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Calories Burned During Sex. The Act of Insertion Satisfying Partner (organ size) Most experts agree that size means nothing.

Calories Burned During Sex

Shape is what counts, and the man with a shaped organ can write his own ticket. In those rare instances where a man has a genuinely small member, he may have to compensate by working slightly harder, but this is good for weight loss.


Art. Articles. Music. Personality Tests. Personality Tests. Personality test based on Jung - Myers-Briggs typology. Facebook pranks: Trolling your friends on Facebook. Who invented Mondays, anyway?

Facebook pranks: Trolling your friends on Facebook

Was it God? Was it Thomas Jefferson? Was it the ancient Gregorians? 6 Reasons to Ride a Polar Bear to Work. Thanks David! ← Previous Post Next Post → Thanks David!

Thanks David!