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Below are templates that you can use to make custom cards, envelopes, and boxes. Simply print out the image, use it as a template to cut your fine papers, and fold along dotted lines. Clicking on a link below will take you to an enlarged version and instructions that you can print out. Note: Some of my templates are Adobe Reader PDF files. If you don't already have the FREE Adobe Reader software, CLICK HERE to download it. Here are some useful tips and ideas: Use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce the image to suit your needs. * I strongly recommend that you obtain a bone folder.

Gift box packaging tutorial For the past few weeks I've been constantly reminded of how I need to throw out the mindset of "I just need this/that before I can do my project", and rather just use what I have. One of my big problems is that I make something as a gift and then usually can't find appropriate packaging. So I've decided to start making my own. First choose and download a free template from Mirkwood designs for the type of box that suites your need then follow the tutorial. The tutorial below is for 'milk box' packaging, template here, but the same technique applies to all the different box shapes. Print straight onto cardboard or trace the template like I did, because the cardboard I had was too big. Cut it out and with the back of your scissors trace along all the lines that need to be folded. Now fold along all the lines And cut slits/darts between each of the tabs that you will be sticking together (you can see this on the bottom and right of the picture) Now fold your box and stick it together.

35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs Whenever we're going to buy a product, especially the new ones we will inevitably pay more attention to the packaging of the product itself. Product packaging has tremendous power to grab our interest. It combines art and technology for protecting products for distribution, storage, until finally reaching the end user. Over the years, graphic designers and product designers have been creatively inventing new forms of packaging to maximize the function of a product packaging. For the past decade, hundreds of award winning packaging designs have been showcased and displayed in public. Unique Product Packaging Design Ice cream cup BOBBLERS Rough Guide To Sudan Cd Cover Pistachio Packaging Design OGO Water Pack Choclate Bar Fondue Pack 3D Project 2: Floppy Disc Box Farm To City Condom Packaging School Project: Package Design Steampunk Packaging Da Vinci Code Direct-Mail Mid-Autumn Direct-Mail 2007 Batik Vans Packaging Outcome Inhaus - Mini Applications Socks Packing Homebase - Grow Your Own Coffee Nova Note

Imprimerie Flyers : imprimer des flyers pas cher à prix discount Imprimer Réaliser et faire des flyers en ligne Flyers, prospectus ou tract, d'où ses noms, est un feuillet volant imprimé servant de support de communication publicitaire. Généralement, les flyers sont distribués de main à main dans des endroits très fréquentées, des grandes magasins, des soirées, etc... Sa distribution permet de répandre certaines informations publicitaires, afin de promouvoir toute sorte d'événement ; des produits promotionnels, des propagandes d'élections, des soirées, etc... Essentiellement efficace pour transmettre des informations publicitaires au niveau local, un flyer devrait avoir un aspect attrayant. L'imprimerie flyer est un site d'imprimerie en ligne réalisant la personnalisation des flyers. Types et couleurs d'impression pour réaliser des flyers ou prospectus originaux sur notre site · Techniques ou types d'impressions En utilisant des machines ultra performants et ultra modernes, nous utilisons la technique · Les couleurs d'impression applicables et optionnelles

Packaging To post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet which will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards. 1. First, display your Bookmarks bar by using your browser's settings to "View Bookmark Toolbar" That's it! On any website, simply click the "Juxtapost It!" P.S. Close This

YouTube Create an account Sign up for a YouTube account, select your account settings, and start getting the most out of your YouTube experience. Learn more Like Enjoyed a video? Comment Respond to the video you just watched by adding a comment beneath the player. Suggested videos After watching a video on YouTube, click one of the videos in the Suggestions column on the right to view a related video. Click "Load More Subscriptions" at the bottom of the list for even more choices. Video Player Sizes Use the to watch the video in a new window. the video to make the player wider within your current browser. Use the mode to convert your entire computer screen into a video player for a TV-like viewing experience. Rent a movie Rent full-length feature films straight from YouTube. YouTube Mobile Watch YouTube on the go. YouTube Leanback Leanback makes it easy to enjoy YouTube videos in your living room. Captions / Subtitles Watch in High Definition (HD) Watch in 3D Search Charts Browse Topics Trending Terms Subscribe

The Party Dress - Printable Pattern and Tutorial In case you missed my guest blog post on U-Create, here is my pattern for The Party Dress. I’ve updated a few of the steps and tried to clarify some things people had questions about. In thinking about my guest post for U-Create, there really was no question in my mind what I wanted to do. It had to be a dress! I am very excited to offer this free printable pattern! So let’s get started……….. **The Party Dress instructions and pattern pieces have been removed. I used Art Gallery Fabrics “Paradise” in Twilight Pond for my main fabric. I have a thing for fabric covered buttons – I L.O.V.E. them! And here’s my little Matilda Jane wearing “The Party Dress”. Now it’s time to party!

Spectacular Illustration + Text Art Packaging Designs Packaging design is something we can aspire to want to be a part of, including elements of marketing, graphic design and considerations for the product itself. It encompasses many depths of design in psychology and the way in which we perceive a product and its way of working. These packaging designs are all designs which have inspired my immediate attention and sparked a real interest in thinking ‘now why didn’t i think of that.‘ Be inspired by this showcase of great packaging designs. Alcoholic Drinks Packaging There is two types of alcoholic drinks packaging for me; the product and then the multi-packs. Bogota Beer Packaging Dieline Grimm Bothers Beer Dieline Absolut Brooklyn Dieline Million Vodka Dieline Virtuous Ales Dieline Red Brick Beer Dieline Rochdale Cider Dieline Miller High Life Dieline Elderflower Cider Packaging of the World Drinks Packaging Froosh Dieline Good Milk Dieline Loaded Dieline Power Plus Packaging of the World Full Throttle PackagingWorld Metromint Packaging of the World

Format de papier A0, A1,A2, A3, A4, A5 - Pour tout comprendre sur les différents formats de papier Pour tout savoir les formats de papier utilisés dans l'impression et les imprimeries Le format d'impression A est basé sur l’homothétique, c’est-à-dire que ses proportions doivent être conservées lorsque l’on plie une feuille dans son côté le plus long. Cette particularité permet de pouvoir reproduire chaque format A(x) dans son format A(x+1) ou A(x-1) en conservant toutes les proportions de ce qui se trouve sur la page. On peut donc dire que Lichtenberg est le père du format A tel que nous le connaissons aujourd’hui, et tel qu’il est utilisé à travers le monde, c’est-à-dire dans tous les pays industrialisés sauf ceux de l’Amérique du Nord. Il est important de noté que de nombreux imprimeurs sur le web (imprimeurs online) ont pris quelques largesses avec les formats de papier et il n'est pas surprenant de remarquer qu'une impression au format A5 soit proposé à la taille 15x20 cm. Les formats A sont donc basés sur un chiffre qui détermine la taille du papier. A10 : 26 x 37 mm ou 2,6 x 3,7 cm

3D Cover Box Designer: Create Virtual Packaging Models For Products A proper packaging and cover design is one of the most important aspects of selling your products. Perhaps that’s the reason many marketers put an utmost effort behind product packaging. Nobody likes a dull and boring product packaging anyway, as it raises hundreds of questions in our mind about quality and durability of the commodity in question. And as it’s the first thing that we get our hands on, during any product purchase, both the design pattern and box style should be appealing to the buyers. Customizing a box cover is quite simple. The application is available for free and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Download 3D Cover Box Designer Advertisement

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