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Richard Carter Consultancy We’re a small, niche MediaWiki skin design studio based in the UK, and we’ve worked with clients across the world to design and develop the MediaWiki skin they desire. MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter Our MediaWiki design skills have been put to the test for clients in South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and America to name a few countries, and we’ve worked with big names, too. Our senior MediaWiki skin designer, Richard Carter, has worked with UK government organisations including NHS Choices and Directgov, as well as the University of Halmstad in Sweden and University College Dublin. A wealth of MediaWiki skin design expertise We’re uniquely experienced in designing for the MediaWiki platform: our founder is the author of the MediaWiki Skins Design book, and we’re consistently asked to help companies of all size with integrating designs in to MediaWiki.

Variety Credits to aegyolover Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 Read Article → Cast: Lee Su Geun Kim Jong Min Uhm Tae-woong Kim Seung-woo Cha Tae Hyun Sung Shi Kyung Joo Won Credit to boosaysharingiscaring Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part […] Read Article → Cast: Kim Byung Man, Noh Woo Jin, Park Jung Chul, Choo Sung Hoon, Mir (MBLAQ), Park Sol Mi Credits to Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, […] MediaWiki Skins - Dan and Rebecca I love MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the software that runs Wikipedia, as well as our personal wikis for work and personal use. Unfortunately, if you’ve seen Wikipedia, you know that the appearance is very dull, which is fine for consuming certain types of information, but not really suited for a personal site like this. Watch Online Full Movie Watch Online The X Korean Full Movie Free in High Quality HD DVDRip. The X 2013 Full Movie Watch Online: Watch Online in NowVideo:- The X 2013 Watch Full Movie Online Watch Online in Videoweed:-

Manual:Gallery of user styles This page is a showcase of MediaWiki skins. None of these skins are maintained by the MediaWiki core team; if you find an error or wish to leave feedback, contact their respective authors. Use the form below to create a new subpage to list details for your skin. Please add your skin to the appropriate gallery afterwards. New Movies new, New Movies good, New Movies hot 2013 Ep 242013 Ep 252014 Ep 152014 Ep 932013 Ep 492013 Ep 672014 Ep 152014 Ep 132014 Ep 133 - End2013 HD2012 Ep 012014 HD1933 Ep 032014 Ep 222013 Ep 132014 Ep 192013 Ep 202013 Ep 142014 Ep 032014 Ep 062014 Ep 16 - End2014 Ep 02 - End2012 HD2013 HD2010 HD2014 HD2012 HD2012 HD2012 HD2012 HD2012 Ep 012014 Ep 062014

How to Create a MediaWiki Skin Based on the MonoBook Skin Edit Article Code Replacement Edited by VC, Lojjik Braughler, Krystle, Jack Herrick and 10 others 8 Ways to Create a MediaWiki Skin from Scratch Edit Article Initialization CodeCategory List Fix CodeMain execute() Method CodeMain XHTML Structure CodeCommon Site Elements' CodeCommon Page Elements' CodeCommon Toolbars CodePortlets (main navigation blocks) Edited by VC, Blizzerand, Krystle, Eric and 7 others Many sites use the MediaWiki software, including wikiHow! As you can see, despite the fact that MediaWiki comes with a set of ready-to-use skins, many sites, such as wikiHow, choose to have their own skin to give the site a unique look and feel. Customizing how a MediaWiki based site looks can be achieved in many ways all involving skins.

Athena This document is a work in progress. Comments are appreciated but this is not a final draft. Athena as shown at Wikimania 2012 Athena as shown at Wikimania 2012, showing the Echo notifications system Athena as shown at Wikimania 2012, showing GlobalProfile Athena in mobile mode