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Find anything. Get instant access to all your ideas and information There's is no limit to the amount of stuff you can add to TheBrain. You can literally create your digital memory for anything and everything. As your Brain grows you can find and discover the important details that would otherwise be forgotten. Easy Integration with All Files and Web Pages Web pages, documents, emails, notes, pictures… All types of digital information can be captured in your Brain in seconds. ChinaBuye: Free Shipping Dropship Wholesale Gadgets from China! Shopping in China - Where to Shop in China and What to Buy. China is a fantastic shopping destination.

Shopping in China - Where to Shop in China and What to Buy

Coolest Gadgets from Japan. Star Wars, Itazura Coin Banks, Otamatone, Bandai, Takara Tomy, Ningen Gakki, and more from Strapya World! Unusual gifts and gadgets. Curiosite. Extreme disounts China wholesalers. Wholesale - Buy China Wholesale Products from Chinese Wholesalers on Gear + Tool Gifts. Reason Why I'm Broke. - Home of The Coolest Things You Can Buy. Y U No Take My Money? Why didn't you know this stuff existed?

When the TSA takes your weapons away - Game of Thrones (1) For Sale: Your TSA Confiscated Items. Cheap. - The Middle Seat Terminal. Ben Sklar for the WSJ Tools and pocket knives by the pound Ever wonder what happens to all the knives, power tools, snow globes, baseball bats, sunglasses, jewelry and overcoats that get confiscated or left behind at TSA airport checkpoints?

Check eBay or Or come to one of the many government-run surplus stores around the country that sell TSA chattel. You’ll find belts for $5, cork screws and nail clippers all 10 cents each, scissors at $3 a pair. The Middle Seat, which ran Monday on the front page instead of its usual Thursday, looks at how the Transportation Security Administration sends truckloads of prohibited items off for resale. By law, the federal government donates the surplus to states, which have agencies set up to sell surplus government equipment. Harried travelers rush off and leave clothing, neck pillows and valuables behind. Government Surplus Auctions - Buy Knives, Power Tools, and Other Stuff Confiscated by the TSA for Cheap. Coupons and Deals: Save money with online coupons and coupon codes. Woot.

Best Deals Online - Daily Deals and Coupons at dealnews. Slickdeals: The Best Deals, Coupons & Discounts on Laptops, Computers, LCDs, TVs, Dell, HP, Apple, Amazon. Lastminute Auction - Bargain Hunter - Online Auctions. BuyTheCase: Warehouse shopping for grocery, personal care, cleaning, office supplies, plus more. Career Advice: How do I become a hustler. What's it like to be a drug dealer. The Economics of a Part-time Drug Dealer. Part I: The Basics.

The Economics of a Part-time Drug Dealer

Making Your Dealer Happy - For Real [Archive] View Full Version : Making Your Dealer Happy - For Real Petersko I had this thread going at the other drugs site - after reading RockaFatNasty's thread, "How to Hustle Your Dealer" I thought this might be appropriate here.

Making Your Dealer Happy - For Real [Archive]

Don't "hustle" your dealer. I apologize if this thread is considered a duplicate of an existing one, but I think additions in point form, with clarity, would make this information more useful than block style arguing. -- As a former associate of an active dealer, I have some suggestions for those of you acquiring drugs. Antiques, Collectibles and eBay Tips. This week I have a question from a reader who wants to become an antique dealer.

Antiques, Collectibles and eBay Tips

My answer explains the best way to start an antiques or collectibles business. Hi Terry, My wife blindsided me today saying she wants to start her own antique business, and wants to run out and spend $400 a month to rent a little space at an antique mall. She loves antiques, and collecting things like old timey alarm clocks, etc. . . and realy wants to become an antiques dealer.

She is smart, and has huge passion, but I think a much better strategy would be to specialize in small antiques (like alarm clocks) that she wouldn't have to rent space for initially, and would lend itself much easier to a worldwide audience via ebay, twitter, etc. Do you have any products/services that would be comprehensive enough to help her stack the deck to make the odds of success higher? How to Be a Drug Dealer. >>> Primal UrgesBy staff writer Nathan DeGraafJune 28, 2006 Comments (900+) | Nathan: This dude who’s more arrogant than me told me to write about drug dealing.Frank: Wait a minute.

How to Be a Drug Dealer

How to be a Weed Dealer. Selling marijuana isn't difficult, but dealing successfully is.

How to be a Weed Dealer

Distributing can be as easy as handing out bud business cards, or wearing a "The Dealer Is In" t-shirt in an area known for scoring green. Picking up for several friends when you're out buying - known to some as the Deadhead way to smoke for free - is the most common entry into the business. This method won't make cash and often creates losses, but if done properly the price of your own chronic use should come down. Successfully dealing as a sole source of income requires savvy. Don't anticipate one big transaction with mucho coin. Those with the big bucks all began on the lowest level and learned how to avoid being caught by the fuzz to make their float.

How To Find the answer to almost ANYTHING. The Book of Google Yes it might seem like IT professionals are doing something very secretive and cleaver but often they are just holders of the Book of Google.

How To Find the answer to almost ANYTHING.

Thanks to their incredible efforts to create the most universal search ever made Google and the tireless efforts of so many internet users on forums, blogs and websites there’s almost nothing that can’t be answered by a quick search. There is however a couple things this system of research throws up. 10 Things You Should Buy in Bulk" Toilet paper, paper towels and other paper products are among the most competitive product lines sold in the warehouse clubs.

10 Things You Should Buy in Bulk"

Chain grocery and department stores regularly have sales and offer coupons that approach the deals offered at the warehouses. So, to get the best value on big bulk purchases, shop around and wait for a good deal to come along. Depending on the sale and the store, bulk savings can approach 50 percent off regular prices [source: Wallet Pop, Consumer Reports]. Paper products are usually a pretty good bulk purchase, since they obviously never spoil or expire, and running out of them unexpectedly can be a big nuisance. Get anything free: the best freebie sites < how to get free stuff. 3D printing, laser cutting – design, make & build your own products with Ponoko. How To Buy Anything From Japan With FlutterScape [+Giveaway] (Be sure to stick around to the end, where you can win some goodies from FlutterScape) In the past, I’ve written about a few ways you can buy things from Japan.

How To Buy Anything From Japan With FlutterScape [+Giveaway]

Most of them have been so-so at best. Finally (seriously, it’s about time), someone’s come up with something that works pretty darn well (I’ll tell you about my experience in a bit), and that something is FlutterScape. FlutterScape seems a little complicated at first, but really it’s quite simple. How to Find Your Passion for Anything. There’s a big myth in our culture: that passion can only be spontaneous.

You either love your job or you don’t. You either enjoy exercising or hate it. You are interested in reading books or you find them boring. That passion can’t be forced or created. I disagree. How to Get Almost Anything You Want. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get almost anything you wanted? It sounds like a dream, but to some extent, and if done correctly, it can be achieved. In this post I will share how I had one of the world’s most famous comedians and tv stars write jokes for me, saved thousands of dollars, and was able to get my hands on stuff before almost anyone else on the planet.

For this tasty little recipe, you will need the following ingredients: * A big spoon of hustle * Big cojones (balls) * The right mindset and strategy. Find Free Stuff with Anything 4 Free . com. Wholesale Merchandise - How to Buy Wholesale Merchandise. Having a successful retail business depends greatly on offering the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Therefore, it is paramount to the success of your business to be able to locate the best sources for those products. Once you know what products or product lines you would like to sell, it's time to find places to buy wholesale merchandise.

Buying Wholesale Merchandise Before you buy wholesale merchandise for your store, try to visit a competitor or a store selling a product line similar to what you plan to sell. Browse the store's product selection, making a mental note of the brands they carry. How to: find ANYTHING on the Internet. Photo by Dullhunk Tips, tricks and resources to help you find that digital needle in the huge cyber-haystack. Learning to navigate the World Wide Web effectively is an important skill, and there are lots of different ways for you to find the information you are looking for. Whilst the following list of tips and websites is by no means exhaustive – and we’ve missed out on some massive topics except travel, which deserve a post in their own right – they should be enough to get you started.

Using Google Operator Hacks One of the things I love about Google is its clean layout – just type your query and hit enter. Municibid - Government Auctions of Government Surplus. 12 Principles. The Twelve Principles. 11 Tips on How to Start a Scrap Metal Business. Edit Article. Everything — Warning: Art Galleries and Dealers to Avoid - Tips and Pointers. How to Find Scrap Metal. Breathe: Because it's better than Valium. How to be a Weed Dealer.

How to Get Discounts on Almost Everything - My Money. How to Find Anything Obligations. 11 Things You Can Bet On (Legally) Prediction markets allow you to speculate on many things today - from the success of the iPhone to the next US President. How I Became One of the Most Successful Art Smugglers in the World. Having turned the craft of international art smuggling into an art in its own right, Michel Van Rijn was once wanted by authorities all over the world for sneaking valuable pieces of art across sea and land. With millions in the bank, Michel lived the life of a playboy. He owned private planes, enjoyed a harem of beautiful women, and did business with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals—many of whom were members of various governments (and probably still are). Art smuggling has been his racket since he was 20 years old. Dealing with upper class gangsters and supposedly legitimate art dealers, he’s been shot, extradited, jailed, hunted by MI6 and Interpol, and received photos of his children in the mail by way of a very unsettling threat from his enemies.

He hasn’t given many interviews over the past six years, but I managed to track him down for a chat. The Secrets of Search: How to Find Anything on the Web. To fully participate in this electronic, interactive and live session, please check your system (or ask your IT department) to ensure it meets the following requirements: How to Get Anything on Anybody, Vol. 1: State of the Art Investigative Surveillance Techniques from the World's Best Intelligence Organizations: Lee Lapin: 9780873645942: Government Surplus Auctions - THE INTERNET SECRET BOOK: How to Find Anything on the Internet by Periander Esplana. How to Find Out Anything: From Extreme Google Searches to Scouring Government Documents, a Guide to Uncovering Anything About Everyone and Everything: Don MacLeod: 9780735204676:

Zaarly. Aristotle's Booty, or, How to Get People to Buy Anything. How to find out anything about anyone online. Must Read Guide to Becoming a Bookie. How to Become a Bookie in the Best Way. The Research Virtuoso: How to Find Anything You Need to Know (9781554513949): Victor Gad. How to Find Anything Online: Become an Internet Research Expert. 9 Sites That Find People and Their 'Sensitive' Information. How to Find Anything Online - 64 Tools and Tips to Search Smarter. How to Get Rid of Anything. How to find anything about a website, even phone numbers! video from Answers. How to Get Anything You Want. How to Buy at Wholesale Price.