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Vegan Homemade Crackers - From Lentils! Easy Peppermint Fudge (DF, GF) I’ve got two words for you.

Easy Peppermint Fudge (DF, GF)

Peppermint. Fudge. Do I really need to say more? Just in case there’s a grinch or two out there, I’ve got a back up plan on selling you this super easy dessert. Did you know that coconut is full of healthy fat, and eating healthy fat promotes weight loss? Yep, sure does. So whether you love chocolate, or you’re trying to be healthy, this dessert is for you.

This easy five-ingredient peppermint fudge contains no dairy, no added sugar and no gluten. “This is Christmas, all wrapped up in a candy.” or “This is what Christmas should taste like.” That’s what my step-mom said when she tried this fudge. This peppermint fudge is perfect to have on-hand for unexpected guests or to bring to a last-minute party. Besides, this recipe only calls for only five ingredients and you real foodies likely have everything in your kitchen already! Easy Peppermint Fudge (GF, SF and DF) Instructions. DIY Homemade Candles (with natural lavender-rosemary scent) - Live Simply. Be careful of the kombucha!

DIY Homemade Candles (with natural lavender-rosemary scent) - Live Simply

One little drink, a dabble in the fermented side of the healthy bubbly soda-alternative seems innocent, until that one little sip leads to another and another. Very soon, that glass of kombucha, leads to bottles of tasty bacteria (the very best bacteria for a happy gut) in your fridge and all sorts of homemade DIY concoctions scattered across your kitchen counter. Okay, so maybe kombucha isn’t that dangerous (I really hope you know that I’m joking). What started with a little dabbling in homemade kombucha and from-scratch food, led to a burning desire to make many of the products my family uses in our home and on our bodies. The idea for making things like hand soap, foundation powder, laundry detergent, and even my favorite bottle of lotion seemed impossible at the time and quite complicated. Now, please understand, I don’t make everything at home.

With the holiday season upon us, my desire to DIY our Christmas, has been fully enabled. Pear and Pumpkin Crisp — Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS. How to Make Dandelion Salve - Montana Homesteader. Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Foods. Superfood Smoothie Mix — Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS. Homemade Pumpkin Fudge. It doesn’t matter if I have to fit into a fancy dress, see distant cousins I haven’t seen in years or take a nice family photo that will stay on fireplaces of every family member we know for the next ten years.

Homemade Pumpkin Fudge

Not even exercising every day, having nothing but salads for a week and avoiding sugar like the plague can stop me. There’s always one thing I want to do during the holidays. Splurge. Mr. Crumbs wants to make cookies? Here babe, go ahead and make “the special ones” with the three types of chocolate and chopped up heath bar. Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Cake with Chocolate Pudding Frosting {Refined Sugar-Free} l Gluten-Free Vegan Love.

{Gluten-Free, Vegan, Refined Sugar-Free} So I know you’re probably here because you’re wondering what kind of cake is made with sweet potato and chocolate pudding… right?

Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Cake with Chocolate Pudding Frosting {Refined Sugar-Free} l Gluten-Free Vegan Love

Well, I’ll tell you — a perfectly scrumptious gluten-free vegan sweet potato cake with chocolate pudding frosting to enjoy on a cozy autumn night in! I’m not sure why, but I just knew that my pudding would taste delicious as a frosting on this cake, and it is — it’s all soft and gooey in all the right ways, and it absorbs into cake in the center quite nicely if you layer your cake. The sweet potato and spices make the cake taste like fall. . Note: I like to make a smaller cake with this recipe as I find that it dries out the longer it stays in the fridge (though it keeps well for a few days and freezes well too).

Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Cake with Chocolate Pudding Frosting Recipe: *Makes a 2 layer 6″ cake, or a single layer larger cake, or muffins — see notes above for more details. Pudding Frosting Ingredients: 1. Homemade Pancake Syrup Made With Apple Peelings. I've been working on new recipes and ideas lately that focus on using up food scraps in the kitchen.

Homemade Pancake Syrup Made With Apple Peelings

Yes, my goats appreciate when I bring them a scrap, but if that same food scrap can feed us instead I'm going to go for that option first! This recipe is fairly simple and will use up the scraps leftover from making homemade applesauce or canning apples. You can use any kind of apples for this recipe. The amount of syrup that you harvest will be based on how many apple peelings that you cooked down in the first place, so it can vary from recipe to recipe. Just have a good amount of clean jelly jars handy! Homemade Pancake Syrup Made With Apple Peelings. Homemade Cherry Syrup – All About Food Storage.