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How to Draw Hair. Learn How To Draw » Blog Archive » Critique No. 1: Tips on Drawing Hair, part 1. Get your 5-pencil method art supplies and DVDs. How to Draw Hair Here’s where you bring the materials and techniques together to draw your first lock of realistic hair.

Get your 5-pencil method art supplies and DVDs

First, Darrel will walk you through the fundamentals— things like the proper order of operations, how to avoid burnishing your portrait, and a plan for maintaining texture. From there, you’ll get down to business and draw a lock of long straight hair, incorporating proper tapered stroke, brushing, and erasing techniques as you go. How to draw Manga girl hair. Digital Sketching techniques: Fur. Drawing Hair. Drawing realistic hair - tutorial. How To Draw Hair. How to Draw Hair. Digital Painting Tutorial 07 : How to draw REALISTIC HAIR. Drawing - Tutorials - Online - Shading Hair. How To Draw Hair.