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Albrecht Dürer: Melencolia I (43.106.1. Egon Schiele - The complete works. _lw4dvqQNZf1qkn7who1_1280.jpg (580×765) 2011A. Photography. Contemporary. Ubersuper - StumbleUpon. Squidface & The Meddler. Your art has a strong current of Art Deco styling to it. What is it about the art and design from that period that inspires you? What are some of your other influences? There’s always been something strangely timeless for me about the ’20s and ’30s that I’ve always been fond of, whether being its music, its fashion, architecture, or its art and design; those decades stick out in my mind as having a particular sense of audaciousness and modern elegance that I admire, both aesthetically and in terms of creative spirit.

That coupled with the fact that Art Deco incorporates other design styles and movements (Neoclassical sculpture and architecture, Cubist painting, Constructivist poster design) that have influenced my work in one way or another over the years, will give you a good indication as to why I have an inclination towards the style.