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Dress, Evening. When Chanel reopened her design house following World War II, she faced the task of reinterpreting and updating her signature design elements for the post-War era.

Dress, Evening

This dress exemplifies how the designer met this challenge. Working with the conventional hour-glass silhouette of the period, Chanel marks this dress as her own through her use of ruffled black chiffon, a textile she frequently employed for evening wear the 1930s. Rather than applying the ruffles in horizontal tiers, she used vertical rows to emphasize the conical shape of the skirt. The construction of the bodice, however, best illustrates her characteristic bold approach.

The unlined net leaves the bodice sheer, revealing the interior construction of the dress. Indie Shoes and Footwear - Luxury Lane Soap — Products. We carry the highest quality, largest variety of prom dresses and pinup clothing.