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AKA Mary Jones. The Celts and Romans - Interactive History Resources. Calverton man builds Romano-British home in his garden. Welcome to the Celtic Homestead. Boudicca s Revolt. Timeless Myths. Mythology Guide - A dictionary of Greek and Roman Myths. Celtic knot. Stone Celtic crosses, such as this, are a major source of our knowledge of Celtic knot design.

Celtic knot

Carpet page from Lindisfarne Gospels, showing knotwork detail. Almost all of the folios of the Book of Kells contain small illuminations like this decorated initial. History[edit] Celtic knotwork, the ultimate tutorial. CELT: The online resource for Irish history, literature and politics. Celtic - ♠ Pagan Roots. The Celts were animists, believing that all aspects of the natural world contained spirits, and that communication was possible with these spirits.

Celtic - ♠ Pagan Roots

Druidry The Celts venerated certain trees.