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Php. How to optimize your blog’s RSS feed. Your RSS Feed is sometimes the only way your visitors experience what you have to offer on a regular basis.

How to optimize your blog’s RSS feed

It serves to inform and entertain, but is also an essential tool for driving traffic back to your website and improving your overall search-engine ranking. Seo. Backing up Your Website: The Ultimate Guide. What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and your web host had accidentally deleted your website?

Backing up Your Website: The Ultimate Guide

It happened to me. HTML5 Semantics - Smashing Coding. Advertisement Much of the excitement we’ve seen so far about HTML5 has been for the new APIs: local storage, application cache, Web workers, 2-D drawing and the like.

HTML5 Semantics - Smashing Coding

But let’s not overlook that HTML5 brings us 30 new elements to mark up documents and applications, boosting the total number of elements available to us to over 100. How to Develop Task Management Skills as a Freelancer. The life of a freelance web designer varies in many ways to that of a corporate entity.

How to Develop Task Management Skills as a Freelancer

Software firms and design studios are able to work together on big budget projects to earn a lot more than the average freelancer would. This often means when going solo you’ll work with a larger number of clients and have to divide your time up into unfair portions. For anybody in the industry it’s absolutely essential to understand task management. Timing, repetition, sleep, nutrition, and a lot of other factors play a role in your work attitude. And by synchronizing yourself with natural rhythms and an upbeat schedule you’ll feel more productive throughout the day. Take on Reasonable Hours. Simple Modal - Another window modal.


Cross-browser. Performance. Forms. Responsive design. Best practices. Bootstrap, from Twitter. Labs - Front-end Patterns. The Science of Looking Good in the Inbox. CSSHow do I add margins to my image so text will wrap around it?

The Science of Looking Good in the Inbox

Outlook 2007 and 2010 do not support the margin or padding CSS properties when placed within an image. Try using hspace and/or vspace:<img src=“ align=“left” vspace=“10” hspace=“10” /> Or add the additional spacing to the image itself (in pixels). Javascript in Modern Web Design. In today's web design, Javascript is a must-have component.

Javascript in Modern Web Design

Aside from its functionality, Javascript can enhance user experience by creating transitional effects such as fading and sliding animation. Thanks to the open source Javascript frameworks, we don't need to write custom Javascript from scratch anymore. Here are 47 Javascript plugins that you can use to enhance the user experience and functionality of your website. Don't forget to check out the sample sites, which show how the plugins can be used. The Two Popular Javascript Frameworks Right now, the two commonly used Javascript frameworks are: jQuery and MooTools.

Loading ... Image Zoom and Popup Lightbox You're probably very familiar with Lightbox — a light Javascript used to display overlay images on the current page. jQuery lightBox Plugin This is exactly the same as Lightbox JS, but written on top of jQuery library.


Earn money in your sleep! Net magazine is the number one choice for the professional web designer and developer.

Earn money in your sleep!

It's here that you find out about the latest new web trends, technologies and techniques – all in one handy package. Each issue boasts a wealth of expert tips and advice, including in-depth features and over 30 pages of advanced front and backend tutorials on subjects as diverse as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, and plenty more. net compiles the hottest new sites from around the web, and being the voice of web design, our mission is to source the best articles written by the best people in the industry and feature interviews and opinions crammed with inspiration and creative advice. / Highlighting Rich Experiences on the Web. Fancy Scrolling Sites. In the last year or so, there's been enough sites that do fancy things when you scroll down that it's kind of a trend.

Fancy Scrolling Sites

I thought I'd blog it, you know, for the sake of history. By "fancy things" I mean something happens when scrolling down besides the site scrolling down. Social Commerce’s Most Customizable Facebook Store App. Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement An understanding of typographic etiquette separates the master designers from the novices.

Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette - Smashing Magazine

A well-trained designer can tell within moments of viewing a design whether its creator knows how to work with typography. Typographic details aren’t just inside jokes among designers. 10 HTML Entity Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit. It has been over a couple of years since I posted my HTML tag and usability crimes posts, both of which are amongst the most popular articles here on Line25.

10 HTML Entity Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

There’s something about this title people just can’t resist! Let’s take a look at ten crimes you may be committing in your HTML content. These won’t exactly land you a life sentence, but I bet almost every one of us will be guilty of at least one of these petty crimes. Crime 1: Not converting your ampersands One of the most common HTML validation errors I see when checking the code behind Sites of the Week features are unconverted ampersand characters. Le SEO expliqué en images…


Accessible tables. Html5. HTML, CSS & JS books. Css.