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Why I’m a Public-School Teacher but a Private-School Parent. Técnicas para dormir a un bebé. Baby Geniuses: How Surprises Help Infants Learn — The Atlantic. Health A new study explores how 11-month-olds expand their knowledge by playing with unpredictable objects.

Baby Geniuses: How Surprises Help Infants Learn — The Atlantic

Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > When babies encounter a new object, their method of making its acquaintance tends to involve banging it against the nearest hard surface or shoving as much of it in their mouths as possible. Should You Bring Your Unborn Baby to Work? Last year, as my wife and I prepared for the arrival of our second child, I began to worry.

Should You Bring Your Unborn Baby to Work?

‘Time-Outs’ Are Hurting Your Child. Daniel J.

‘Time-Outs’ Are Hurting Your Child

Siegel, M.D., is clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, the founding co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, and executive director of the Mindsight institute. Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., is the co-author (with Siegel) of the best-selling The Whole-Brain Child. Time-out is the most popular discipline technique used by parents and the one most often recommended by pediatricians and child development experts. The Problem With History Classes — The Atlantic. Before the release of Selma, I wonder how many people ever reflected on President Lyndon B.

The Problem With History Classes — The Atlantic

Johnson’s attitude toward the 1965 marches in Selma. I wonder if anybody thought that conventional wisdom afforded him either too much or too little credit for the Voting Rights Act. I imagine that Johnson’s legacy was not on the average American’s radar until Selma ripped it into the public consciousness. ¿Hay que obligar a los niños a besar a desconocidos? Ana Hanssen caminaba con su hija de 3 años por Miami cuando se encontró con una amiga acompañada por un grupo de mujeres a las que no conocía.

¿Hay que obligar a los niños a besar a desconocidos?

Una de ellas agarró la mano de su "chiquita", como ella dice, y le pidió un beso. Let's Talk About Sex—in English Class. High school educators often get in trouble for teaching "promiscuous" literature, but conversations about these texts come with lifelong lessons about relationships and attraction.

Let's Talk About Sex—in English Class

I imagine that many parents of teenagers may envision their kids’ school classrooms as refuges from the hormones that hurtle through the hallways outside. Students may watch racy movies, enjoy soft-porn music videos, and post revealing photos on Instagram, but for the time he or she has their attention, the teacher acts as the surrogate guardian of virtue. City versus country childhoods. Our local playground is a bit like Disneyland.

City versus country childhoods

From the curved metal slide that vomits out excited preschoolers every 20 seconds, to the tunnel, the Saharan sandpit, the fountain and the zip wire, there is everything a child could want. Which is good, because we go there almost every day. After all, what else can you do with small children in central London? There are endless birthday parties, of course, playdates, the odd foray to the Science Museum.

But what you really do, almost every interminable, occasionally transcendent, day, is go to the swings. A CUP OF JO: Motherhood Monday: Home as a haven. Oh, these little boys.

A CUP OF JO: Motherhood Monday: Home as a haven

Be still my heart. One of the most heartwrenching parts of motherhood, I've come to realize this fall, is watching your child go to school. With other kids. Who will be sweet sometimes, tease sometimes, play nicely sometimes, hurt feelings sometimes. How hard to think that all those little ones will feel lonely or left out or embarrassed or sad sometimes. Woman Posts Heartwarming Letter Before Abortion: "I Love You, Little Thing, and I Wish the Circumstances Were Different" A woman preparing for an abortion next Friday chose to say goodbye to her "little life I won't get to meet" via this open letter posted on Reddit [via Jezebel].

Woman Posts Heartwarming Letter Before Abortion: "I Love You, Little Thing, and I Wish the Circumstances Were Different"

Little Thing:I can feel you in there. I've got twice the appetite and half the energy. It breaks my heart that I don't feel the enchantment that I'm supposed to feel. I am both sorry and not sorry.I am sorry that this is goodbye. There’s Now a Sequel to Go the Fuck to Sleep. Adam Mansbach, the author of Go the Fuck to Sleep, apparently has strong feelings about another aspect of parenting besides bedtime: dinnertime.

There’s Now a Sequel to Go the Fuck to Sleep

In a sort of sequel to the 2011 best seller beloved by all the cool parents you know, Mansbach's new book is titled You Have to Fucking Eat, and it's out next month. Maybe even more so than sleeping, the mealtime battleground can be especially incomprehensible to parents like Mansbach, who describes himself as a lifelong "highly enthusiastic" eater. My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me - Karl Taro Greenfeld.

What happens when a father, alarmed by his 13-year-old daughter's nightly workload, tries to do her homework for a week My daughter has the misfortune of living through a period of peak homework. It turns out that there is no correlation between homework and achievement. According to a 2005 study by the Penn State professors Gerald K. LeTendre and David P. Baker, some of the countries that score higher than the U.S. on testing in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study—Japan and Denmark, for example—give less homework, while some of those scoring lower, including Thailand and Greece, assign more. Students Aren't Getting Enough Sleep—School Starts Too Early.

As the lazy days of summer give way to the painful reality of pre-dawn alarms, many kids are beginning their descent into chronic school-year sleep deprivation. The median school start time in this country is 8 a.m. But this fall, some schools, including a handful of elementary schools in New York City, will ring their first bell up to 40 minutes earlier than they did last year in order to accommodate curricular demands. These early school start times result in sleepy kids and frustrated parents. But, as of Monday, those kids and parents have the formidable weight of the American Academy of Pediatrics on their side. Pretending to Understand What Babies Say Can Make Them Smarter. New research suggests it’s how parents talk to their infants, not just how often, that makes a difference for language development.

The Little Red Schoolbook - honest about sex and the need to challenge authority. More than four decades ago two educationalists wrote a book for teenagers that aimed to revolutionise their attitude to education, sex, drugs and alcohol. It was called The Little Red Schoolbook, and its permissiveness and liberal stance caused outrage around the world: the then British education secretary, Margaret Thatcher, was said to have been very worried by it. The Pope denounced it as sacrilegious, and morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse successfully campaigned to have it prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act. Walkie Talkie Films. Childhood in Jane Eyre. Dads Who Do Dishes Raise Ambitious Daughters. Dads who equally divided the drudgery of household chores with their wives tended to have daughters whose “when I grow up” aspirations were less gender-stereotypical, suggests an upcoming paper in Psychological Science.

Moms’ work-equality beliefs did also color their daughters’ attitudes toward gender roles, but this study found that a stronger predictor of girls’ career goals was the way their dads handled domestic duties. The daughters of parents who shared housework were more likely to tell the researchers they wanted to be a police officer, a doctor, an accountant, or a "scientist (who studies germs to help doctors find what medicine each patient needs)," lead author Alyssa Croft wrote via email, quoting one little girl in the study.

Here’s more from the Association for Psychological Science: The study results suggest that parents’ domestic actions may speak louder than words. El Parto es Nuestro presenta el informe final de su campaña “Stop Kristeller: cuestión de gravedad” Con el objetivo de concienciar a mujeres y profesionales sanitarios de su peligrosidad y favorecer su erradicación, la campaña recoge datos relativos a 373 partos para dibujar el mapa de la incidencia en España de esta “maniobra invisible”, que puede provocar secuelas graves en la mujer y el bebé. La maniobra de Kristeller o “presión en el fondo de útero” consiste en presionar el vientre de la mujer de parto con las manos o el antebrazo, con el fin de acelerar la salida del bebé. Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School - Jessica Lahey.

Dear Mr Gove: You are too unexpert to determine young people's reading. Dear Friends With Kids: Don't Drop Me Because I'm Childless. 10 places that would be better if kids were banned. Raising a Moral Child. Photo. Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework - Dana Goldstein. And other insights from a ground- breaking study of how parents impact children’s academic achievement One of the central tenets of raising kids in America is that parents should be actively involved in their children’s education: meeting with teachers, volunteering at school, helping with homework, and doing a hundred other things that few working parents have time for.

These obligations are so baked into American values that few parents stop to ask whether they’re worth the effort. Why Ivy League Schools Are So Bad at Economic Diversity - Robin J. Hayes. Schoolboy, 4, over the moon with Nasa's help on his homework. The Writing Revolution - Peg Tyre. Canal Digital: El tendre vídeo d'un nadó acabat de néixer que no vol separar-se de la seva mare dóna la volta al món. French booksellers pose naked to support children's book on nudity. Bringing Men Back Into Families - Lois M. Collins & Marjorie Cortez. The Art of the College Recommendation Letter - Andrew Simmons. Why Middle-School Girls Sometimes Talk Like Babies - Jessica Lahey. Para estudiar, primero hay que aprender cómo hacerlo. Happier Couples Without Kids - Effects Of Parenthood. Dads and discipline: a modern dilemma. Learning Cursive Is a Basic Right - Abigail Walthausen.

2nd-Grader's Cure For Playground Loneliness: A Buddy Bench. Disney's Newest Princesses Aren't Afraid to Wear a Dress. Would You Rather Be Born Smart or Rich? - Jordan Weissmann. After-School Activities Make Educational Inequality Even Worse - Hilary Levey Friedman. A man's wife was diagnosed with cancer, so he photographed the entire battle in unforgettable pictures. Overscheduled Children - How Big a Problem? Teach Kids to Daydream - Jessica Lahey. Why Do Teachers Quit? - Liz Riggs. Homemade Halloween Fashion Icons: Part 1. Father with Terminal Cancer Walks Unmarried Daughters Down the Aisle.

Why Mothers Kiss Their Babies. 500 menores de 16 y 17 años se quedarán en "tierra de nadie" con la nueva ley del aborto de Gallardón. ¿Qué debe saber un niño de cuatro años? 10 Surprising Things about Parenting in Japan.