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Over the last five years, you helped Citizen Effect raise $1 million from over 6,000 donors in support of 75 amazing nonprofit partners. That effort improved the lives of 350,000 people around the world. From a single well in India to tutoring in Detroit, Citizen Effect was an organization dedicated to transforming passionate people into effective community leaders and fundraisers. Citizen Effect's success stemmed from a few sources: dedicated Citizen Philanthropists, passionate nonprofit partners and a powerful technology platform that connected them both. We are extremely proud of our Citizen Philanthropists, thankful of our nonprofit partners and in awe of the enabling nature of the right technology. With all that in mind, we at Citizen Effect have made an important strategic decision.

Buzzbnk - Positive People Backing Bright Ideas

Buzzbnk - Positive People Backing Bright Ideas Lending via Buzzbnk involves significant risks and lenders may not recover all or part of any loans advanced, therefore lenders should not participate in lending to a Project unless they can readily bear the consequences of such a loss. Loans are unsecured and the primary purpose of lending via Buzzbnk is to enable the positive social or environmental outcome the project seeks to achieve and any financial returns should be secondary. Any person who is in any doubt about lending to a Project featured on this Site should consult an independent financial advisor or other appropriately qualified persons. SellAVenture LLP (trading as Buzzbnk) is regulated under an Interim Permission (CCI-IP-055569) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and will become fully authorised as per the FCA Loan-based crowdfunding timetable set. Lending via Buzzbnk is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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