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Electric City - Yahoo! Screen. TAP JOINT. Creators reveal secrets to ‘Electric City’ "Electric City"Who knew "Electric City" was a secret minireunion of "Bosom Buddies"?

Creators reveal secrets to ‘Electric City’

Well, not quite — but the cast for Tom Hanks' animated post-apocalyptic Web series included not only Hanks himself (as square-jawed spy Cleveland Carr), but also Holland Taylor. Her character Ruth Orwell, a shadowy matriarchal power, was named after a producer's great-aunt. Taylor though associated the name with Ruth Dunbar, her role in the 1980 show starring Hanks and Peter Scolari. The comedy — about pals so desperate for affordable New York housing that they went undercover in a women-only boarding house — lasted just two seasons, long enough to be Hanks's breakout vehicle.

Other fun bits of trivia emerged during a Yahoo! The 20-episode venture focuses on the survival of a third generation after a cataclysmic event. We followed up with producer Stevenson (the one whose aunt is named Ruth) to give him a chance to flesh out some answers in the Twitter Q&A: What inspired the series? Where is Electric City? Electric City - Yahoo! Screen. Codes have done everything from transmitting crucial information during World War II to keeping little brother from snooping in your diary.

Electric City - Yahoo! Screen

Here are some that have remained uncrackable. The Zodiac Killer's codes It's been 40 years since the serial killer terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area. The murderer sent letters to the newspapers and police, and four contained coded messages. Only one was cracked. But amateur cryptanalysts still try to break the codes: Last year Corey Starliper, a Zodiac-killer obsessive, said he figured out the toughest one, even though police and experts dismissed his claim. Shugborough inscription A simple sequence of letters is all it is: O U O S V A V V is carved between the letters D and M on the 18th-century Shepherd's Monument located at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire, England. Theories abound. Kryptos. Electric City - Yahoo! Screen.

"Electric City" We live for gadgets.

Electric City - Yahoo! Screen

But even the smallest ones can consume an enormous amount of power. See some of the worst offenders. Game Consoles It's all fun and games -- until you get your energy bill. Plasma TV Plasma TVs consume about two times more power than LCD versions. Digital picture frames These little items pack a power punch. Laptops If your laptop has a screensaver with images, it consumes more power than an idle laptop. Battery chargers Your mobile devices doesn't take up that much power on their own, but if they are left plugged into electric outlets, even when the charger isn't connected, they continue to draw power. Electric City - Yahoo! Screen. Tom Hanks on "Electric City" The Oscar-winning star boasts an impressive career.

Electric City - Yahoo! Screen

His next big step: the Web. (More on that later.) Here are some fun facts about the actor. 1. 2. Electric City - Yahoo! Screen. Predicting the end of the world has practically become a spectator sport.

Electric City - Yahoo! Screen

From movies like "Deep Impact" and "2012," to the Mayan prophecy, there are plenty of suggestions of how life on Earth could disappear. On closer inspection, not all of them pan out. Here are some of the more popular predictions. Asteroids: Scientists believe that a six-mile-wide asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, leading some to want to keep a close eye on flying space debris that could be headed toward Earth. There have been plenty of near misses: Last summer, a rock the size of a bus buzzed Earth, passing the planet a mere 7,500 miles away. In November 2011, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier came within 201,000 miles of the planet, wowing scientists and worrying end-of-the world types. The velocity of a speeding meteor is what could cause the most damage. When both dates came and went without an apocalypse, Camping issued an apology and retired from Family Radio.

Peter Weyland Delivers Stunning TED Talk…in 2023? Sometimes the journey down the rabbit hole is an interesting one.

Peter Weyland Delivers Stunning TED Talk…in 2023?

In a recent Twitter post, Damon Lindelof linked to a sound file he deemed “Rad. Just… Rad.” The file in question, available for your listening pleasure at Soundcloud, is a remix which includes audio from a TED talk delivered by Peter Weyland. The message is fairly inspirational, concluding with Weyland’s assertion that he “will settle for nothing short of greatness, or [he] will die trying.” Alas, in this case, a picture tells a thousand words more than the few Weyland used to entertain his captive audience. Upon further review, the original video was found at a special TED page in which we discover that Weyland looks remarkably similar to Guy Pearce, the wonderful character actor. Quite a few online communities and blogs have been closely following the campaign, and have uncovered a few other interesting, albeit fairly benign, aspects of this particular viral campaign. Comments. - Brought to you by the Weyland Corporation.

Weyland Industries. ARGNet: Alternate Reality Gaming Network.