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Cheap Fencing Option For Your Home Exterior. One of the most important part of any home exterior design is the fence of the house.

Cheap Fencing Option For Your Home Exterior

Which means if we can save our budget to get a cheap fencing option but with high quality fence it will make a good idea for our exterior design. This is of course not something that are easy as there are many kinds of things that we need to think of. First of all we need to think about the design and theme that we will be using. And second we need to find the right color of the fence. Several Types of cheap Fencing Options Fortunately, there are many kinds of option where we can choose from.

After the material, there are also a lot of thing that influence cheap fencing options. 13 Free Picnic Table Plans In All Shapes and Sizes. Use these free picnic table plans to build a picnic table for your backyard, deck, or any other area around your home where you need seating.

13 Free Picnic Table Plans In All Shapes and Sizes

Building a picnic table is an easy task that makes the perfect weekend project without breaking the bank. The picnic table plans include plans for traditional, octagon, hexagon, round, folding, small, and large picnic tables. You'll have no trouble finding a free picnic table plan to fit your space and style. These free picnic table plans include everything you need to build a picnic table including a materials and tools list, a cut list, step-by-step written building directions, diagrams, and photos. Shed Chicken Coop - DIY Projects. A few weeks back, my friend Whitney from Whitney's Workshop wrote saying she wanted to build her sister a traditional shed style coop.

Shed Chicken Coop - DIY Projects

She wanted to build it with traditional framing techniques, and use t1-11 siding. Free Downeast Thunder Farm Chicken Coop Plans. The chicken coop project is finished!

Free Downeast Thunder Farm Chicken Coop Plans

I like to think that we’ve built this like Fort Knox. We have plenty of predators that would love to make a meal of our hens: eagles, hawks, fox, bear, bobcat, weasels, coyotes, racoons, and more that I probably don’t want to know about (Like the rat I recently discovered! The Coop. The 'South City' Coop The Finished Coop and Run Below is a picture of the finished coop.

The Coop

It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. This is my first coop and my first major building project. Permanent Hoop Coop Guide. Hoop Coop Guide Master Materials List 2- 4"x6"x16'

Permanent Hoop Coop Guide

Shed Chicken Coop - DIY Projects. Fire Pit Ideas and Outdoor Fireplaces. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. Photos showing us adding some landscaping and pond to our new home started in late September.

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers

When we moved in new construction meant the yard was just dirt and weeds . It took us three steps, spaced about 2-3 years apart to complete everything, and the pond was the last to be added. After 12 years of work the yard finally has become what we wanted and is our sanctuary from the world. We had a existing patio that we decided we wanted to keep to help keep costs down, so we worked around it. I found a landscape plan online and used some of the ideas from it. Its coming together and the work is half finished. The walls are up but the liner has not been added yet. 27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space.

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space.

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space

20 of the Best Antiviral and Antibacterial Herbs and Plants Ever! Photo credit: Depending on your age, your mother or grandmother most likely used some type of herb or plants to help heal you when you were sick without you realizing it, or perhaps you just didn’t appreciate it at the time.

20 of the Best Antiviral and Antibacterial Herbs and Plants Ever!

For many of us, it’s not until we have our own children that we realize that we don’t want to put chemicals and other toxic things into those precious little bodies. Is this Poison Ivy (or Poison Oak or Poison Sumac)? - ( We'll attempt to answer your questions about if a particular plant is poison ivy (or one of the other toxic plants).

Is this Poison Ivy (or Poison Oak or Poison Sumac)? - (

Sometimes identification is difficult and may be just a best guess. If you've got additional questions or comments, be sure to contact us. Plant identifications will be done on Wednesdays and Sundays with additional identifications done during the week as time permits. NOTE (June 25, 2007): I am still doing plant identifications. North American Bluebird Society. BB_Box_Plans_12-11-2012.pdf. The 16 Best Healthy, Edible Plants to Grow Indoors. From farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture, to urban farms and rooftop gardens, to produce delivery services, more and more people across the U.S. are embracing farm-fresh food. And for good reason: Locally grown produce tends to be better for the environment and for local communities than its store-bought counterparts. Growing food at home also ensures that growers know exactly where their food comes from and how it was grown (no need to worry about deceptive food labeling).

If you’re not whipping out the pruning shears yet, consider this: Learning new skills is good for our brains. How to grow a lemon tree from seed. When life gives you lemons, grow trees! If you’ve ever seen a flowering lemon tree, you’ll understand why. For those of you who haven’t, allow me explain. Their lush, dark green, oval leaves have a glossy texture that shimmers in sunlight. Their delicate white flowers bloom with a citrus fragrance and are soft to the touch. Virginia Bugs. What Makes A Garden Shed A Shed? Happy Wednesday! I hope and pray all your kiddos are having a wonderful first week back to school. When I asked my boys how it went yesterday the six year old said "It was awesome". The 12 year old said "It was cool. I finally got to see my friends. " The 16 year old said "was alright". A few days ago I showed yall some pics of my garden shed at the new house.

D&G Gardens and Crafts. Make a Better First Impression. Don't Create Clutter Clear clutter off the lawn and around your home's exterior, including hoses and hose reels, mismatched lawn ornaments, and kids' toys. Also, refrain from using the front porch as catchall for sporting equipment and gardening tools . Move these items into the garage, shed, or side porch when not in use. Supply Structure. Coastal-Style Gardens and Landscapes : Rooms : HGTV. My Sunken Patio - Patios & Deck Designs. Whatcom Seed Company - Catalog of Rare, Exotic, Unusual Garden Seeds.