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Below are templates that you can use to make custom cards, envelopes, and boxes. Simply print out the image, use it as a template to cut your fine papers, and fold along dotted lines. Clicking on a link below will take you to an enlarged version and instructions that you can print out. Note: Some of my templates are Adobe Reader PDF files. If you don't already have the FREE Adobe Reader software, CLICK HERE to download it. Here are some useful tips and ideas: Use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce the image to suit your needs. * I strongly recommend that you obtain a bone folder.

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Gift box packaging tutorial For the past few weeks I've been constantly reminded of how I need to throw out the mindset of "I just need this/that before I can do my project", and rather just use what I have. One of my big problems is that I make something as a gift and then usually can't find appropriate packaging. So I've decided to start making my own. Artist Trading Card Envelope Envelope for Artist Trading Cards (3.75 x 2.5) or Credit-Card-Sized Gift Cards Following is a template you can use to create envelopes for the popular Artist Trading Cards or credit-card-sized gift cards. Just print out and trace around the edges! Related Links My Artist Trading Cards

How To Get Organized: Printables & Checklists To Help You Get Started There's a good way to figure out how to get organized -- use printables and checklists to keep you on track. Each person, family and home is unique so lists will only get you so far, but they are a great way to get started, to reference when you need ideas, and to get you back on track if you start to get disorganized. The printables and checklists I've provided will also help you brainstorm ideas for how to use various spaces in your home, and where to store certain items to get the most use out of the space you've got. The Party Dress - Printable Pattern and Tutorial In case you missed my guest blog post on U-Create, here is my pattern for The Party Dress. I’ve updated a few of the steps and tried to clarify some things people had questions about. In thinking about my guest post for U-Create, there really was no question in my mind what I wanted to do. It had to be a dress! I am very excited to offer this free printable pattern!

String 090 By Linda Farmer, CZT This week’s String is shared by tangler Carolyn Koesters for your creative enjoyment. Bear in mind that Zentangle® strings are guidelines. You can use a string exactly as it is or adapt it to suit as your Zentangle grows. Start with the string as it’s shown then, as you go, combine sections if your tangles want to, or divide a section into smaller ones. Go with the flow and enjoy. Make A Household Notebook: {Ideas & Printables With a binder or planner, some paper and a printer–you’ve got all you need to setup a complete household management hot spot: your Household Organizer (aka Household Notebook, Journal, or Planner). Keep Your Home Running Smoothly With A Household Notebook These are a great tool to keep your household chores, To Do lists, activities and notes organized. You may also find they help motivate you to keep things moving on a daily basis. Visit the links below for examples and instructions for a few different systems and inspiration galore.

EasyCutPopup-Patterns Have you ever wondered how to make a pop-up card? Easy Cut Pop-up™ is maker of the printable Kirigami pop-up card patterns. These fabulous card making templates make the art of Kirigami pop-up cards easy for all paper crafters and scrapbookers. Printable Box Template Print out this free box template and make your own blocks or gift boxes. In most instances, you can right click on the image below and choose to save it or print it! Print it onto a full sheet of heavy paper, cut it out on the black lines, fold on the dotted lines, and then glue the flaps to the inside of the box so no one can see them. Do not glue the top flap if you want the box to be able to open and close. For best results, follow directions in this article for saving and printing this page. | More Printable Favor Boxes | More Blank Birthday Design Projects | | Main Birthday Printables Page | More Birthday Projects |

DIY: map pendant This was my inspiration for the pendant in Callan's room. I didn't find an online tutorial, I just pinned the image so I knew how to find it when I was ready to wing this project. I'll tell ya, it was really fun to make - I loved seeing it come together, circle by circle. Here's a little how-to: {super easy} I started out with a plain, white, 22", paper pendant.