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Feedback. Info. Presentations on Digital Product Strategy & Design. Cupcake Ipsum - Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum Generator. Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet.

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The Designer’s Guide to Branding « The Designer's Survival Guide – Curated by Richard Baird. Posted: | Author: Richard Baird | Filed under: Design Survival | 0 Comments A guide to help new designers develop effective brand identity solutions.

The Designer’s Guide to Branding « The Designer's Survival Guide – Curated by Richard Baird

Advice provided by international industry professionals, edited and curated by Richard Baird. What to Ask a Client Before You Start Their Project. We all know the importance of fact-finding before starting any web design project.

What to Ask a Client Before You Start Their Project

We can’t really get started on a project until we know exactly what’s needed, what the client wants, and who the site is aimed at. Navigation patterns for ten common types of websites. Teaching Yourself Web Design While You Freelance. There is plenty of opportunity to make a decent living online.

Teaching Yourself Web Design While You Freelance

The field of web design is extremely popular in the current information age. Everybody needs to have a website up and you can always find a few solid business clients. But what about building upon your already-existing techniques? Practicing Perfectionism as a Web and Graphic Designer. The idea of artistic perfectionism lies in a duality.

Practicing Perfectionism as a Web and Graphic Designer

Most web designers try to perfect their work with creative updates and patches. Not only to code, but also in Photoshop mockups and Illustrator vectors as well. There is a limit to this perfectionism mindset where you can take things too far overboard. I’m hoping to look a bit deeper into this topic as to what defines perfectionism. What are some of the key benefits to being a perfectionist, especially with digital artistic works? Levels of Attention.


50 Free UI and Web Design Wireframing Kits, Resources and Source Files - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Planning and communication are two key elements in the development of any successful website or application.

50 Free UI and Web Design Wireframing Kits, Resources and Source Files - Smashing Magazine

And that is exactly what the wireframing process offers: a quick and simple method to plan the layout and a cost-effective, time-saving tool to easily communicate your ideas to others. A wireframe typically has the basic elements of a Web page: header, footer, sidebar, maybe even some generated content, which gives you, your clients and colleagues a simple visually oriented layout that illustrates what the structure of the website will be by the end of the project and that serves as the foundation for any future alterations.

This article focuses on actual wireframing tools and standalone applications, as well as resources that you’ll need to build your own wireframe: wireframing kits, browser windows, form elements, grids, Mac OS X elements, mobile elements, which you’ll use in any typical graphics editor such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Yahoo! Web Browser Templates.

Color scheme

Intentional Environments: Designing a Culture of Co-Creation. What is an environment?

Intentional Environments: Designing a Culture of Co-Creation

Surprisingly, that seemingly simple question can be very difficult to answer, because environments are complicated. 23 Examples of Screenshots in Web Design. Whether you’re developing apps or websites, it’s a good idea to show potential customers what they’re getting in the form of screenshots.

23 Examples of Screenshots in Web Design

And if your product is good looking enough, you might just want to put them front and center, making them the focal point of the home page. For your inspiration, we’ve gathered some sites that are doing just that. In these examples, you’ll notice that many, if not all, of the screenshots are famed by a browser or the device their ment to be viewed on.

This helps add context and is another layer of interest. Theme Trust. How to Create An Effective Complex Footer: Content Design and Examples. In the past, copyright information and the website name were the main elements found at the bottom of a website.

How to Create An Effective Complex Footer: Content Design and Examples

Sometimes, the most heavily used navigation links would be included as well. Users expect to get information from the internet faster and faster - and it's only going to continue. By creating a complex footer on your website, you can cater to the individuals looking for specific information quickly. The Lost Art Of Design Etiquette - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Endless layers in Photoshop.

The Lost Art Of Design Etiquette - Smashing Magazine

Overstuffed image folders. Information Dashboard. Also known as: Dashboard, Mashup, Executive Dashboard Tags: content, showing data Information dashboard organizes and presents the most important information from large amounts of data in a way that it is easy to read and understand for the user. Dashboards summarize information and focus on changes and exceptions in the data.Overview page on Mint, an online personal finance and money management app, follows several best practices for designing a good Information Dashboard. UI Design Pattern Library. Pattern Tap : Organized Web Design Collection of User Interfaces for Inspiration and Ideas. The CSS Gallery Alternative.

Opacity and Overlay Techniques in Web Design. User interface design for iPhone apps. Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds - Noupe Design Blog. Apr 29 2011 An attractive and compelling background adds depth to your graphics, banners or ads; and for this reason is of great importance.


The Whys And The Hows Of Textures In Web Design - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement. Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline. Inspiring websites. Essential Elements of a Design Agency Website Layout (with 30 examples) How To Keep Up To Date As A Designer.

Posted on 20'11 Oct Posted on October 20, 2011 along with 23 JUST™ Creative Comments. Educational Resources for Studying Graphic Design - Noupe Design Blog. Feb 14 2011 One of the greatest things about having access to the Internet, is the educational opportunities that it affords the public. People in all professions have the ability to expand their knowledge base through the wealth of information being shared via the Internet, and the same holds true for those who are studying graphic design.

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