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ZBRUSH 3 and 4 Plugins and Zscripts

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UV Master

Zbrush 3.1 geometry Size tips and tricks. Zbrush Precision-Stroke plugin. TransposeMaster. Turntable Plus. GoZ. Image Plane /zapplink Plug-ins. Pixologic Release: Decimation Master MOVIE added P.12 & Plugin Update on P.15. With Decimation Master you will be able to easily reduce the polygon count of your models in a very efficient way while keeping all their sculpted details.

Pixologic Release: Decimation Master MOVIE added P.12 & Plugin Update on P.15

This solution is one of the fastest available and is able to optimize your high polycount models from ZBrush, allowing you to export them to your other 3D software packages.Sculpt your model with ZBrush, add all your small details and push your artistic skills, then optimize your ZTool. Export it to your favorite 3D package which will now be able to open your sculpting to create specific textures like Normal Maps or Ambient Occlusion maps by baking the high resolution mesh information on a low resolution mesh.Another use is to export your model for a Rapid Prototyping process (3D printing) and bring your virtual art to a real object but also displaying your model in a real-time viewer such as PDF 3D.

Pixologic Plug-ins. User Plug-ins. Download Center. ZBrush Plugins ZBrush can be enhanced by ZExtensions which add new functionality to ZBrush's already powerful feature set.

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You will find below the most popular and widely-used of these plugins, made by Pixologic and its users. We encourage you to read about each so that you can learn how they can further enhance your ZBrush pipeline. Z3 Plugs.