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Edward Hopper: Telling Stories – Speakeasy News. Evocative American painter Edward Hopper was to be the subject of an exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland this spring.

Edward Hopper: Telling Stories – Speakeasy News

But since visitors can't go to the museum, the museum can come to them online. Hopper's paintings are wonderful jumping off points for creative writing, or, as film director Wim Wenders explains, for imagining unmade films. A few years ago, when we still had paper Speakeasy magazines, there was a Hopper exhibition in Paris and we asked pupils to send in creative writing pieces inspired by the paintings. We received some truly fabulous stories that showed how much students could read into the enigmatic situations Hopper loved to depict, even collège pupils from A2.

Wim Wenders is also inspired by Hopper, as he explains in this short video that was commissioned for the Beyeler exhibition. Why not use the calm and quiet of lockdown to set pupils an assignment to imagine the story of a Hopper painting? Feel free to send us your pupils' work. Chewing Gum and Doing Good – Speakeasy News. How to take a pollution problem - discarded chewing gum - and turn it into a green resource by recycling it and using the result to make products like re-usable coffee cups.

Chewing Gum and Doing Good – Speakeasy News

This A1+ document aims at developing your students’ reading skills and autonomy. Its general theme is protecting the environment, and should prove of interest to most young people. Vocabulary and grammar recycling-related vocabulary.past and present.the passive (no formal approach). Like all our resources since the beginning of the lockdown, the worksheet is a pdf in which pupils can enter their answers and save them to send back to you. You can find A2 and B1 versions of the same article in the BRNE Anglais Cycle 4. In the News See the related news > Green Coffee Webpicks Useful websites and online tools for classroom use > Ecology on the Web. London National Park City – Speakeasy News.

London officially became the first National Park City in July 2019.

London National Park City – Speakeasy News

This article from the London Council website works really well with Shine Bright Première File 2: London is my backyard . After working on reading comprehension, pupils can do a short written expression assignment. Axes du programme : Espace privé et espace public / Identité et échanges OBJECTIFS LINGUISTIQUES :Grammaire : le futur, les causatives, l’expression du but et de la conséquence, l’expression du moyen.Lexique : la ville, l’environnement, les conditions de vie en milieu urbain. OBJECTIFS PRAGMATIQUES : expression écrite. OBJECTIFS CULTURELS : Londres : vie municipale et espaces verts. OBJECTIF METHODOLOGIQUE : décrire le plan d’une ville, présenter et défendre un projet. Copyright(s) : Feelgood Music 2: “Waterloo Sunset” – Speakeasy News. For the second of our series of feelgood songs, we've crossed the Atlantic to the UK, 1967, and The Kinks' classic "Waterloo Sunset".

Feelgood Music 2: “Waterloo Sunset” – Speakeasy News

Which gives plenty of scope to work on emotions, and London landmarks Waterloo Station and the Thames. Pupils can start by watching a Biobox about the year 1967 in music before going on to answer a quiz, learn about The Kinks and analyse the song. The downloadable worksheet can be filled in directly in the pdf, then saved with a new name so it can be sent to the teacher for correction. Axes du programme : Le village, le quartier, la ville / Espaces privé et espace public Vocabulary and structures simple presentpreterite and past perfectwh-words / questionscontrast, opposition, concessionsuperlativesfeelingscity lifepersonal opinion Culture LondonWaterloo StationThe ThamesThe year 1967 in music Method Comparing two situations / giving an opinion Pramatic goals: writing a personal opinion about a song online.

Florence Nightingale – Speakeasy News. 2020 is Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary.

Florence Nightingale – Speakeasy News

After she and a team of nurses managed to significantly reduce the death count by improving the appallingly unsanitary conditions at a British hospital during the Crimean War, she became an authority on public sanitation issues. She also earned a reputation for her statistician’s skills, and her charts would influence the direction of medical epidemiology.

To this day, Nightingale is broadly acknowledged as the founder of modern nursing. In fact, during the current Covid-19 crisis, emergency field hospitals created to deal with the pandemic in the UK have been dubbed "Nightingales". In this A2 video your students will learn about Florence’s life and influence. Like all our resources since the beginning of the lockdown, the worksheet is a pdf in which pupils can enter their answers and save them to send back to you. Vocabulary and grammar hospital related vocabularysimple pastwant someone to do something, persuade someone to do somethinguperlative. : manuels numériques pour le collège et le lycée. #PROFPOWER – Le blog du

Afterclasse : exercices et fiches de révisions gratuits - 6e à Tle. Laboratoire de langues. Webinaires de 2020 – Google Drive.

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