melt your wax and bring it to a temperature of about 190 degrees F. You can scent and dye the chunks, the overpour wax, or both. For this project, I selected IGI 1343 to make the chunks as well as the overpour. Color Suggestion: Work with colors that are complimentary, generally those that occur together in nature.

Projects and tutorials. I Heart Wrap Bracelets. Who doesn’t love a wrap bracelet these days!

I Heart Wrap Bracelets

I, like many others, fell in love with the Chan Luu wrap bracelets when I saw them at a store one day while shopping. Visit her website, her collection is beautiful and super inspiring! DIY Chan Luu Bracelet. My goal this holiday season was to really try my best to make some homemade gifts.

DIY Chan Luu Bracelet

So far I’m doing pretty well with my wreath, some burlap covered candles, some personalized coasters and this past weekend I gave a try at some jewelry. You may have noticed how wrap bracelets are everywhere lately. Chan Luu bracelets are extremely popular these days. They come in singles and also in wraps. Free Diy Jewelry Projects. Tutorials. How to Make a Two Color Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelet. How to Make a Two Color Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelet For quite some time I have been very interested in learning how to make stuff using paracord, such as paracord bracelets, knife lanyards, key chain fobs & more since I have been into emergency survival preparedness since 2008 and paracord is a very useful item to have on hand during an emergency or survival situation due to virtually infinite number of uses it has.

How to Make a Two Color Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelet

As much as I was interested in making things out of paracord, I simply never made the time to learn how until very recently and after having made a little over a dozen two color cobra knot paracord bracelets, I decided to share with my readers and followers this how to article on how to make two color paracord bracelets using cobra knots. When choosing your paracord, whether buying paracord online, or in a store, make sure that the paracord you're buying is type III 550lb seven strand. Type III 550 Paracord, Side Release Buckles & More. Necklace pattern schema. Tie-Dye Shorts. Last year tie-dye shorts were popular and we thought they would definitely fizzle out by this summer.

Tie-Dye Shorts

But as we all know, tie-dye shorts are back and better than ever. Last year we dip-dyed shorts, bleached shorts, and even tie-dyed our beach sheet (click each for the links). Hmmm, was there anything left? But of course! We were so inspired by the simplicity of our brightly tie-dyed beach blanket, that we wondered if it could be as simple and quick to tie-dye shorts in vibrant colors. Following the traditional tie-dye instructions (get the item wet, put on the color, let dry, wash in cold water), the hardest part is waiting for them to dry. FREE: Wrapping Briolettes. Creating a Peyote Bezel. (copyright 2012 Deborah Roberti) The base for all of my rivoli patterns is the peyote bezel.

Creating a Peyote Bezel

Made up of size 11/0 Delica beads and 15/0 seed beads, this beaded bezel—or cup—holds the rivoli in place and also enables you to embellish the rivoli by beading around it. In the Materials list for this tutorial and for all of my rivoli patterns, I specify the use of 15/0 Japanese seed beads. Why Japanese seed beads? Blog couture. Chunk Candles : Candle & Soap Making Techniques. Lollis für Emma aus dem Limmaland. Rainbow & Unicorn Shrink Plastic Jewellery - Free Craft Project – Jewellery - Crafts Beautiful Magazine. Print our whimsical motifs onto shrink plastic to create a young and fun jewellery set Rainbow Necklace - 1 Using a craft knife, cut a cloud motif from the shrink plastic.

Rainbow & Unicorn Shrink Plastic Jewellery - Free Craft Project – Jewellery - Crafts Beautiful Magazine

Whilst cutting, avoid touching the motif to prevent any smudging of the ink. Punch a hole at each end of the top and bottom of the image, plus another at the centre of the bottom.2 Place the printed shrink plastic motif into an oven, or use a heat gun to shrink according to the manufacturer's instructions. Leave to cool, then, if necessary, gently rub down any rough edges using very fine sandpaper or nail file.

To seal the charm, apply three coats of acrylic spray, allowing drying time between each.3 Thread a blue glass teardrop bead onto a head pin, then form a wrapped loop. Cat Cosy for Cold Drinks. DIY Cat Tent Bed. DIY Craft Fashion Blog. Moldes de animalitos. Pueden realizarse con fieltro o foamy.

Moldes de animalitos

Sencillas pueden servir para adornos Cortando doble cada pieza, puede servir como muñecos. Как создать элегантный кулон из кристаллов Сваровски. Итак, для изготовления кулона нам понадобятся:

Как создать элегантный кулон из кристаллов Сваровски

DIY Felt Flower Bouquet Tutorial - Simple Simon and Company. When I got married I was all about DIY’ing a lot of projects for the wedding and I LOVE that it is such a trend right now. It is so cost-effective and I love the crafting part of it. And with this easy tutorial you will be able to make your own DIY Felt Flower Bouquet as well as DIY Boutonnieres for the groomsman in an upcoming wedding. And if you aren’t on the wedding train right now, be sure to pin it to Pinterest to remember for when you are. These bouquets are fun to make and the best part about it was—I spent less that $10 in felt and floral wire to make it and you don’t even have to sew them (hot glue is your friend)! So….let’s get started! Cat Face Elbow Patches (with free printables) Preschool is just about to start for my kiddo and that means we need a few new clothes.

My girl has grown two shoe sizes since the summer began and she pretty much needs all new clothes… since nothing fits. All of her long sleeve shirts that went to her wrists in the Spring are now up to her arm, dresses are now shirts, and her pants are like capris. Felt Superhero Heads · How To Sew A Movie Plushie. How to Make DIY Soap Rocks. This weekend I made my own DIY soap rocks, and I think they turned out really cool! I had a lot of fun making them, and managed to recycle some unexpected materials in the process, which is a bonus.

My hoarding tendencies were once again rewarded by the universe, Marie Kondo be damned. There are other tutorials out there for making DIY soap rocks, and I followed one, but I wasn’t very happy with the result. The instructions said to dye soap various shades, chop it up, randomly dump it into a cup, then pour melted soap on top. DIY Cat Trinket Dish. Well today marks the day that we take our friendship to the next level, because I’m totally about to let my cat lover flag fly high. Not that it’s exactly been hidden all of these years, I mean, my cat Thomas was Mr. December last year for Kelly’s annual fundraising calendar (not to brag or anything). Plus let’s be honest, Taylor Swift is totally make cats cool again after that Diet Coke commercial, right? Nonetheless, I decided to hop on the Feastivities train with loud and proud with a handmade gift idea for your fellow cat lover loved ones with this DIY cat trinket dish.

This one’s for you, Mom! DIY Clay and Gold Leaf Jewelry Dishes. The other day, a minor home-goods tragedy struck my home: One of my favorite jewelry dishes from Anthropologie fell off my dresser and shattered into a million sad pieces. I love storing my jewelry out in the open and it was truly one of those little pieces that made me really happy every time I saw it, so I knew I needed a replacement ASAP. I was looking for something that had the effect of gold leaf, but I couldn’t find anything at my usual go-to stores.

Instead, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own jewelry dish–I mean hell, I took a pottery class in high school that produced one very ugly, retched green colored “vase”, so I could probably handle this, right? Surprisingly yes–but that’s only because it was a super easy DIY, and I guarantee you can handle it too. DIY Nail Polish Faux Gemstone Glass Bracelet Recipe from – DIY Jewelry & Crafts from Watch out – this project withjust a simple kit from is contagious! This time we turned the tables, using the underside of the glass cabs to create a faux gemstone glass effect for our bezel setting bracelets. The results are stunning.

DIY Nail Polish Faux Dichroic Glass Bracelet Recipe from


Plushie Patterns. Discovery. Pastel Goth Leather Jacket DIY. My fab assistant Julie is rocking some serious pink streaks these days and I have to say, they look amazing! Kat Theeglas – Dat Zit Wel Snor. Blog faves. Nail Art Tutorials Archives - NAIL IT! Black Heart (Inside) a Cake. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so we wanted to show you what we’ve been up to. We love cake, we love love, and we love frosting, so obviously we were onboard for another delicious heart cake creation this year! We partnered up again with Mary (of Mary Costa Photography) and Kelly (of Studio DIY) for a new take on the holiday – complete with striped balloons, gold sequins, ombre frosting, and of course a delicious black heart inside a cake.

This is the fourth year of heart cakes for Mary, who started the tradition with our good friend Rebecca. Mary made the cakes (which were from scratch and were delicious) and then Corelyn and I helped her carve them out (and stuff them full!) Making Cat Food by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM. Recipes - Cat Nutrition. How to Make Rainbow Waffles. Birthday Cake Pancakes. Today is my nephew’s third birthday, and one of my BFF’s birthday’s as well. Gifts for Giving: DIY Red Velvet Cake Sugar Scrub in a Jar. Homemade Gifts: Red Velvet Body Scrub – Clever Bird Banter.

Pin Up Girl Look - Make Up, Hair, Fashion, Confidence, Eyebrows...All You Need! Cat Bed · Extract from Chloe Tells You How... To Sew by Chloe Owens · How To Make A Pet Bed. Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Rainbow Pancakes. Seche Vite tutorial: how to keep it in perfect shape, avoid shrinkage and how to apply. Sarah (@lola_von_esche) DIY: Tipi Voor Je Huisdier - DIY JOURNAL. Victory Rolls Tutorial by Now, Voyager's Felicity! No Heat No Back Combing - Save the Victory Roll!! Строим кошкин дом за пару дней. Cat foodmaking pictorial - Cat Nutrition. My Pets Pride. St. Patricks Day Cake - i am baker. Gory Halloween Cake. Rainbow Waffles - i am baker. Rainbow Birthday Cake - i am baker. Red Velvet Cake with Peppermint Whipped Cream - i am baker. Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake - i am baker. Welcome To Amanda's Diner - i am baker. St. Patricks Day Cake - i am baker. Rainbow Cookie Cake - i am baker. Lemony Rainbow Checkerboard Cake. Heritage Red Velvet Cake. Frankenweenie Sparky Cake.

Corpse Bride Blue Velvet Cake - Complete Tutorial. The Vintage Minimalist: Basic and Easy Pin Curl Set - 1940s Vintage Hairstyle. Voir Glitter Sampler Sets par Theglittersource. Voir Glitter par FrankandShineDesigns. Kattenbakkist: stylish verantwoord. How to make a No Sew Tutu - Make Your Own Heart Cake! Baking A Heart Inside A Cake. How to Make This Amazing Rainbow Heart Cake. Free Patterns and Tutorials. Handmade Peppermint Bath Bombs. DIY Death Star Bath Bomb. Embroidery Pendant. How to Make Marbled Clay Jewellery Dishes. Handmade Tattoo Free Embroidery Pattern Printable. DIY Cupcake Sugar Scrub Bars. Sweetapolita. Red Velvet Halloween Cake - The Seaside Baker. DIY - Fashion. Fascinator DIY: Hair Decoration – Advent Extra DIY. Fascinator DIY Tutorial: Small Burlesque Hat DIY. ♥ DIY – Pimp tes baskets Superstar ♥ ♥ DIY – Une pastèque autour du cou ♥ – DIY – Un sac kawaii, petite tête de chat – Декорирование клатч-бокса. Часть 1: обтягиваем кожей и оформляем рамку.

Изготовление молда своими руками.