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Hal Shook North Carolina's WWII ExperienceNorth Carolina's WWII Experience. Hometown: Cary, NCBranch of Service: Army Air CorpsLocation of Service: Europe Hal Shook Interview Question: Tell me where you were living and how you got involved with the Army Air Corps?

Hal Shook North Carolina's WWII ExperienceNorth Carolina's WWII Experience

Hal Shook: I was living in San Francisco. My father was a World War I individual, took me out up to ____ one day, went to Christian [ph] Field, the airfield, and I saw a B26. That’s the little open cockpit fighter, and I said, that is for me. In fact, I applied for the flying school, and they had a four or five month delay, and I said I don’t want to wait that long. Question: How old were when you saw that first plane, and got the spark?

Hal Shook: I was 14. Question: You turned 21, you were now eligible to become a member of the Army Air Corps. Hal Shook Oral History Interview. Launch Political-Influence Tracker. Build your own Influence Tracker by selecting a senator or representative. Launch Political-Influence Tracker

Then copy and paste the embed code into your own site. At, we love data and the possibilities that arise when big public datasets are combined in creative ways. Now we’re jumping in with our own modest contribution, just in time for a last-minute gut check before the Nov. 2 balloting: the Influence Tracker, a widget that follows the money in Washington. Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Entice Diners. 10 Websites Where You Can Enjoy Reading Short Stories and Flash Fiction. Do you feel that shorter attention spans are giving short stories a leg up?

10 Websites Where You Can Enjoy Reading Short Stories and Flash Fiction

I personally don’t feel so, because a story well-told is a story well-enjoyed, short or stretched. Short stories have always been a popular form of writing. It is also the cloth where a wannabe writer cuts his first teeth. Many of our greatest authors have also inked memorable short stories. O. Short stories are not only great writing practice for the beginner author, but it’s the same for the child who can be put on a diet of classic reading through short stories.

The best thing is that you can try out a variety of genres and writing styles in the time it takes to do a bus commute. American Literature. A 4chan Directory - The 48 Forums on 4chan That Aren't /b/ Score! 13 of the Worlds Coolest & Craziest Stadiums : WebUrbanist. Score!

Score! 13 of the Worlds Coolest & Craziest Stadiums : WebUrbanist

13 of the World’s Coolest & Craziest Stadiums Article by Steph, filed under Public & Institutional in the Architecture category. They host some of the world’s most exciting events and are often among the most massive structures in any given city – so why are stadiums themselves usually bland and boring? These 13 stadium designs shake things up with unexpected architectural details, surprising shapes and breathtaking surroundings from cliffs overlooking the city to helipads hovering hundreds of feet above the ground. Munich Olympic Park (images via: wikimedia commons) 7 Essential Skills You Didn't Learn in College. A meeting place for myth, imagination, and mystery in pop culture. As previously noted here in a discussion based upon an article in , there is a growing body of academic books exploring horror films.

One of those books is , edited by Steffen Hantke (University Press of Mississippi, 2010). Graveyard poets. Overview[edit] The Graveyard Poets[edit] Edward Young Criticism[edit] Many critics of Graveyard poetry had very little positive feedback for the poets and their work.

Graveyard poets

Critic Amy Louise Reed called Graveyard poetry a disease.[4] While other critics called many poems unoriginal, and said that the poets were better than their poetry. [5] [6] Although the majority of criticism about Graveyard poetry is negative, other critics thought differently, especially about poet Edward Young. Poem Samples[edit] Wikipedia. Amusing Ourselves to Death by Stuart McMillen - cartoon Recombinant Records. This webpage originally contained a comic adaptation of part of the foreword to Neil Postman's book Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Amusing Ourselves to Death by Stuart McMillen - cartoon Recombinant Records

This comic was respectfully removed in March 2012 due to the wishes of the copyright holders of the text. OpenSky: Website lets authors sell directly to consumers - Reporting from New York — About a year ago Mary Ann Naples had a holy-cow moment.

OpenSky: Website lets authors sell directly to consumers -

If she'd been a cartoon character, she would have smacked her forehead until stars came out. She was standing atop an escalator at Book Expo America, the publishing world's spring jamboree in New York, surveying a convention hall of sullen faces. Many of the 30,000 booksellers, publishers, authors and agents were looking like well-heeled passengers on a leaky cruise ship. The rise of digital books and online retailing was upending book publishing's business model. Publishers facing higher costs and less revenue were signing fewer authors; advances and royalties were declining; and bookstores were vanishing, leaving big American cities such as Laredo, Texas, without a single one.

And not least among the sky-is-falling signs, it was tougher to persuade a book editor, here in America's publishing capital, to buy lunch, never mind underwrite a book party for an established author. The Best Magazine Articles Ever. Catalog your books online. Five Best Book Recommendation Services. Caldecott Medal - Awards. Give Me Something To Read. A place for poetry - Hello Poetry.