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DS Fanboy's (semi) ultimate homebrew guide. By Alisha Karabinus on May 20th 2008 11:00AM Where there's a system, there's a community of hobbyist programmers willing to tear it down, build it back up, and make it better, and they've been doing it to the DS from nearly the moment the handheld hit shelves.

DS Fanboy's (semi) ultimate homebrew guide

As the necessary hardware has grown cheaper, easier to use, and more widely available (when not sold out), the DS homebrew community in turn has grown stronger, producing some applications that are so good, they rival (or better!) Similar commercial products. But with all of the homebrew solutions available, how does someone new to the scene know where to start? It's worth mentioning that we're focusing solely on the newer flash carts for DS homebrew here. From here, you can hit the jump to see an index of this article's contents, or simply follow the arrows if you'd like to go through step by step. How to Hack Your Nintendo DS for Easy Backups and Single-Cartridge Playback. Supercharge Your Homebrew-Hacked Nintendo DS. @jayhudgeons: We've dabbled in the PSP hacking.

Supercharge Your Homebrew-Hacked Nintendo DS

It gets (for me) a little tricky, though I'll freely admit I haven't really sat down and paid as much attention to it as I should. The whole firmware/model thing makes it tough (we bought one specifically to hack off of ebay, so the kiddo's would be left alone). Do you have any suggestions for good, detailed sites explaining how-tos? @jayhudgeons: While the PSP does have a lot more going for it then the DS, it is easier to get homebrew working on a DS. You don't have to worry about having the wrong hardware version,running hacking tools, or modifying a battery. @wickedcupofjoe: It can be complicated, but i've learned that people are incredibly helpful on forums.

[] where i almost always found an answer. The easiest one to identify is TA-082 and TA-081 models: [] [] [] Once you know the model of your motherboard you will know whether the psp is hackable or not. NDS Homebrew Hive - Community driven DS homebrew download site. NDS Homebrew Hive - Community driven DS homebrew download site. Download Nintendo NDS Rom torrents » NDS6 torrent RomPacks - New!

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Files in the torrent: 0003 - Yoshi Touch & Go (U) [ ].nds 16.00 MB 0005 - WarioWare Touched! Simon van de Berg - Nintendo DS Homebrew Webpage. Welcome to my Nintendo DS homebrew webpage This is the main page of my NDS homebrew webpage.

Simon van de Berg - Nintendo DS Homebrew Webpage

This new design is my attempt to make it clearer to find information and get where you want to go much easier then before. I've made this webpage to make it easier for people either new to the Nintendo DS homebrew scene to get a general impression of what it is all about, and to learn the basics of Nintendo DS hombrew. Though my work is mainly aimed at people that want/need to learn more on the user level (try to know at least the basics when asking questions and etc.), my reviews also aim at writing for the more experienced homebrewer (read my reviews for example). Simon van de Berg - Nintendo DS Homebrew Webpage. Nintendo DS homebrew guide. DS Fanboy's (semi) ultimate homebrew guide.