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Exposition Monet 2010 - RMN - Grand Palais - Paris
Adobe Wallaby : conversion Flash vers HTML - Toute l'actualité sur L'Informaticien


Inspired by @webreakstuff and @grahamlicence who have some nice snow globes (here, and here), we decided to create our own model for you all for the final Advent(ure): Snow Globe 5-oh. Sure it isn't the flashiest pirate, ninja, 3d dimensional, socket powered demo but it is our hand crafted HTML5 present to you to bring some open Web cheese to your friends (or enemies). So that's it folks 23 different demos, one plug from us with extra cheese and we are off for the year. Hope to see you in 2011! Happy Holidays from @Zingchart
Dossier - Où en est le HTML5 ? Dossier - Où en est le HTML5 ? Petite histoire et promesses d'une évolution majeure du Web Dossier HTML5 - Plus de 10 ans après la publication de la norme HTML4, son successeur HTML5 promet de révolutionner notre usage du Web. Rétrospective et tour des attentes avec Tristan Nitot, président de Mozilla Europe et Daniel Glazman, cochairman du groupe de travail CSS au W3C.Lire l'article (volet 1) Une nouvelle porte pour les applications riches sur le Web
Get Inspired: 40+ Websites with Beautiful Typography Get Inspired: 40+ Websites with Beautiful Typography Typography has really set a great trend this 2010. Experimenting with the right choice of font, splashing with bold or plain colors, and designing it in different perspective are elements that works on typography. It uses on logo, poster, and websites.