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Ecole Maternelle Pajol - Paris Ecole Maternelle Pajol, a four-classroom kindergarten on Rue Pajol in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, combines so many of the things we love. Parisian architecture office Palatre & Leclère has restored and reimagined the 1940s building, yet they have left the basic feel of the structure unchanged. We believe in repurposing and saving older buildings, but letting them tell their previous stories, even in their new guises. We love color, especially when it is used to brighten up an otherwise drab or monotonous environment. Ecole Maternelle Pajol - Paris
Getting Back To Nature Getting Back To Nature We will never tire of the positive effects of nature. Its calming, soothing and inspiring influence will never go out of style. The more we rush, the more time we spend indoors staring at our screens and devices, the more urban our lifestyles become, the more we crave and need time away from it all. It has been amazing to follow the newest solutions to the old dilemmas: How to bring more green space to cities; how to reclaim underused urban land for recreational and other "green" uses; how to provide more and more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature. Lately, we have seen fantastic examples of how designers and architects, urban planners and citizens' organizations have accomplished both large and small-scale projects, from bringing a bit of greenery, and open space to otherwise bleak surroundings, to large-scale neighborhood-changing undertakings.
There’s something about hot air balloons that makes us all smile. Perhaps it’s the colors, the roundness, the weightlessness? Or maybe it is our eternal desire to fly, to be weightless, to float happily in the air? At home, colorful balloons have been used to decorate parties, and maybe that is one of the reasons why we associate all balloons with fun and happy times from early childhood on. Look Up, Way Up! Look Up, Way Up!
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Black Table Globe
Class Things Up With A Polaboy Class Things Up With A Polaboy Everyone has at least one fond memory of snapping a Polaroid picture. The anticipation as you waited for your image to appear is the old school version of checking in to see your Facebook notifications. Which is probably why they have become so retro and cool. Polaboys are enlarged Polaroids to a scale of 10:1 (to 88x107cm) and come backlit. They are 20 mm thick and use energy-saving LED area lights.
Everyone’s heard of the mysterious magic wallet. Throw your cash or cards into the magical contraption, close it and poof, all your loot is securely strapped down thanks to elastic straps and sorcery. We always thought the idea of the magic wallet was cool, but in practice it always felt a little cheap. The magicians at Sydney based Dosh have cracked the code of the magic wallet and made a high quality version for dudes of discerning taste to enjoy. Dosh Magic Wallet Dosh Magic Wallet
Tricia at Sip, Chat, Chow, designed this conceptual line of popular cereals meshed with luxury fashion brands. Tricia, you did a great job. For real, all them cereal boxes look classy as hell. But on a serious note: cereal is poor people food. Please don’t take that away from us. Rich People, I’m talking to you. Damn Cap’n, You Fancy!: Cereal Couture Damn Cap’n, You Fancy!: Cereal Couture
Yesterday was 1 April ( April Fools’ Day ), and this door chain concept designed by Artemy Lebedev fell into the category of a good joke. I don’t like the April Fools’ Day, but this door chair is really funny, and appropriate for a day like this. The only problem with something like this might be …if you have a visitor you might have a dialog like this : “I’ll be right there, hold on!“, after 2 minutes … “Just one more minute, I’ve almost got it!“, because the chain is long enough to reach the far end of the maze. – Via – Tranism Defendius Door Chain Defendius Door Chain
The Camera Lens Mug

The Camera Lens Mug

Cordito Keep all of your cords and phone accessories in one fancy, rolled up package. More → Focus Shifter A handle for smooth shifts in focus and a marker board for planning your route More → The Poppy
The Rubik's Cube is a 3D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally, it was called the "Magic Cube". Meet 12 of the most creative objects inspired by the famous cube. Nike Rubik's Cube 12 Most Creative Objects Inspired by the Rubik's Cube 12 Most Creative Objects Inspired by the Rubik's Cube
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Imperial Forces Wallpaper Slapping up wallpaper hasn’t really been in style in quite some time. In fact, it went out of fashion about the same time the last good Star Wars movie was made. (Jar Jar Binks, really?! Imperial Forces Wallpaper
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Any home entertainment system has as its center piece a TV. But if you really want to complete your home entertainment area then you need to think about the place where the TV will stand. Long time has passed since we used the classical wooden shelves to hold the TV. Now, the modern technologies and materials open up a whole new range of TV stands. You can have a TV that stands on just one steel leg in mid air, a TV stand that you can sleep on!, one that can house your DVD or book collection or even follows your every position in the room, so you have a perfect angle anywhere you go. 17 modern television stands

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Whenever designer Priya Patel, of Pomegranita, brings us a design to produce we know it’s going to be stunning (remember this?), and this invitation suite is no exception. Clean typography, a limited color palette, and a dash of pattern all show off the sexy custom diecuts. An important design detail to note is how the thin gold border on the invitation is a decent distant from the diecut edge, allowing for minuscule shits in registration during production without the border looking completely off kilter on the finished product. A single gold ink was letterpress printed on French Poptone Pink Lemonade 140C before the pieces received the final diecut.
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Waterproof Notepad for Writing Down Ideas While in the Shower [Video]