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How to Revive Stale Bread. If you’ve ever let a loaf of bread get so stale that it won’t even make decent croutons, you know that shameful feeling that comes with throwing it out.

How to Revive Stale Bread

Be ashamed no longer: This life-changing (we really mean that) tip for reviving stale bread is so effective, we can’t believe we hadn’t discovered it sooner. Why Matcha Is the Next Big Thing in Tea. It’s no secret we at Bon Appétit love the powdered green tea known as matcha.

Why Matcha Is the Next Big Thing in Tea

Heck, we even put it in our holiday cookies. But we’re not the only ones smitten by matcha. With one finger on the mug of our green tea latte and the other on the pulse of all things up-and-coming in the food world, we can’t help but notice that the chatter about matcha is getting louder. Food-forward Instagrammers are increasingly as likely to snap a picture of a matcha latte (using the hashtag #matcha, of course) as they are a cappuccino, and they can now do so at specialty matcha cafés cropping up across the country, from New York to California to Hanoi.

Matcha drinkers are purchasing whisks and glass bowls to prepare the beverage at home. What makes this green machine so special? A little matcha packs a lot of flavor. This means that matcha drinkers must prepare the tea immediately before consuming. Matcha is made with hot but not boiling water. A Guide to Artisanal Bread and Bakeries - Bon Appetit. Mahogany-crusted loaves, dark, dense ryes, buckwheat baguettes.

A Guide to Artisanal Bread and Bakeries - Bon Appetit

America’s bread scene is changing before our eyes. But, like anything worth geeking out over, there’s a learning curve. Just as the coffee craze had its own vocab (cortado, anyone?) And mixology had ice fetishes, the bread cult has a code. Here’s what you need to know, from the lingo to the legends to the loaves we love. Know How To…Speak Bread We understand: Today’s bakery lexicon can be downright baffling. A slice of the spelt bread from Roberta’s gets a generous spread of butter. Ancient Grains A buzzy term that refers to grains other than modern cultivated wheat. Crumb The soft interior of a loaf (the stuff inside the crust). Hydration The ratio of liquid to flour in a dough. What 200 Calories Look Like in Different Foods.

WiseGEEK conducted a very visual and informative study and presented a photo series, which compares what 200 calories actually look like in different foods.

What 200 Calories Look Like in Different Foods

You’d think that even with the bikini season coming up, a handful of gummy bears couldn’t hurt much, right..? Well, turns out, just 51 gram of those gives you the same amount of calories as nearly 600 grams of broccoli or 3 whole eggs would. And now be honest – which of those amounts sounds more alike a proper and filling meal to you? [Read more...] Show Full Text The study compares 71 different foods, and is originally organized going from low to high calorie density.

Website: Cómo hacer tu propio queso en casa en tan solo una hora. Una hora se compone de 3.600 segundos. 60 minutos en los que se pueden fregar los cacharros, leer un libro, echarse una siesta o, con las instrucciones de la estadounidense Claudia Lucero, hacer queso artesanal en casa.

Cómo hacer tu propio queso en casa en tan solo una hora

Según ha explicado a varias revistas que se han interesado en su libro titulado, lógicamente, One-Hour Cheese, no es que tenga poderes especiales, sino mucha práctica que le ha permitido dar un nuevo paso en el concepto del Hazlo Tu Mismo. El libro enseña a preparar quesos “frescos, sencillos, que se ven, saben y huelen de fábula y con ideas para incontables opciones de personalización” Lo primero que advierte Lucero, natural de San Diego pero afincada mucho más al norte de su país, en Portland, es que si el lector busca “quesos complejos, más viejos, de la variedad apestosa”, mejor que cierre el libro y se vaya al supermercado. Sus recetas no parecen complicadas.

Es cierto que la historia del queso, como la de cualquier alimento, corre paralela a la del ser humano. 10 Delicious Cheeses Made In The USA. Crazy about brie and Parmigiano-Reggiano and gouda?

10 Delicious Cheeses Made In The USA

Us, too. But, the age of European fromage hegemony is history. The Old World may have written the great Cheese Canon, but American cheesemakers are dreaming up and creating cheese masterpieces delicious enough to rival any dairy across the Atlantic. "American cheesemakers are not bound to traditions, limited to recipes strictly defined by the AOC, etc. ," says Max McCalman, who became America's first Maître Fromager when he started the renowned cheese program at Picholine Restaurant in New York and is now a cheese educator and author. The Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC), "controlled designation of origin," is the French certification that renders cheeses — and meats and wine — legit. Our lack of strict cheese regulations "frees the American cheese producers to develop new recipes and create new and unique cheeses," says Max.

Here’s 10 cheesy wonders of the U.S.A. to get your hands on as fast as possible: