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ATHEIST WEDDING VOW FROM 1862. « LawReader. The best kind of sandwich « the OMGWTF blog : billiards food life. The best kind of sandwich Last Thursday, I was super-excited for the weekend.

the best kind of sandwich « the OMGWTF blog : billiards food life

I was going to Las Vegas in hopes of playing in the annual Andy Mercer Memorial 9-Ball Classic held at the Rum Runner on Tropicana. The “Rum Runner” tournament is a bar table nine-ball tournament limited to 64 entries and this year, they had sold out surprisingly early. I had sent in my entry a couple of weeks ago, but got a call RIGHT after I had dropped my entry in the mail (certified with return receipt, of course) to tell me entries had been closed.

F—. I was also excited because I would be tagging along with friends to the tournament which meant I wouldn’t have to take Greyhound. I was so engrossed in thinking about the upcoming weekend that I walked past the supermarket by a block. I made a mental list about what I wanted to get while I waited for the walk signal. My first thought was, Is that someone I know? I yelled a few profanites after him and he looked back. “THAT is NOT okay!” Seriously?! Television Review - ‘Game of Thrones’ Begins Sunday on HBO. Pakistan's transgender tribe of tax collectors. Pakistan's transgender tax collectors In Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, authorities employ "transgender" tax collectors.They are sent out with the aim of embarrassing debtors into paying up.Barely 1 per cent of Pakistanis pay any income tax.

Pakistan's transgender tribe of tax collectors

Karachi, Pakistan (CNN) -- Miss your tax deadline in the United States this weekend, and you might get a nasty letter at your door. In Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, you might get Riffee and the gang. They are "transgender" tax collectors -- whose weapons include flamboyancy, surprise -- and a little lipstick. In a move that speaks volumes about the lengths to which Pakistan is going to tackle tax evasion, Karachi officials are using Riffee - who like many people in South Asia works under a single name - and her team as enforcers with a difference. Riffee -- like her tax-collector friends Sana and Kohan -- is physically a man, but prefers to be called and dress as a woman. When Riffee was a 10-year-old boy, she decided she wanted to be a woman. The Sexes: The Lavender Panthers.

Four San Francisco teen-agers recently got the surprise of their young lives.

The Sexes: The Lavender Panthers

Tooling around in their souped-up car looking for a little fun, they spotted two homosexuals leaving the Naked Grape, a well-known gay bar. The youths roared to a stop, jumped out of their car and began to push the homosexuals around. Suddenly a brawny band, led by a man in a clerical collar, leaped from a gray Volkswagen bus and lit into them. "We didn't even ask questions," said the Rev. Ray Broshears, 38. The group they most assuredly did not want trouble with was the Lavender Panthers, a stiff-wristed team of gay vigilantes who have taken to the streets of San Francisco to protect their confreres against just such attacks. San Francisco has long had a reputation for permissiveness toward homosexuals, and the police department claims that there are only a couple of isolated incidents of gay beatings on their records. Kung Fu. Snake dies after biting model’s fake boob. This is the bizarre moment a snake bites model Orit Fox on the breast – and ends up DYING of silicone poisoning.

Snake dies after biting model’s fake boob

The unlucky serpent is being LICKED on the face by Israel’s super-enhanced Fox when it decides it wants to take a bite on the model’s bosom. A shocked Fox, who is rumoured to have the biggest breasts in the Middle-East, tries to remove the snake from her boob during the surreal incident north-west of Jerusalem. She was taken to hospital shortly after and given a tetanus shot but the snake is understood to have died as a result of silicone poisoning. According to reports, the bizarre episode was part of a publicity stunt by Israeli DJ Shmulik Tayar. Tags: Video, Weird Category: Uncategorized.