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Training. This ipv6 lark - digitality. Free Windows 7 Training: Logging Into a Public Wireless Network. January 14, 2010By Bill Kulterman Places like Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble, as well as many libraries, hotels, airports and local businesses now offer free Wi-Fi.

Free Windows 7 Training: Logging Into a Public Wireless Network

Connecting to Public Wireless Networks is not difficult, and in this video I demonstrate how easy it is to connect to unsecured networks, which don’t require a password. About the Author Bill Kulterman Bill Kulterman (MCT, CIW, MOS Master Certified) has worked as a web and graphic designer for over 6 years and has enjoyed teaching the Adobe/Macromedia Creative Suite since 2004. Discussion. Blog. Outlook is Private - Really!


Logging into my Hotmail/Outlook account this morning I was greeted with this message touting the benefits of Outlook. They saved the best for last, claiming that "Outlook is private". Talk about false advertising. It was barely a week ago when news leaked that Microsoft had snooped on an employee's Hotmail account while investigating a hacking incident. And before that there were news of Hotmail snooping on inboxes on behalf of the NSA. If you are going to make a false statement, at least wait for a period of time for the negative news to fade.

Amazon FireTV So we have wireless-ready TVs, wireless-ready DVD players, Roku, Chromecast, game consoles, and who knows how many other devices attached to our TVs. Now here comes Amazon with its amazingly innovative Fire TV that does incredible things such as, wait a second, stream videos to your TV just like any other device. Why again do we need this device? NCAA basketball Brackets on Google IP Address on Google P.S. Just a Big List of Free Design Stuff. If you hang out on Dribbble, Forrst, or other design communities, you’ve probably noticed the recent explosion of freebies.

Just a Big List of Free Design Stuff

You can get free icons, fonts, textures, and even whole user interfaces! And although Christmas is over, I’m pretty sure people like free stuff all year round. So here are a couple of my favorite places to get your fix of shiny PSDs for $0. One of the first free PSDs sites, 365PSD promises a different PSD every day. Almost all of them are free, and you can also download whole-year packs for a couple bucks. It was originally single-handedly maintained by Jonno Riekwel, but has since then been bought by DesignMoo. DesignMoo DesignMoo provides tons of free design resources, but it does require you to register before you can download them. PremiumPixels PremiumPixels started out as the playground of WordPress themes superstar Orman Clark, but he’s recently been featuring other designers as well.

Support. Downloads. Category Archives: Giveaways. Wunderilst. Project Help and How-to - Microsoft Office. Media Converter - the fastest free online audio and video converter.

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Send a Message. Understanding Digital Body Language. Digital Body Language is not a new term but it is new to me.

Understanding Digital Body Language

I recently heard Valeria Maltoni use it and after digging a bit more, found that it was originally a term created by Steve Woods, founder of Eloqua that referred to the anticipation of customer needs in the demand generation and lead development context which is not exactly what came to mind for me when I heard it. However, I love the term and the idea behind it - that there are ways to infer a person's intent through how they behave online. When I initially mentioned the term on Twitter I got a lot of 'huh? ' type of responses back but after years of watching people interact online it is clear to me that you can infer quite a bit about people's unwritten intent. How? Relationships are in large part about the exchange of energy between two people. Apps for Business.

Files - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy. Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and Share (Build 20110413222027) Bookmarks bar hide/show - Page 2 - Google Chrome Help (Chrome Forum) A place to learn and enjoy photography. Picplz. Xampp for mac os x. FreeAppAlert - Free iPhone apps that were paid iPhone apps yesterday.

Tablet Tools: Great (FREE!) Template Resource for OneNote Users. I’ve been hoarding a great little site that helps me to get any template I may ever need for OneNote… and it’s time to bring it out of the closet.

Tablet Tools: Great (FREE!) Template Resource for OneNote Users

I tripped across this site several months back, but it took awhile to determine how to convert this “paper lovers” site from a “print it out on your printer and stick it in your paper organizer” resource to a digital resource to use with my own Tablet PC and my OneNote program. Here’s how…The site, (Do It Yourself Planner) offers more templates — general and specialized — than you can imagine. There are even upload options for readers to increase the library size.

And they are good quality templates! Excellent stuff. If you want to get them over to OneNote for your own “inking” use, you should: Download — as many as you like!