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A trash to treasure customized letter opener When you think of letter openers do you think of those little square things a company gives out so you have their business info or do you think of those fabulous interesting ones that look like daggers and usually have interesting things on the tips of their handles? Well this isn't either of those. Haha! ;) A trash to treasure customized letter opener
..Twigg studios: thrifted fabric peonies tutorial
Not Plain Anymore! - Tip Junkie
Mason Jar Lanterns - Tip Junkie
Glass jars can be recycled instead of thrown away, but it is also great to reuse them. Reusing items that would otherwise end up in the trash saves a considerable amount of money, and they can be used in many practical and creative ways. Consider these frugal ideas, and reuse glass jars instead of spending money on empty containers. Ways to Reuse Glass Jars Ways to Reuse Glass Jars
10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars 10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars From baby food containers to Mason jars, it seems as if everyone has an assortment of glass jars around the house. Rather than throw these used containers in the trash, get creative and upcycle them into something new and crafty. Here are ten crafty ways to upcycle that never-ending supply of jars: 1.
Restored Glass Jars
Sew Country Chick- Farmhouse Couture
ΠΡΩΤΟΤΥΠΕΣ ΙΔΕΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΗΣΗ ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ ΧΩΡΟΥ ΜΕ...ΚΡΕΜΑΣΤΡΕΣ! ΠΡΩΤΟΤΥΠΕΣ ΙΔΕΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΗΣΗ ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ ΧΩΡΟΥ ΜΕ...ΚΡΕΜΑΣΤΡΕΣ! photo apartment therapy photo Πρόσφατα σας είχα προτείνει μια ασυνήθιστη κατασκευή βοηθητικού τραπεζιού από...κρεμάστρες
Here’s a bunch of crafty projects you can make using items you might normally toss (plastic milk jugs, ripped sheets, tin cans and more). You’ll also find a bunch of ideas for repurposing old shower curtains at the bottom of the page along with links to larger collections for recycling old towels, t-shirts, sweaters and old jeans. I’m just getting started with this collection and there is surely more to come, enjoy! Scalloped Cloths: Salvage ripped cotton sheets by making these washclothes (two layers thick) trimmed with colorful scalloped stitching. Plastic Bag Tote: (knitting) You’ll need a couple dozen plastic shopping bags, webbing and dungaree or bachelor buttons to whip this up. 20+ Crafts To Make From Recycled Items 20+ Crafts To Make From Recycled Items
DIY Cake Stands There are SO many interesting and unique ideas to create your own cake stands. I hopped on that band wagon since I love me some new cake plates. Plus, I needed some fabulous black stands for my upcoming Halloween party. Here's the final product. And here's what I did to make them. DIY Cake Stands
Trash To Treasure - Trash To Treasure - I am honored to have the very creative, animal loving, well-traveled, and crafty Kimberly Noelle from Quirky Cool share her fabulous upcycled telephone desk. Inspired by her family and home decorating magazines, Kimberly is a writer and avid DIY’er. She has some beautiful projects including her Burlap Furniture entertainment stand and her most recent beach cottage inspired side table. Be sure to follow her on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars - Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars - Spaghetti jars? Baby food jars? Pickle Jars? Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars by getting crafty! It IS easy being green! Everyone has glass bottles and jars just waiting to be recycled in their cupboard.
Trash to Treasure: Recycled Beer and Wine Bottles - DIY Inspired Trash to Treasure: Recycled Beer and Wine Bottles You know you’ll party like a Rockstar on the fourth of July in a few days, so what do you do with all the beer and wine bottles? Don’t throw them away! Save them all! Trash to Treasure: Recycled Beer and Wine Bottles - DIY Inspired
Yesterday I said I am going to post about a refashioning project, but this is in fact a repurposing project since I turned an old pair of jeans and a skirt into a beach bag. Sorry about the slip of the tongue. Well, this is the pair I refused to get rid of knowing that it'll come in handy one day. And this is the skirt Eva wore only once and vowed never to wear it again because "she looked dreadful in it". I should have taken a better shot of it, although there is nothing special to see. It was a knee long skirt with pockets up front and an elastic at the back so it had a bit of a ruffled look before I chopped it off. repurposing repurposing
Easter Cans Easter is on its way and we are headed to Moab like we do every year, and like every year I like to make my girls tags for their Easter baskets, (last years) but this year I went with something a little different. As I mentioned before, I save glass jars, well I saved some old formula cans too,
29 ways to use pegs/clothespins Besides the obvious, that is hanging your children from the clothesline, the humble peg/clothespin has a hundred and one uses around the house. I've always got a couple in my handbag, in the 'utility' drawer in the kitchen, in the bathroom and always take some away with me on holidays. I have used them to pin a baby wrap over the pram when I've been out when the kids were babies. It shielded them from the light and elements.
Domesblissity: 25 ways with bottle tops & plastic caps Coffee table Back when I was a little girl (in the olden days as my 7 year old daughter reminds me), there wasn't as much around to be recycled. Milk was delivered in a glass bottle and they were cleaned and put out again to be refilled. Other things were in glass or only bought in bulk and those products came in paper or fabric packaging. Now there are so many little things. Plastic, metal, some materials I don't even know the name of.
You've all seen the beautifully organised closets with the matching coat hangers, all lined up in the same direction? No? I have and as much as I love the look of it, I love the fact that I have all sorts of coat hangers in my wardrobes from plain old wire ones, hand made covered ones and those covered by my Nanna in anything from cut up bread bags and bits of fabric. How about all these other ideas for uses of the humble old coat hanger I found on Pinterest. Domesblissity: 18 ways with coat hangers
Domesblissity: 24 uses for old towels
18 ways with coat hangers
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